Google lodges an objection to billions of euros in the EU | ZEIT ONLINE

Google has lodged an objection to the cartel sentence imposed by the European Commission in the billions. The opposition was filed with the European Union court in Luxembourg, the US company said. The Commission accuses the group of abusing its market power in the Android operating system.
            It's about Google's rules for smartphone manufacturers to preloaded Google Apps. Manufacturers wishing to integrate Google services must always install a complete package of eleven apps, even if they only want to install the Chrome browser or the App Platform Play Store. In addition, the Commission criticizes the so-called anti-fragmentation agreement, according to which providers of devices with Google services can not simultaneously sell smartphones with modified Android versions. The commission had therefore issued in July a record fine of 4.3 billion euros against Google. In support of his appeal, Google referred to the statement by CEO Sundar Pichau, Android have created more choice for users, not less.
            The Android operating system runs on eight out of ten mobile phones worldwide. This makes Google by far the market leader, ahead of Apple's iOS in second place. The group provides Android for free. Google does not have to pay the penalty because of the ongoing process, but has already made reserves for it. As a result, the profits of the Google parent company Alphabet declined significantly in the second quarter.

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