Iraq has elected new president | ZEIT ONLINE

The Iraqi parliament has the
long-time Kurdish politician Barham Salih elected new president.
According to a report by state television, 220 voted
the present 273 deputies for Salih, the Patriotic Union
Kurdistan belongs. Altogether 20 candidates applied for the office,
including Fuad Hussein of the rival Democratic Party
Kurdistan. Both parties have dominated Kurdish politics ever since
            Hussein was long
Cabinet chief of the former Kurdish regional president Massud Barsani. Hussein's defeat is second heavy for Barsani
Setback after the independence referendum in the
autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq. After an unofficial agreement, which on the
The US-led 2003 invasion is largely ceremonial
Office of the President always taken over by a Kurd. However, the much larger influence has the Prime Minister, who is always a shiit in Iraq. Parliament President is always a Sunni.
            The Iraqis had voted on 12 May, a new parliament, which met, however, because of a dispute over alleged election frauds only in early September for the first time. The president has now 15 days to the
Top representative of the largest bloc in parliament with the
To commission government education. The designated Prime Minister has
then 30 days to present his cabinet to parliament.
 The election was made, according to the Shiite MP Hamid al-Mousavi
shifted by almost 24 hours, because KDP and PUK are not on one
could agree on a common candidate. The President of Parliament
finally decided that over all 20 candidates will be voted on

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