News: Back and forth in the case of Maassen – But no Secretary of State according to coalition circles

The most important news in a nutshell: Coalition circles: Maaßen appeal to Secretary of State from the table (18:25 clock) summit meeting on the case Maaßen at 19 clock in the Chancellery "Bild": Maassen should be Secretary of State, but without salary increase (Sun., 17:27 clock) – peak meeting in the evening (Sun., 17.57 clock) Seehofer to dispute over Maassen: "Currently we are on the right track" (Sun., 14.42 clock) FDP Vice Kubicki calls for Maaßen dispute a new election (12:54 clock) coalition parties collapse in the Emnid "Sunday trend" (Sun, 10:13 clock) Porsche gets out of production of diesel cars (So. , 3.10 o'clock) Ozapft is! – Reiter opens 185th Oktoberfest with two strokes (Sat., 12.06 clock) The news of the weekend in the star ticker: +++ 18:21: According to coalition circles Maassen is now not a Secretary of State +++ In the struggle for the future of the Chief of the Constitution Hans -Georg Maassen has fallen a first central decision: The official should be promoted differently than last planned not to the Secretary of State, as the German Press Agency learned on Sunday evening from coalition circles. +++ 17:57: Seehofer: "Opportunities for agreement are good "- Peak meeting in the evening +++ After days of strife in the coalition for the future of the President of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen sees CSU chief and Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer a solution within reach. "I think the chances of reaching an agreement are good," Seehofer told the German Press Agency. For 19.00 clock was now a coalition meeting in the chancellery planned. +++ 17.52 Clock: "Mirror": Ministry of Defense has allegedly contracts awarded right wiht consultants +++ The Federal Court of Auditors have revealed in a particular case that the Ministry of Defense of Minister Ursula of the Leyen has awarded contracts for external business consultants for the newly established cyber command foul, reports the "mirror". According to the news magazine, it is about a sum of eight million euros, as from a confidential report by the auditors of 7 August – which the magazine is available. The Ministry responded defensively to the test report, but according to "Spiegel" confirmed the allegations. It shares the assessment of the auditors and will retrieve for the project "CIT square" – apparently consultant services for an IT project of the Bundeswehr, which is internally called "CIT square" – no more benefits from the framework contract 20237 call. +++ 17:27: Maassen is supposed to be Secretary of State without salary increase – 19 clock crisis meeting +++ According to a report of the "Bild" newspaper, there is a provisional agreement in the dispute over the promotion of the controversial constitutional protection President Hans-Georg Maaßen. According to this, Maaßen will continue to be Secretary of State in Horst Seehofer's Ministry of the Interior, but without a salary increase. He would not be formally promoted. An exact source for the information did not call the sheet, generally refers to "the bargaining status". According to Bild, the coalition leaders are expected to meet at the Chancellery around 7 pm +++ 4.35 pm: Dozens of migrants arrested in the Aegean – Athens relieves pressure on camps +++ The influx of refugees in the Aegean continues. Between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, according to the Coast Guard, more than 180 migrants have been arrested in the Aegean. In addition, two suspected smugglers were arrested, it said. Before the islands of Samos and Leros, therefore, 70 migrants were picked up, 79 more in front of the islands of Lesbos and Chios. The Coast Guard also attacked 33 migrants in front of the northern Greek port of Alexandroupolis. "We expect further arrivals during the night and early Monday," said an officer of the Coast Guard of the German Press Agency on Sunday afternoon. The number of migrants is indeed significantly lower than in 2015. At that time there were days when 7000 migrants from Turkey translated. However, the reception centers are currently overcrowded because the authorities are unable to handle asylum applications quickly enough due to staff shortages. +++ 16:33: Demo with right-wing extremists: Dortmund police wants to check mission +++ After criticizing their use in two demonstrations of right-wing extremists, the Dortmund police will take the evening again under the magnifying glass. "We're setting up a follow-up group," the police department said. The claim of the Dortmund police is to fight right-wing extremism by all constitutional means. It will be to check whether we have lived up to our claim in the task management, "it continues. On Friday evening demonstration trains were pulled by right-wing extremists through two suburban Dortmund. The participants openly chanted anti-Semitic slogans. There was criticism because the police had not intervened. According to the police, the lifts of nearly 200 extremists were accompanied by 80 civilian and uniformed civil servants. +++ 16:08: Salvini upset: "Aquarius" picks up migrants off Libya's coast +++ The rescue ship "Aquarius 2" is in Libya other migrants were taken into distress. After a complicated operation and after negotiations with the Libyan Coast Guard, the "Aquarius" would have taken 47 people in international waters, tweeted the aid organization SOS Mediterranee. Among them are 17 minors and a pregnant woman. Already last week, the rescue ship had taken eleven migrants. So far it is unclear where the "Aquarius" will go. Italy's right-wing interior minister Matteo Salvini said he wanted to show those who favored illegal immigration. He accused the NGO of not cooperating with the Libyan Coast Guard. "The Italian ports are closed to these gentlemen (the NGO)," says Salvini. He wants the Libyan authorities to take over the rescue missions and bring the migrants back to the civil war country. Salvini said there were more boats with about 100 refugees aboard tugboats sent to the sea. +++ 15:22: 800,000 