Google Maps: Man finds pictures of the wife – and wants a divorce

He certainly did not expect this find. A Peruvian actually planned just a route through the capital Lima via
          Google Maps, to get from A to B – and suddenly recognizes a woman on the recordings. She is sitting on a park bench. The clothes, the stature – the man was no doubt: this is his wife. This reports, inter alia, "Frontera" and Google Maps: If the past overtakes you But there was something else. Beside her on the bench, even on her lap, was another man whom she was lovingly stroking. The shots of the
          However, Google cars that took the pictures were already from 2013. The Peruvian was shocked and questioned her. In fact, she then admits to a former affair. That was enough for him as a reason for separation. He divorced immediately. The images made the rounds in the media and social networks and met with great interest. Sources: Minutuono // Frontera

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