600 tons of fuel get into the sea | TIME ONLINE

One day after the collision of two ships off the coast of Corsica
 has the spilled fuel within a radius of around 20
Kilometers spread in the Mediterranean Sea. French Environment Minister
François de Rugy said after flying over the area,
about 600 tons of fuel had entered the sea. The Italian Coast Guard also said 600 cubic meters
Fuel that leaked.
            The Tunisian
 Freighter had on Sunday morning in good weather on the way from Genoa
to Tunis about 28 kilometers northwest of Corsica
 the Cypriot container ship rammed. The container ship was there
on the right side so damaged that fuel ran out. To the
Cleaning work was carried out by French and Italian forces.
 The mission should take several days.
            De Rugy took a look at the situation and then commented: "The behavior of the Tunisian
Ship was totally abnormal, "he said, adding that it was too early to say
 what exactly happened. Sure, just that, "not at the wheel
policemen were helicoptered to the
Ships were brought to investigate on board.
            The oil spill is about 300 to 400 meters wide, said a spokesman for
French Marine Prefecture of Toulon. French and
Italian ships are to capture the fuel with barriers and
pump out. This operation will take several days, the spokesman said.
            The minister
welcomed the good cooperation with the authorities of Italy, Cyprus
and Tunisia. The top priority is to free the two ships.
However, that was very difficult because the Tunisian ship in the hull of the
 stuck in the Cypriot ship.
            De Rugy said that should
Tunisian ship subsequently repaired in the port of Bastia, as well
be thoroughly examined. 45 people are on board, six of them
were flown ashore at their own request. The container ship
have about a dozen people on board and will go to the Italian Genoa
drive. This is the nearest port in which a ship of this
Can create size.
            The prosecutor of Marseille initiated investigations into environmental pollution caused by a ship accident.

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