visitors on the first Oktoberfest weekend – more than last year +++ On the first weekend of the Oktoberfest are estimated by the Festleitung more than 800,000 visitors came. That was significantly more than in 2017, when it was around 600,000. In good weather, celebrated together with the Munich many tourists from abroad, such as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States, Switzerland and many from Italy, as the fixed line announced.Festwirte, market traders and showmen spoke of a "strong start" , They are satisfied with the sales. "I'm looking forward to an outstanding Wiesn start, which makes you want more," said Wiesn boss Josef Schmid. The CSU politician is also an economic officer and second mayor. The guests came with an appetite and ate 13 oxen – two more than last year. Hundreds of thousands of liters of beer ran through the throats. Host speaker Peter Inselkammer registered an "increased thirst" among the guests. Even in the marquees, the crowd was stronger than last year, at the entrances formed partly long lines in the evening. Even at the rides was busy. +++ 14:42: Seehofer to dispute over Maassen: "We are currently on the right track" +++ Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has shown confidence that the coalition their dispute over the protection of the Constitution Hans -Georg Maaßen can resolve. "At the moment, we are on the right track, in my opinion," Seehofer told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Whether it was still a Sunday evening for a new meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Seehofer and SPD leader Andrea Nahles, was noisy at noon Coalition circles remain open. In the "Bild am Sonntag" Seehofer made it clear that he would not dismiss Maaßen. The SPD accused Seehofer of campaigning against Maassen. "I have a duty of care for my employees and do not dismiss them because the political and public sentiment is against them."
+++ 13:54: At least 16 dead in attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo +++ At least 16 people have been killed in an attack by suspected rebels in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Among the dead in the city of Beni are in addition to twelve civilians and four soldiers or rebel fighters, said a doctor of news agency AFP. Eyewitnesses blamed the rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) for the attack. The ADF originally fought for the overthrow of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. In the 90s, they were expelled from neighboring Uganda. The Muslim rebels are now mainly active in the East Congolese North-Kivu province, they often act with great brutality. +++ 13.50 Clock: Macedonian President calls for a boycott of the name referendum +++ Macedonian President Djordje Ivanov has boycotted the referendum called over the change of the name of the state on next Sunday. The renaming of the Balkan country in northern Macedonia "endangers the national identity", he justified his position according to media reports in Skopje. Therefore, he would not participate in the vote on a corresponding agreement between Macedonia and Greece, he announced. Greece had blocked Macedonia's rapprochement with NATO and the EU for 27 years because Skopje did not want to change its name as requested. Athens fears a confusion and possibly even territorial claims of the neighbor on his eponymous northern province. The US had repeatedly promised last week that Macedonia could swiftly become the 30th NATO member should citizens vote in the referendum for the name change. +++ 13:34: Swiss canton of St. Gallen votes in referendum for burqa ban +++ As the second Swiss canton St. Gallen has voted in a referendum for a ban on Muslim facial veil in public. The inhabitants of the canton in the northeast of Switzerland voted with a majority of just under 67 percent for the ban on burqa. This makes St. Gallen the second canton after Ticino that forbids facial concealment in public. +++ 13:31: Kremlin: Russia could pay pipeline Nord Stream 2 alone +++ Russia can finance the controversial Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 in the case of US To finance sanctions against European partners according to own data also alone. "Russia has this opportunity," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday evening in Moscow and confirmed a report by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". He described possible US sanctions as "hooliganism". It is hoped that it does not come to that, he told the portal RBK. According to the newspaper report, President Vladimir Putin said in August in Schloss Meseberg to Chancellor Angela Merkel that Russia could, if necessary, bear the costs alone. Partners in the eight billion euro project are the Russian gas giant Gazprom and the European companies Engie, Uniper, OMV, Shell and Wintershall. The natural gas pipeline, like Nord Stream 1 from Vyborg in Russia, is to run through the sea to Lubmin on the German Baltic coast. US laws make sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and all partners involved possible. These are political punishments against Russia, but the US also wants to sell its own liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe. The Federal Government supports Nord Stream 2. In the EU, on the other hand, there is criticism because it could increase dependence on Russian gas. In addition, the leadership bypasses the Ukraine as a transit country. +++ 12.54 clock: FDP Vice Kubicki calls for a Maaßen dispute a new election +++ In view of the dispute in the grand coalition for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen calls FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki a new election. "The fact that the coalition is brought to the brink of existence because of two silly sentences from the head of a subordinate authority shows clearly that this connection has deeper problems," said Kubicki of the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Monday). "It's time to question voters," added Kubicki. He accused the SPD of "inflating" the topic. This has to do with their "dramatic loss of meaning".
