Could women have saved the CSU? | TIME ONLINE

            hm, or a country with a rosy future is pretty sure that the era Merkel will be rated as the lost time. By 2009 at the latest she would have voted out. … Show me the country that ran woman with the government better than comparable with man. .. (is not easy because of the relatively small selection of course …) But Merkel has improved nothing in comparison to its predecessor – clearly on the contrary: + the economy is because of Schröder's reforms and the euro (soft currency to the outside and benefits in the Eurozone at the expense of the other euro countries) + Ratio with Russia ruined + D isolated in the EU + Brexit promoted with the German refugee policy (that was the 5% that would have been absent for the majority) + Energiewende bluntly proclaimed and then nothing more done + made a right-wing party big.
No chancellor before has such a devastating record


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