Bad Oldesloe: Police shoot the homeless – Background still unclear

In Schleswig-Holstein Bad Oldesloe a police operation has come to a dead end. Like prosecutor and
          Police confirmed that a 22-year-old was shot dead by an officer. Three patrol car crews are reported to be near the Sunday afternoon
          Swimming pool in the center of the 25,000-inhabitant city disengaged, after the emergency call a person was reported with a knife in his hand. The officers discovered the man near the swimming pool. What happened then is not yet known. "There was a firearms use," the police said in a statement. Witnesses reported to the "Lübecker Nachrichten" that up to three shots had been fired on the busy street on weekdays. Called rescue workers could no longer help the injured man, he died on the spot. He is said to be a 22-year-old homeless German from Bad Oldesloe. Public prosecutor's office investigated in Bad OldesloeThe area was cordoned off extensively, investigators found there a knife with 18 centimeters long blade. Whether for example the officials were threatened with this is unclear. police and
          Prosecutors now investigate the background and the course of the fatal incident. For this purpose, the officials involved will also be interviewed. The authorities have not yet provided further information. In the past year, 14 people were shot dead by the police in Germany and 39 were injured by shots, according to a survey conducted by the German Police College in Münster. Despite recent rising numbers of firearms use by police officers in view of about 300,000 employees in the police in this country, the big exception.

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