The leaders of the coalition want to negotiate on the future of Maaßens this Sunday. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) announced that she would like to find a "common, sustainable solution" during the weekend. Previously, SPD leader Andrea Nahles had asked the Chancellor and CSU leader Horst Seehofer to a new meeting. Reason were the many negative reactions to the original plan to replace Maassen as the Chief of the Constitution, but to promote him to the Secretary of State. +++ 12:34: Several 1000 people demonstrate in the Hambach Forest +++ In Hambacher forest again have several thousand people against the eviction and the planned clearing of the forest area is demonstrated. The organizers of the so-called forest walk had expected around 5000 participants. In grubby rainy weather, however, came significantly less in the brown coal district. The police did not want to commit to a number in the morning. dpa reporters reported from 3,000 to 4,000 participants. +++ 12:34: Newspaper: British Prime Minister May considering new elections +++ The politically troubled British Prime Minister Theresa May can be prepared according to a media report, an emergency plan for new elections in November. In this way, she wants to save the Brexit negotiations and her own office, the Sunday Times reported. Two of their advisors are said to have already started planning. A clear source called the newspaper but not. Downing Street immediately denied the report on Sunday: "This is simply wrong," said a government spokesman. Already last year, May had called new elections to gain more backing. However, the plan went wrong: Since then, the Prime Minister governs only with a thin majority. It is vulnerable from several sides. The United Kingdom is therefore often speculated on a possible resignation May. With great pressure is also expected in view of the enormous pressure on May, the upcoming Conservative Party Congress. It starts in Birmingham next Sunday.
+++ 12:30: Poll numbers for French President Macron in descent +++ French President Emmanuel Macron is becoming increasingly unpopular among his compatriots. According to an Ifop survey for the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, only 29 percent of respondents were satisfied with their work as head of state in September. That is five percentage points less than in the previous month. Thus Macron has fallen since its election in May 2017 in the favor of the French as deeply as never before. Most of the support has lost the president in ecology and conservation groups. The background is the resignation of environmental activist Nicolas Hulot in August from his post as Environment Minister. Macron scored his best ratings at 62 and 64 percent in May and June 2017, the first two months of his five-year tenure.
+++ 12:22: French film icon Brigitte Bardot ashamed of their homeland +++ The French film icon Brigitte Bardot is ashamed of what has become of their homeland. "I am French from the depth of my heart", said the former actress of the "Welt am Sonntag". "But if I see what comes out of France, I'm a little ashamed." Today's France "does not like her anymore". Bardot said, not only France, but she too has changed – "but I hold on to the honor of my country, and it is just losing France – its honor, its strength, its beauty, its elegance." Bardot had in the past as a supporter of the right-wing populist Front National recognize. The 83-year-old, who has been committed to animal welfare for decades, feels like an outsider anyway. "I'm different," she told the "Welt am Sonntag". "I have the look of a human and the soul of an animal." Bardot has repeatedly made with right-wing extremist headlines. In addition, it has in the past promoted the right-wing populist Front National. +++ 11:35: Four deaths from flooding in Tunisia +++ floods in northeastern Tunisia have killed at least four people. Two men and two women had died on the peninsula Cap Bon, as the Ministry of the Interior announced on Sunday. A 60-year-old resident drowned therefore on Saturday in the city Takilsa. Another body was later recovered near the tourist resort Hammamet. Two sisters died in the town of Bouargoub, according to Ministry figures, when they were carried away by the floodwaters after their shift in a factory. Also, the center of the provincial capital Nabeul was under water on Saturday. Videos in online social networks showed how the tides brought cars and broken road parts with them. +++ 11:20: Schäuble: Germans should not be afraid of minority governments +++ Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has called for minority governments in Germany to consider more as an option. "We should not underestimate the experience of other European neighbors who have stable governments, even though they are minority governments," Schäuble told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper. The CDU politician also referred to the strong position that explicitly grants the Basic Law to the Federal Chancellor. With a stable chancellorship, the Germans should not be too shy about "getting new majorities in a special situation," said the Bundestag president. In the Bundesrat, with its different party composition, this would be necessary anyway. Schäuble also criticized the more and more practiced procedure, already in a detailed coalition agreement "to determine the decisions of a legislative period before its actual start". This would not do justice to the parliamentarism and also not the fact "that we do not know, which in four years everything can happen". +++ 11:08: Bundeswehr: situation with Moorbrand in the Emsland "stable" +++ The fight against the Moorbrand on a Bundeswehr site near Meppen has been continued on Sunday. "The situation is still stable and the fire under control," said a Bundeswehr spokesman. At first 1252 forces were on fire to extinguish. The catastrophe called out on Friday by the district of Emsland still existed. The Moorbrand smolders for almost three weeks. He had broken out on the training ground when rockets fired from a Tiger attacking helicopter. On Saturday, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) visited the region, admitted mistakes of the Bundeswehr and apologized to the local residents.
