Brett Kavanaugh secures further approval | ZEIT ONLINE

Republican US Senator Susan Collins has announced that she will vote for controversial judge candidate Brett Kavanaugh, making it very likely that he will be confirmed as Surpreme Court judge. She will vote for Kavanaugh at the scheduled vote on Saturday, she said in the US Senate. In addition, the Republican Jeff Flake and the Democratic Senator Joe Manchin the lawyer, US President Donald Trump had proposed to secure their votes. The Republicans can therefore hope that at most one person from their own ranks against Kavanaugh votes and they achieve a narrow voting success. Currently, the Republicans have a majority of 51 to 49 votes in the US Senate.
            The approval of three Republican senators had been considered insecure: With Jeff Flake (Arizona) and Susan Collins (Maine), now two of them spoke out for Kavanaughs confirmation. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) said that Kavanaugh was not the right person to fill the post at the present time. In case of a 50/50 tie, Vice President Mike Pence will decide.
            The US Supreme Court has high political significance in the United States. With the appointment of the arch-conservative Brett Kavanaugh for life the court could be very conservative for decades. He is responsible for important socio-political decisions, such as abortion or the issue of possession of firearms. Accordingly, the nomination process was controversial.
            Several women accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault during his schooling and studies, including psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford. Kavanaugh, however, vehemently denies the allegations. The nomination process had recently been suspended to allow the FBI federal police to investigate the allegations. The FBI report was submitted on Thursday and the Senators were able to review it. The report was not published.

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