Mallorca: Rescuers find two bodies near the car of the missing Germans

The search operation in the bad weather area on Mallorca brought a sad result on Thursday. The two Germans, who were missing after the flash flood on the Balearic island on Tuesday, are probably dead. The emergency services said that the bodies of a woman and a man had been found in the area where the two Germans had parked their car. The number of storms has increased to 12. The search for a missing Spanish child continued on Thursday afternoon. But not only Mallorca is currently struggling with the consequences of devastating storms. In France and Italy, people were killed in storms and torrential rains. Forces on the Mediterranean coast near Sainte-Maxime were only able to rescue two people from this car. And on the Italian island of Sardinia, a woman was killed in a flood near the capital Cagliari. One man was missing. Heavy rain had started on Wednesday. Rivers overflowed, schools were closed in large parts of the country on Thursday.

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