+++ 10.58 clock: Erdogan wishes to end tensions with Germany +++ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to leave the tensions between Berlin and Ankara "completely" behind with his state visit to Germany. This is a priority during his visit, Erdogan told journalists Sunday before his departure for the UN General Assembly in New York at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. Other topics include economic cooperation, the desired EU membership of Turkey and the joint fight against terrorism. Erdogan said he also wanted to make it clear that Turkey expected a more determined fight against activities by the banned Kurdish Workers' Party PKK and the Gülen movement in Germany. The movement around the US-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen blames the Turkish leadership for the July 2016 coup attempt. +++ 10:44 am: Russian military blames Israel again for plane crash +++ The military in Moscow has returned blamed the Israeli Air Force for shooting down a Russian aircraft off the Syrian coast. The behavior of the Israeli pilots in the situation was unprofessional or "criminally negligent," said the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. A Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 with 15 soldiers on board had fallen victim to a miss of the Syrian air defense last Monday evening over the Mediterranean Sea. The Syrians had targeted four attacking Israeli jets. Israel has reported the upcoming attack too late, said the spokesman. +++ 10.36 clock: Police investigates after fire in Bamberger "anchor center" +++ After the fire in the so-called anchor center for asylum seekers in the Franconian Bamberg the cause of the fire is still unclear. The investigators wanted to get another picture of the fire, as a spokesman for the operations center of the police headquarters Upper Franconia explained. The roof truss of a residential building for refugees had caught fire on Saturday. The 150 residents were able to get to safety, three firefighters were slightly injured. The fire caused estimates of damage of two million euros. According to police from Saturday, there was initially no evidence that the fire was caused by outside influence. At the beginning of August, seven transit centers or initial reception facilities in Bavaria had been converted into so-called anchor centers. According to plans of the Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), the facilities should accelerate asylum procedures of migrants who have no right of residence. According to the police, around 1400 people currently live in the Bamberger accommodation. +++ 10:13 am: Coalition parties drop out in the Emnid "Sunday trend" +++ The coalition parties Union and SPD are in the "Sunday trend" of the opinion research institute Emnid for the "Bild am Sonntag" again bagged. The CDU / CSU lost two percentage points in the survey and dropped to a record low of 28 percent. The SPD had to give one point compared to the previous week and reached 17 percent. With that, the coalition parties together only reach 45 percent. The AfD was able to gain a point, but remained with 16 percent behind the SPD in third place. The Greens also improved by one point to 14 percent. The Left Party achieved eleven percent (plus one), the FDP remained at nine percent. For the Sunday trend Emnid interrogated between 13 and 19 September 2368 representatively selected citizens. The latest developments in the debate on the controversial President of the Constitution Protection Hans-Maassen Maassen could therefore not yet be included in the survey results. +++ 9.36 clock: US government wants to tighten rules for the allocation of green cards +++ The US government wants curb the issue of permanent residence permits with a new green card scheme. State aid recipients should find it much more difficult to obtain a green card in the future, according to the US Department of Homeland Security on Saturday. It should be prevented that candidates for a green card "the American taxpayers to the burden," said Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen. So far, candidates for a Green Card have had to prove that they can finance their lives in the United States without direct funding from the state. According to the planned new regulation, it should also have significant negative consequences in the future if immigrants have received government support in the form of food stamps or subsidies for rent or health insurance or have moved into the past. +++ 9.20 am: 5000 people to rally in the Hambach Forest expected +++ In the Hambacher forest on Sunday 5000 people are expected to a demonstration against the eviction and the planned clearing of the forest area. According to the Aachen police a stationary rally (11.30 clock) is planned. The originally planned "forest walk" with a walk through the occupied forest area had been approved by the police only subject to conditions "to ensure the protection of participants," said a spokeswoman. The energy company RWE wants to cut down large parts of the forest in autumn, to continue dredging lignite. More than a week ago, the authorities had cleared the tree houses occupied in the woods by activists. They are considered a symbol of resistance to coal and the associated climate impact. After the accidental death of a journalist on Wednesday, the eviction was interrupted until further notice +++ 8.14 clock: number of typhoon deaths in the Philippines rises to more than 150 +++ The number of fatalities in the Philippines by typhoon "Mangkhut" is on at least 155 have risen. More than 70 people would continue to be missing, the authorities said. "Mangkhut" had traveled over the north of the Southeast Asian country last weekend and caused landslides and accidents due to heavy rain. President Rodrigo Duterte visited the region around the city of Naga on Friday about 570 kilometers south of the capital Manila. There, at least 45 people were killed by a landslide in the village of Tinaan. Rescue teams continued the search for 43 missing persons +++ 6:50: Maas criticizes US information policy – too little vote +++ Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has criticized the information policy of the US government against Germany. "We learn of some decisions on Twitter," said the SPD politician in an interview with the German Press Agency. "Sometimes I get the impression that one or the other in the United States is first learning about White House decisions through Twitter, which is changing the way we collaborate." US President Donald Trump has often surprised his associates with Twitter news. For example, he had the final statement of the G7 summit in Canada burst in the spring with a memo on the short message service. Earlier, there had always been intensive consultations with the US on all key issues, Maas said. "There has been close coordination at all levels, and there is less and less." The Federal Government wishes again more dialogue and more coordination. +++ 6:37: AfD politicians say for state banquet Erdogan visit from +++ After two members of the Bundestag FDP and left have four AFD politicians their participation in the state banquet of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the occasion of the state visit of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan canceled. An AFD group spokesman told the German Press Agency that the parliamentary leaders Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel, co-party leader Jörg Meuthen and parliamentary leader Bernd Baumann did not want to follow their invitations to the festive evening in Berlin's Bellevue Palace.
