Flames in the ICE: How a federal policeman became the savior

From the burned out
          ICE wagon is left only a black charred skeleton. Zerborstenes window glass is scattered on the tracks near Dierdorf in the Westerwald, next to the remains of seats. In the embankment lies a torn out, bent train door. Also in the adjacent train parts it looks bleak: All seats are angekokelt, the windows jumped. This scenario could easily be the scene of a major catastrophe. The fact that the fire on the ICE high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt on Friday was comparatively easy with five slightly injured, is also due to several fortunate circumstances.Happiness in misfortune, thanks to a federal police officer … In the truck accident by chance sat a federal police officer, like a spokesman the authority says. Already in uniform, the colleague had been on the way to work when he noticed smoke and routinely organized the rescue. The officer not only initiated the emergency stop, but also ensured that not all passengers rushed out of the open doors without a plan. He had in mind that downed overhead lines are a deadly danger and that more trains could be on the way. The colleague then led the people to safety on a certain corridor, according to the spokesman for the Federal Police.
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          A car of an ICE caught fire on Friday morning near Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate

510 passengers were in the
          Distance train. Help with the eviction got the train crew from other experienced side: "There were other relatives of aid organizations on the train," says the county fire department inspector Werner Böcking, including several firefighters. A senior helper reports after the use of the prudent atmosphere at the accident site. "The people were very disciplined, the people were very quiet." … the weather and the travelersAnother fortunate circumstance played the rescuers in the cards: the weather. It was dry on Friday morning and not too cold. "The behavior of the people was very exemplary," emphasizes the helper. Many travelers expressly thanked the emergency services. There were neither wheelchair users nor toddlers on the train.
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          Firefighters are after the fire of an ICE on the high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt near Montabaur

The accident site is behind an embankment to Highway 3, as the access was according to the helpers, although "a bit difficult". But once on the ICE route, it was relatively flat and all passengers could have reached the next road via paved roads. The travelers had been taken to a village community center nearby and then partly to the ICE train station in Montabaur. Some were picked up by relatives or continued their journey by taxi. Eyewitness reports on ICE fireThe 20-year-old Tim Hübner was traveling with his father to a doctor's appointment in Ulm. He had been sitting in the middle part of the train and at first he did not notice the fire when the train suddenly stopped and security guards led the people outside, he says. Only then did he see the flames. "With us, the mood was annoyed to interested," he says. "When you saw the fire, it was different." The travelers who came from the back of the train, the shock was partly clearly noted. There is an alarm and deployment plan for the ICE route, says Kreisfeuerwehrspekteur Böcking. "It was exactly this plan that worked today and it worked." One could from
          Fortunately, the fire was on the open road and not in a tunnel. The misfortune also had a considerable influence on the daily planning of a couple in
          Dierdorf, who was not on the train at all. Actually, their wedding ceremony was planned in the town hall, but the room had been used at short notice for a press conference on the fire, says a member of the community. For the somewhat insecure couple, however, a spare room had been organized at short notice.

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