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In the face of their common African
Descent, all humans are understood as naturally related to each other.
The most recent paleontological-biological research proves it. Even from
Prehominidae are still traces in our DNA, from the Neanderthal at least about 1.8 to 2.6 percent. For rights, this is already a few
unacceptable idea. They want to remain completely separate as identities,
and that means: nothing in common with strangers
It may be related to the biological relationship of all humans, as it is
wool. That everyone is alien to themselves has become apparent to them
not got around yet. Identities do not want to have anything in common with others, or at least so little, that they basically do not have to do anything with them. With
Barbed wire reinforced and sharply guarded borders like those in the south
Hungary is only the most visible expression of this mentality, which has long been everyone's
threatened by us. Because you want to stay "under your own",
means in the last consequence, no longer wanting to let others in and themselves
to include in a stifling, violent homogeneity. That in
in this sense, the so-called Occident of all times because of burglary,
Incitement, drug trafficking and assault pre-punished "patriotic"
Subjects such as the leader of the so-called Pegida should be "defended" should actually
To all those who think in this movement their much quoted "fears" seriously
seen taken.
a renunciation of any universal human relationship and commonality
through those who want to stay "under themselves" is always the right
No matter how strange it is, it is to be given to all people
are each other. Recently, in this sense has anti-identity thinking
citing a supposedly universal hospitality as a remarkable
Taken turn. Never all people become friends While this kind of friendship is usually with local
and in other countries highly praised customs
who are bound to receive strangers in a friendly way,
to host and to host, the philosopher Étienne Balibar and many others want the hospitality
founded on a strict law established
which should absolutely belong to everyone. Reference is made to Article 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
referred to the legal capacity of each person and his claim to
Guaranteed recognition as a legal entity. This right is not to the
Nationality or other criteria such as belonging to one
Ethnicity, a people or a state bound, although state
must be guaranteed. In short, it gives every human the right to
to be treated as a legal entity, or the "right to rights", as it is
Hannah Arendt has called. Can this right again be based on a law?
There is no threat of an infinite regress, in which every right is in turn
required a legal justification?
            Burkhard Liebsch
        teaches practical philosophy at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Most recently, he has published: "Exposed to Each Other, The Other and the Social" (two volumes, 2018) and "Sensibility of the Present" (Ed. 2018).
Friends of the universal right to hospitality seem to be irritated by this question
Not. And they insist that this right is not formal
juridical commonality of all people exhausted, but highly concrete
dictates: a special kind of friendship namely. Everyone
across from. Only in this way do they believe to counteract the most terrible
being in it, absolute deprivation in inhospitable "nude
Giorgio Agamben has an eye on where this can lead
made clear on Nazism. But you do not insist on that
Right on something that it can never actually afford?
            No way
all people will become brothers, sisters or friends. Because it is in
Meaning of real friendship, only a few others of their own free will
and to be reciprocated. It is never to prescribe and one-sided duty
close. The rhetoric of socialist "international friendship" shows where it goes
leads, if you do not see it: in the political kitsch namely. No right
The world can justify a friendship or friendship

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