Can donors and donations save the world? | manager magazine premium

Bernd Roggendorf (51) looks out the window of a side wing of the Berlin Cathedral, where his start-up Eidu has occupied several floors for a year. With music software, the Westphalian has made a small fortune. But his company Ableton is now running without him, 2013, he has retired from the management. His heart beats now for Eidu.Roggendorf wants to help with his money now one thing above all: help. "The world is incredibly unfair, should I just accept it and sip cocktails just because I can afford it?" He asks. And so, with Eidu, he has developed a software that enables 3- to 6-year-olds in developing countries to learn how to read and calculate by smartphone.Berlin is the home of the young rich with its start-ups. In Zurich, there are often those who have lived for generations are rich. From here, Felix Happel (36) has just attracted attention with his first major acquisition: the insolvent hospital chain Paracelsus. His father

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