Apartments by AfD offspring in Bavaria searched | ZEIT ONLINE

Police forces have searched apartments of members of the AfD young development organization Junge Alternative (JA) in Bavaria. The action was directed against six accused, including the state election candidate Raphael Hauptmann, as the JA announced. Captain wrote on Facebook, the investigators had "all the communication devices as well as some clothes" taken. According to prosecutors, six properties were searched in Bayreuth, Augsburg, Amberg and in the district of Munich.
            Background is an action of the youth association in front of the CSU party headquarters: On the night of last Sunday, JA members had written on the forecourt of the building in the north of Munich, according to claims with spray chalk the names of alleged victims of migrants and red fake blood distributed. Spray chalk is usually washable. The public prosecutor's office had initiated ex officio investigations for material damage.
            The action is similar in character to that of the ethnic identity movement observed by the protection of the constitution. Their activists had already occupied the CDU headquarters in Berlin, in Halle they bricked the polling station of a migrants-Probewahl.
            As a reason for the action called the AfD youth organization, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and the Bavarian CSU would have "made accomplices" by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), "sticking to their hands blood". It refers to the migration policy of the Federal Government. The AFD and JA accuse the Chancellor of being responsible for acts of violence committed by migrants. The head of the CSU, in particular Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, has several differences with Merkel in migration policy, such as the question of a ceiling for refugees or the refusal of refugees already registered elsewhere in Europe at the German border. The federal chairman of the Young Alternative, Damian Lohr, spoke of a "scandal". He accused the CSU of abusing the security authorities in order to intimidate JA members who have "shown their face in the Bavarian election campaign".

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