Earlier, the refusal of the foreign policy spokesman of the FDP faction, Bijan Djir-Sarai, and of left-wing vice-president Sevim Dagdelen had already become known. Erdogan has visited Germany more than a dozen times as Prime Minister and President over the past 15 years. The first state visit will take place from 27 to 29 September at the invitation of Steinmeier. +++ 5.27 am: Unusual cocaine donation to the judiciary in Texas +++ The legal authorities in the US state of Texas have large amounts of cocaine in a batch of donated bananas found in the millions. The Department of Criminal Justice, which also manages prisons in Texas had received after a report by the broadcaster CBS from unspecified site in the port city of Freeport two pallets with 45 boxes of overripe bananas that were no longer suitable for sale. When reloading the fruit before being sent to the detention center, officials found cocaine in the boxes with a street sale value of just under $ 18 million (15.3 million euros). +++ 4.34 am: Kauder challenger: Opposition in government is not working +++ Deputy union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) has called on the SPD to work together better for cohesion in the country. "Opposition in the government does not work," he told the German press agency with regard to the Maassen case and the conflicts in the coalition. "Union and SPD have only one chance to work together constructively in the coalition, if each partner clearly in the matter, but respectful in tone makes clear the differences in the public." "Even in small and medium-sized businesses, we have increasingly protest voters, which we have to take care of more than before," said Brinkhaus. In these times, it is about supporting democracy from the bottom of my heart. "My biggest concern is the cohesion of this country, something has broken down in the last three years." +++ 4.22 clock: Airports assure: No chaos in the next holiday season +++ Delays, cancellations, lost luggage: A flight chaos as this summer will not be repeated from the perspective of the airports. "Airlines, air traffic control and the ADV airports are currently working very hard on this, which is why I am very confident that the situation will be much better next year," said Stefan Schulte, President of the ADV, the German Press Agency. What has happened this year should not be a routine and will not be repeated, "said Schulte, who is also head of the largest German airport operator Fraport. The problems he mainly attributed to the lack of air traffic controllers and that the airlines rivaled the customers of the insolvent Air Berlin. +++ 4.04 Clock: Experts expect falling unemployment rates +++ The German economy is in the opinion of experts in the coming Stable – even though the upturn has lost some momentum. The robust economy has a positive impact on the labor market, reported economists of major German banks in a survey by the German Press Agency. According to economists' calculations, 2.256 million women and men were unemployed in September. That would be about 95,000 fewer than in August and about 184,000 less than a year ago. For the stronger decline, the end of the summer break worry. Many companies have hired more employees again, the experts said. The official labor market figures, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) announced this Friday (September 28) +++ 3.10 clock: Porsche gets out of production of diesel cars +++ The sports car maker Porsche is the first German car company from the production of diesel vehicles. "From Porsche, there will be no more diesel in the future," said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag". The withdrawal was a reaction to the diesel crisis. Porsche had "never even developed and produced diesel engines", yet the image of Porsche suffered. "The diesel crisis has caused us a lot of trouble." Porsche has offered diesel vehicles for almost ten years. Porsche wants to concentrate in the future on what it could be particularly good, said Blume: "These are emotional, powerful gasoline, hybrid and from 2019 will be pure electric vehicles." According to information from "Bild am Sonntag", the Stuttgart-based company is suspected of having manipulated engines. With an "emotional function" that was not active on the test bench, the engine sound on the road had been improved. +++ 2.24 clock: Irna: Iran orders after attack on parade three European diplomats +++ The Iranian government has called after the attack on a military parade with at least 29 dead diplomatic representatives of three European countries. The official news agency Irna reported that the Ambassadors of Denmark and the Netherlands and the British Chargé d'Affaires were summoned on Saturday. Tehran has protested that the respective countries "host some members of the terrorist group that committed the terrorist attack". +++ 1:34 clock: Two men burn in car wreck +++ Two men are burned in their car in a serious car accident in Offenbach, Hesse. "The bad accident happened on Saturday night, when two vehicles collided head-on with full force," said a spokesman for the police. One of the cars immediately went up in flames. The 29- and 44-year-old men were trapped and died in the burning wreckage. Rescuers freed a woman and a man from the rubble of the other car. "Both were in mortal danger and came to hospital," said the spokesman. Surveyors should clarify the cause of the accident. +++ 1.06 am: 200,000 people in Canada after tornado without electricity +++ After the passage of a tornado in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, 200,000 people were without electricity on Saturday. The tornado had caused severe damage in the capital region on Friday. