Demonstrations in Chemnitz: Peace demo launched – the live ticker

In Chemnitz, the police brace themselves for possible new arguments. Thousands of people are expected to attend demonstrations this Saturday. On Saturday afternoon are rallies of the right-wing populist movement Pro Chemnitz, Pegida and the
          AfD planned. An alliance of around 70 clubs, organizations and parties called for demonstrations from the morning under the motto "heart instead of hate speech". +++ Read here: Why it came to the riots, what has happened since then and what is to be expected in the coming days. +++ Keep track of all events in our live
          Ticker: +++ 13.53 Clock: Peace Demonstration moves through Chemnitz +++ At the start of a series of rallies on Saturday about 50 people were drawn for a peaceful coexistence through Chemnitz. After discussions, speeches and
          Music on the Red Tower in the city center, the train began to move. The route through the city also passed close to the crime scene, where it came just a week ago to the deadly knife attack on a 35-year-old German. The peace demonstration is the first of several rallies planned for Saturday. Under the motto "Chemnitz Nazifrei" the next event is planned in the afternoon. For the later afternoon, the right-wing populist civic movement Pro Chemnitz called for its own rally. Following was a joint demonstration by AfD and the xenophobic Alliance
          +++ 12:37: AfD cuts off party convention for protest in Chemnitz +++ The delegates of the Federal Convention of the AfD have decided to end a meeting in Dresden in favor of the planned "silent march" of the AfD in Chemnitz early. As the German press agency learned from party circles, the 50 delegates voted by a large majority for a request by the Berlin deputy Frank-Christian Hansel to change the agenda. The decision emphasizes that participation in the action organized by the state associations of Brandenburg, Thuringia and Saxony, together with the xenophobic Pegida movement, is not in line with Pegida. Hansel's application literally states: "Because of its great significance for the future of our country, we can not and must not escape this protest simply because it is also shared by groups to which the AfD keeps its distance and keeps its distance. "+++ 11.38 Clock: Peace Demonstration in Chemnitz – Hearts on the" Nischel "socket +++ About two dozen people have demonstrated at the Red Tower in Chemnitz for diversity and peaceful coexistence. Under the motto "Chemnitz bunt statt braun", representatives of various peace groups spoke and discussed with passers-by. The police were reluctant in the city area on patrol, they described the situation in the morning as still quiet. The pedestal of the "Nischel," as Karl Marx's head is called in the center, had been covered with bright paper hearts overnight.
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          Colorful hearts on the "Nischel" pedestal in Chemnitz

There, the right-wing populist civic movement Pro Chemnitz, the alternative for Germany (AfD) and the xenophobic coalition Pegida want to hold a rally in the afternoon, to which Thuringia's AfD leader Björn Höcke is also expected. +++ 11:35: Chemnitzer Alliance calls on citizens to engage in peaceful co-existence +++ An alliance of citizens, businesses and scientists from Chemnitz has called on the inhabitants of the city to more commitment to peaceful coexistence. For example, in the Chemnitz "Freie Presse" or the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" the Alliance published large-format advertisements calling "Chemnitz is neither gray nor brown". Signatories include numerous companies based in Chemnitz.
  Important employers in #Chemnitz with impressive message. It would be bitter for the citizens of the city if a right-wing extremist image prevented investments. (Displayed in @SZ) Andreas Petzold (@andreaspetzold) September 1, 2018
Chemnitz has "its good sides and its problems," it says in the call. But the city can not live with "hatred, violence, intolerance and above all looking away". In recent years, a gray city has become a colorful, livable Chemnitz. "We have to and want to switch back in, so that does not turn brown colorful." Above all, the alliance wants to show that the majority in the city thinks "democratically and openly". Everyone has to take on this responsibility. +++ Riots in Chemnitz: What happened so far +++

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