Indonesia: Air traffic controller rescues launching machine earthquake – and dies

An earthquake in
          Indonesia died air traffic controller has been honored for its heroic use during the quake with subsequent tsunami on the island of Sulawesi. Anthonius Gunawan Agung was on duty in the control tower at Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport in Palu when the tremors shook Sulawesi. The 21-year-old, however, had refused to leave his post until a machine from Batik Air was safely started, said a spokesman for the air security agency AirNav Indonesia. Agung was killed. His employer honored him with a posthumous promotion by two ranks. "When the earthquake struck, he gave Batik Air the launch clearance and waited for the machine to take off safely before exiting the pilotage cabin in the tower," the spokesman said. After the launch, the tremors were getting stronger – up to a maximum strength of 7.5. Aggression was allegedly jumped from the four-story tower to save himself. He suffered reportedly serious internal injuries and a broken leg. After first aid, the rescue helicopter came too late for him. The tsunami was a heavy one on Friday
          Magnitude 7.5 earthquake off the coast of Sulawesi. The epicenter was located about 80 kilometers north of Palu, the capital of the province of Central Sulawesi. The quake was so strong that it was still several hundred kilometers away on the neighboring island of Borneo. The death toll rose to more than 830 by Sunday.

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