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson was reminded of the destruction of a war zone: "It was like a bomb hit the neighborhood," he told a news conference. "I have never experienced anything like this in my life in Ottawa." Watson had a picture of the serious damage on Friday evening. The tornado had swept through the city in the late afternoon (local time), gusts of wind had a strength of up to 200 kilometers per hour. The tornado damaged dozens of houses, covered roofs and whirled cars through the air. Around 30 people were injured. Six of them were treated in hospitals, two of them were critically injured. +++ 0.19 clock: Nahles calls conditions for continuation of the government after 2019 +++ SPD leader Andrea Nahles wants the land rent, the immigration law and the fight against housing shortage as a condition for the continuation of the grand coalition beyond 2019. In the middle of the legislative period, the SPD wants to check whether the government is continuing, according to a revision clause enshrined in the coalition agreement. "It must be implemented what we have agreed," said Nahles to the "Bild am Sonntag" and listed: "The basic pension must be introduced so that people who have worked for decades, not in the age of social services need And we need to make sure there are affordable housing, and if we can do that, the revision clause will not give me a headache. "Saturday 22nd September news: +++ 17.55: US reports 18 Islamists killed Air raid in Somalia +++ In an air raid in Somalia, US forces have reportedly killed at least 18 alleged militants of the Islamist al-Shabaab terrorist militia. The attack took place on Friday about 50 kilometers northwest of the port city of Kismayo and was supported by local forces, as the African Command of the US military announced. According to US statements, it was "self-defense" to repel an attack by the extremists. There were no civilians harmed, as well as US soldiers or local security forces. +++ 17:52: Ex-professional Klasnic skeptical compared to settlement on appeal +++ Ex-football professional Ivan Klasnic is according to media reports one in his appeal skeptical about the proposed settlement. He demanded an official apology from the accused, "which he has never received," he said in an interview "Radio Bremen". If at the end of the day a comparison comes out, you will see that. "Now the process takes ten years, then it can take 15 years, I do not care," quotes the "Kreiszeitung" Klasnic. According to the report, Klasnic calls for a double-digit million amount as a comparison. The Higher Regional Court in Bremen had proposed a settlement of around three million euros on appeal for possible treatment errors in the kidney disease Klasnics. "We think it is urgent to consider whether to agree," said the presiding judge at the end of the first trial day on Friday. He advised the litigants about a sum of about three million euros for the ex-Bremer to think. One idea would be to divide the sum among three defendants, he said. Klasnic has sued, among others, the former club doctor of Werder Bremen. In the first instance, he asserted before the district court of Bremen that doctors and institutions had not recognized his kidney disease and had not treated him properly. +++ 17.18: Hair dryer in bathtub – Son should have killed mother +++ A 53-year-old is in Suspicion of killing his mother in Hesse. He was arrested. The police and prosecutors informed. According to initial findings, the 53-year-old threw a hairdryer in the bathtub when his mother sat in it. The electric shock should have led to the death of the 76-year-old from Darmstadt, the investigators. After the crime, the son informed a witness at noon. This alarmed the police. She found the 53-year-old on the doorstep and arrested him. The man made a confused impression. In the apartment, the officers then discovered the body. Mother and son had lived together in the apartment. +++ 17.00 clock: British Foreign Minister: Tusk has insulted British people +++ In the dispute over Brexit, the nerves are blank: The British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt accused EU Council President Donald Tusk, with a photo of the EU summit "insulting the British people". Hunt referred to a picture posted by Tusk on Instagram showing British Prime Minister Theresa May with the EU Council President on the cake buffet. As a comment, Tusk wrote: "I'd like a piece of cake, sorry, no cherries." Tusks thus apparently tried a humorous allusion to the United Kingdom often held by the EU side raisin pecking in the Brexit negotiations – the English saying for it is "cherry pecking". The difficult talks revolve around the future relationship between London and the European Union. Foreign Minister Hunt did not find Tusk's statement funny. Insulting the British Prime Minister and the British people in social networks was not helpful in addressing a "difficult situation," Hunt told the BBC. "Do not value the British courtesy as a weakness," he warned. +++ 16.00 clock: False monk as the first "beer corpse" on the Oktoberfest +++ A false monk was treated as the first Oktoberfest visitors because of excessive alcohol consumption – only half an hour after the beer has started. The man had worn a cowl, said the spokeswoman of the medical service Aicher ambulance, Ulrike Krivec. "We thought it was a monk." In the course of the treatment, however, it turned out that the 50-year-old Wiesgast was not a religious. The man was taken to the medical guard at 12.32 – the first beer was at 12.00. Many visitors, who were waiting in the morning at the entrances to the festival grounds, already had beer in cans – and thus well preheated. 114 paramedics were on duty on Saturday morning and had to treat 23 patients by noon. Most had injured in falls. The first emergency operation was half an hour before the puncture – a pregnant woman had collapsed in a tent.
