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The Federal Interior Ministry is because of the posting of a former constitutional protectors as a consultant in the Amri Committee of Inquiry in the criticism. The doubts of the members of parliament could not clear out the head of the department of public security in the Ministry, Stefan Kaller. "The conflict of interest through the appointment of Dr. H., we continue to see," said the chairman, Armin Schuster (CDU), after a non-public meeting of the Committee. The deputies of all other factions except the AfD shared this assessment.
            The Tunisian Anis Amri had lived as a rejected asylum seeker in Germany. On 19 December 2016, he raced with a truck in a crowd at the Christmas market at the Berlin Memorial Church. He killed twelve people.
            During her interrogation of former colleagues from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the official of the Federal Ministry of the Interior had ensured that no secret information leaked to the public. The committee members, however, had learned only last week that the officer had previously worked in the Islamism Department of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and thus theoretically could also be considered a witness.
            On Thursday, the deputies questioned the head of the public security department in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Stefan Kaller, about the controversial personnel. He had sent the woman, who had been employed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution until the summer of 2016, as a representative of the Ministry to the committee. Kaller admitted, according to the deputies no error.
            The committee wants to find out why the radical Islamist Amri was not arrested by the authorities in time. It is also about the statement of the acting constitutional protection president Hans-Georg Maaßen, who had presented the case Amri as a pure police case. Kaller told Maassen in 2016 that he was an "extremely successful, very, very good president of his authority".
            Arrogance and lack of awareness of the problem SPD chairman Fritz Felgentreu said that the representative of the Ministry of Interior had opposed the committee in the survey with "arrogance" and lack of awareness of the problem. Martina Renner (left) said the posting of the official was not a mistake, "but a deliberate attempt not to bring things into the eyes of the committee of inquiry".
            In the two years leading up to the Berlin attack, the woman had had two contact persons of the Tunisian in view. At a committee meeting, she intervened several times when a former colleague answered questions. Since her dual role as a potential witness and counselor caused displeasure, the Ministry has now decided "for welfare reasons" to withdraw them from the panel.
                Greens expert Konstantin von Notz said: "We will invite her as a witness." Although she was not directly responsible for Amri in the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, "in my opinion, there seems to be a clear overlap with the Amri complex". It would therefore be possible for the committee to discover in the survey also the official failings of this official. In the coming week, MPs will interview a constitutional protector who is responsible for obtaining information from the radical Islamist scene about so-called V people.

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