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Although a picture of the artist Banksy partially destroyed by a built-in shredder, the buyer wants to have the artwork still. "We are pleased to confirm the purchase," said Alex Branczik of the auction house Sotheby's. The anonymous collector from Europe therefore holds the business for the original price of 1.04 million pounds (1.2 million euros).
            At the auction of the work Girl with Balloon in London last Friday, a hidden shredder had switched on and cut the artwork immediately after the sale. Banksy confessed to the prank a day later.
            "Banksy did not destroy any artwork at the auction, he managed one," said Branczik. The new work, Love is in the Bin, is the first to be created during an auction. The new artwork will be presented to the public on October 13 and 14 at the Sotheby's in London.
            The buyer was quoted as saying, "When the work was shredded, I was shocked at first, but gradually I began to realize that I had got my own piece of art history."
            Banksy is the most prominent graffiti artist in the world, his works are on walls and walls in many countries. Often, the pictures have clear political messages, but not always: Girl on balloon, a little girl stretches out his arm for a flying red heart-shaped balloon. The picture is one of the most famous motifs of the probably Bristol originating artist, originally it graced a wall of East London.

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