+++ 14:40: A dead after gas explosion in residential building in the Czech Republic +++ In a violent gas explosion in a residential building in the Czech Republic, a human died. A survivor could salvage from the rubble, as the agency CTK reported, citing the fire department. He and another casualty were taken to the hospital. The emergency services searched with tracking dogs for possible further burials. Also several surrounding houses were damaged in the explosion in Mostkovice near Olomouc. The cause of the accident, which occurred around noon, was still unclear at first. +++ 2.30 pm: Major fire in so-called "anchor center" in Bamberg +++ A major fire broke out in the so-called anchor center for refugees in Bamberg, Bavaria. However, the police reported that it was possible to quickly evacuate all the people in the building. There were no injuries or even casualties. The authorities were alarmed at noon by a passing car driver, according to the police. In addition to the refugees accommodated there, security personnel were also present in the building at that time. The firefighting continued in the afternoon. The entire roof truss was temporarily in flames. The police called on residents to keep doors and windows shut because of the heavy smoke. The cause of the fire was therefore initially unknown. Anchor centers are reception facilities for refugees, to which the coalition in the federal government had agreed at the urging of, above all, the Bavarian CSU. "Anchor" stands for arrival, decision, repatriation. Asylum seekers should be accommodated for the entire duration of their application review. +++ 14:29: At least 97 killed by cholera in terror-stricken Nigeria +++ A cholera outbreak has cost at least 97 people in Nigeria's life. Hundreds of other people in the West African country are infected, said the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. A treatment of the disease is therefore hampered by the activities of the terrorist group Boko Haram. 3126 people are infected in the two states Borno and Yobe. These are located in the northeast of the country, where the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram is active. Cholera is usually transmitted through contaminated water. It can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting and be life-threatening for children, the elderly and the sick. The outbreak was registered in the state of Borno two weeks ago. As of Friday, there are also cases in the neighboring state of Yobe, as the Ministry of Health explained. +++ 13:20: Minister von der Leyen eludes after Moobrand with citizens +++ Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has been in an on-site Visit again personally apologized to the citizens because of the moorland fire in Emsland. "We really have a gap here," she said in conversation with citizens and helpers in the center of Stavern. On Friday, the district of Emsland had considered evacuating the towns of Groß Stavern and Klein Stavern with around 1,100 inhabitants. Von der Leyen apologized for the inconvenience caused by the Bundeswehr to the residents of the area near Meppen.
The Moorbrand on the Bundeswehr site is smoldering for a good two weeks now. He had broken out on the practice site when missiles fired from a helicopter. According to Bundeswehr information, the fire has meanwhile covered an area of ​​800 hectares. The case now employs the judiciary: The public prosecutor's office Osnabrück determined because of the initial suspicion of negligent arson against unknown. +++ 13:05: Umwelthilfe expected by the end of diesel driving bans in ten other cities +++ The German Environmental Aid (DUH) expects to Year-end diesel driving bans in ten other German cities. DUH general manager Jürgen Resch referred in the magazine "Focus" on pending court decisions, inter alia, in Berlin, Cologne, Essen and Dortmund. So far, courts have required driving bans for diesel vehicles with high pollutant emissions for Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg. In Stuttgart, there will be from the turn of the year driving bans. Resch expressed the expectation that there will be such prohibitions from 2019 in Berlin and other cities. He also announced claims for harmful, high nitrogen oxide emissions in other cities. Affected are Hagen, Bielefeld, Freiburg, Limburg, Oberhausen, Oldenburg and Wuppertal. +++ 12.59 Clock: circles: Coalition tops wrestle in case Maaßen for solution +++ The leaders of the CDU, CSU and SPD wrestle in the face of coalition dispute over the future of President of the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, for a solution acceptable to all coalition parties. All sides were working on a sustainable and externally acceptable solution this weekend, coalition circles said. This must be well prepared. It was assumed that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and SPD leader Andrea Nahles are trying to find a settlement line before a meeting scheduled for Sunday. Accordingly, the three party leaders in the environment of planned for Sunday afternoon in the Chancellery Diesel summit meet to tie down a compromise. The SPD parliamentary group comes together this Monday to a special meeting. On Monday morning, the 45-member party executive of the SPD meets in the Willy-Brandt-Haus. At the CDU, the routine Bureau meeting is up.
