At the beginning of autumn: Sturmtief pulls over southern and central Germany

Punctually on the day of the autumnal beginning of the calendar is over large parts of southern and central Germany
          Central Germany pulled a storm. The travel plans of thousands of people in Germany were jumbled up on Sunday. Especially affected by "Fabienne", as the
          Sturmtief was called, were the south of Hessen and parts of Thuringia, of Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. At the Oktoberfest in Munich, which had started on Saturday, called the fixed line after 20 clock people on the site in strong winds and incipient rain to leave the Oktoberfest slowly. A Bahnsprecher in
          Berlin said in the evening that in the south of the Republic there were numerous trees in the track or overhead lines. Severe weather damage severely curtailed traffic on Sunday evening. For example, the connection between Erfurt and Nuremberg – on the DB Prestige route between Berlin and Munich – was affected. "The ICE trains are held back and wait for the end of the block." Also the routes Mainz-Worms-Mannheim as well as Aschaffenburg-Würzburg and Würzburg-
          Nuremberg were blocked in both directions. After a few hours, however, were free according to the Frankfurt-Heidelberg and Frankfurt-Mannheim routes.Auch the Frankfurt airport –
          Germany's largest airport – reported problems. Due to the current weather conditions, there are delays in the operation and occasional flight cancellations. About two dozen flights had been canceled, especially between 16 and 18 clock, as the website showed. Passengers were asked in the evening to allow sufficient time for arrival and as early as possible at the check-in desk eininden. In Stuttgart, a spokesman for the situation center, there are numerous overturned trees in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, many roads have been blocked. But there have already been more severe thunderstorms than "Fabienne", according to the Sprecher.In Karlsruhe, the control center of the police counted until the early evening almost 100 missions. They were usually broken branches, fallen trees or damaged roofs. On the A8 between Pforzheim West and Karlovy Vary motorists had to drive very carefully: Heavy rain led to aquaplaning. In Thuringia the A4 was affected. The highway police counted eight accidents between Apolda and Gotha in the afternoon within 30 minutes. Reason was often too fast driving in heavy rain. This had come to aquaplaning. In Saalfeld, a fallen tree damaged several cars. Several rural roads in Thuringia were impassable because of smaller landslides. In Franconia numerous roofs were covered in the district Aschaffenburg, trees fell over, as the fire-brigade communicated on Sunday evening. It was particularly violent in Großostheim. There, the wind blew around a sports plane – fuel ran out. There were no injuries, no one sat in the plane. In addition, the dredger of a gravel plant was overturned. The autumn began on Sunday morning at 3.54.

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