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Change after only eight months
Airbus gets again new sales boss




Aircraft manufacturer Airbus already has a new sales boss

  The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus must occupy an important post after a short time again. Sales boss Eric Schulz leaves the company for personal reasons, his duties take over with immediate effect, the German company Christian Scherer, said the MDax company. Schulz was appointed last November to succeed the legendary John Leahy.

  After media had already reported on the upcoming change on the position, the price of the Airbus share was temporarily slumped by more than two percent. After announcement of the successor, the price losses were reduced.


The 56-year-old Scherer led since 2016 the propeller aircraft manufacturer ATR, a joint venture of Airbus stock market chart show and the Italian Leonardo Group. Now, according to a spokesman, he's the first German to be the Airbus sales chief. His father was the flight test engineer Günter Scherer, who was on board for the first flight of the first Airbus jet A300 in 1972. He died in May 2018 in Toulouse, where his son Christian grew up.


The former Rolls-Royce manager Schulz had taken over the post only in January from Leahy, who retired after 24 years as Airbus sales chief. The legendary Leahy, who had sold more than $ 1 trillion worth of aircraft in his career, had postponed his retirement several times until Schulz found a successor.

  Shortly before the change in January, Leahy saved the future of the world's largest passenger jet A380 by bringing in a major order from the Emirates Arabian airline. By extending production time and re-ordering, Airbus considers the future of the A380 to be secure until the next decade. Previously, Leahy himself had brought a production end for the giant aircraft in the game for the Airbus for years, hardly any buyers.


BoeingDer competitor struggles to ramp up production of mid-range A320neo range jets as planned due to supplier issues. Above all, technical defects in the engines of the US manufacturer Pratt & Whitney threw back the production time and again.

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  The medium-haul jets are the most sought-after aircraft segment, and Airbus had left the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing from the US in the new orders far behind. At the aircraft show in Farnborough in July, however, Boeing was able to collect more orders than its European rival. Overall, the Americans were better off in new business.

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