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                Investigative journalists have identified the second suspect in the case of Sergei Skripal. He should be a doctor of Russian military intelligence.
        A video footage of the Kremlin-related Russian television station RT shows Alexander Petrov during an interview.
                        © RT / dpa

                A group of journalists claims to have revealed the identity of the second suspected assassin in the Skripal case. The man with the code name Alexander Petrov is actually called Alexander Yevgenyevich Mishkin and is a Russian intelligence agent, according to the UK-based search network Bellingcat. The trained military doctor works for the military intelligence GRU. By the end of September Bellingcat had already identified his alleged accomplices as GRU agent Anatoli Chepiga.
            According to the report, Mishkin was trained as a doctor at an elite military academy. During his studies, he was recruited by the secret service. In 2010 he moved to Moscow under the code name Alexander Petrov.
            The British police had identified two suspects in the case at the beginning of September, who had probably entered the United Kingdom under false identity. A week later, the two wanted men on Russian television presented themselves as blameless tourists and reported that they were just about to arrive
Skripal assassination in March as a tourist
flown to the UK. Russian President Vladimir Putin also referred to them as civilians. The
British investigators had minutely examined the surveillance cameras
Path of the two traced.


        With these pictures, the British police are looking for Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Ruslan Boschirov. The investigators assume that these are not the right names of the two.
                            © Metropolitan Police / Getty Images
        On the afternoon of March 2, 2018, Boschirow and Petrov arrived at London Gatwick Airport.
                            © Metroplitan Police / Getty Images
        The images are from security cameras at London Airport. To see here: Alexander Petrov
                            © Metroplitan Police / Reuters
        On March 4, the two men are seen on Fisherton Road in Salisbury. On the same day Sergei and Julija Skripal were poisoned there.
                            © Metroplitan Police / Reuters
        The two Russians claim to have been tourists in Salisbury.
                            © Metroplitan Police / Reuters
        This picture shows Boschirow and Petrov on March 3 at the Salisbury train station.
                            © Metroplitan Police / Reuters
        Petrov and Boschirow pass Wilton Road at Salisbury on 4 March. The picture is taken from a petrol station near the house of Sergei Skripal.
                            © Metroplitan Police / Reuters
            The former Russian double agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Julia had been severely injured in the southern English city of Salisbury in early March by the nerve agent Novitschok, apparently developed in the Soviet Union, and barely escaped death. The British government blames Putin for the attack, the Kremlin rejects any responsibility. The case led to a serious crisis between Russia and the West, with both sides ordering the expulsion of many diplomats.

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