+++ 12:49: Report: Victims number of the attack in Iran has risen to 24 dead +++ The number of victims of the attack on a military parade in Iran has increased according to a report to 24 dead. According to the state news agency IRNA, the dead in the city of Ahwas in southwestern Iran are not just Revolutionary Guard soldiers, but also civilians, including children. There were over 50 injured, many of them in mortal danger, said the IRNA. Four members of the Sunni separatist group, Al-Ahwasieh, fired at a military parade in Ahwas from a park on a group of Revolutionary Guardsmen. There are different reports about the fate of the four shooters. At first it was said that two were shot and two were arrested. State television now reports that all four were killed. +++ 12:43: Mesut Özil thanks Boateng for support after resignation +++ Former world champion Mesut Özil has thanked his former national team colleague Jérôme Boateng for his support after his retirement from the DFB team. "Thanks Bro for your words, you were always a teammate with the DFB, who was there even in difficult moments," Özil wrote on Friday in his Instagram story. The 29-year-old Özil of the English Premier League club Arsenal had resigned from the German selection after the World Cup in Russia and felt left alone by the German Football Association in the affair for his photos with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. DFB boss Reinhard Grindel admitted later errors in dealing with the midfielder, many players did not comment on the events. +++ 12.28 clock: anti-Semitic slogans in right-wing march in Dortmund +++ In a far-right rally on Friday evening in
          According to testimonies, Dortmund has repeatedly chanted anti-Semitic slogans. The police initiated according to own data against several of the approximately hundred participants a preliminary investigation, however obviously for other reasons. At another rally in Chemnitz right-wing extremists attacked a left-alternative center. Several witnesses reported after the rally in Dortmund, right-wing extremists would have chanted anti-Semitic slogans there. There was criticism of the police because they did not intervene. The Green politician Volker Beck therefore demanded in the Internet service Twitter a statement by Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), in which he should explain what he wanted to do against increasing anti-Semitism on the streets in Germany. At the preliminary investigations in Dortmund, it was the police However, apparently not primarily anti-Semitic slogans, but the use of pyrotechnics. Therefore, against several, of the
          Police identified protesters have been prosecuted. Extensive evidence was also provided, it said. +++ 12:15: Bundeswehr fights Moorbrand with transport and Tornado aircraft +++ The
          Bundeswehr wants to fight the Moorbrand smoldering at Meppen in Emsland with transport planes and tornado jets. The tornadoes are expected to be deployed from the afternoon, said Colonel Thomas Groeters at a site briefing. The jets are to take photos and thermal images of the bog area in order to see glowing nests in the ground, which would otherwise be difficult to discover, reported "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" and Ostfriesen-Zeitung. "Previously, the Luftwaffe with helicopters flying firefighting operations over the area.
+++ 12:06: Ozapft is! – Reiter opens 185th Oktoberfest with two strokes +++ Ozapft is! Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) tapped the first barrel of beer with two blows, opening the 185th Oktoberfest. For the first time, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) was in the tapping box in the Schottenhamel tent – he has traditionally received the first measure of hard beer. While Böllerschüsse announced the start of the largest folk festival in the world, Reiter and Söder launched a peaceful Oktoberfest.
+++ 11.40 clock: Baden-Wuerttemberg SPD calls for Seehofer's dismissal +++ The State Executive of the SPD Baden-Württemberg demands the dismissal of Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU). "Ms. Merkel lets the Minister of the Interior go through scandal after scandal, torpedoing the government for months," a decision of the committee said on the sidelines of a state representative meeting in Tuttlingen. "To govern is to lead, Mrs. Merkel is responsible, we demand the resignation of Horst Seehofer."
It was incomprehensible, why the Chief of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, had been promoted by Seehofer, the regional executive committee justified his demand. The process contradicts every sense of justice and massively damage confidence in politics. In particular, the actions and behavior of Seehofer as the employer of Maassen had caused serious damage and should not be accepted. The Southwest
          SPD wanted to vote their candidates for the European elections next May at the meeting. +++ 11.24 clock: demonstrate right-wing extremists in Dortmund – anti-Semitic comments +++ After two marches of right-wing extremists in Dortmund, the police have initiated several criminal cases. In addition to the prohibited burning of pyrotechnics, there were also anti-Semitic statements on the registered demonstrations. The behavior and exclamations of some participants had been documented, police said. Now it is checked whether the incidents have criminal relevance. For further details of the demonstrations on Friday evening, the police did not comment at first. According to police information, a rally announced for Saturday was canceled by the initiators. +++ 11.24 am: Minister von der Leyen arrives in the Moorbrand region of Emsland +++ Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has arrived in Emsland. She had announced that she would get a picture of the devastating Moorbrand and the situation on the Bundeswehr test site near Meppen. Also Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and his deputy Bernd Althusmann (CDU) come to Meppen. The program includes discussions with the fire brigade, which is working with around 1,000 men and women. In addition, von der Leyen wants to visit the town of Groß Stavern and talk to the mayor there. On Friday, the district of Emsland had considered evacuating Groß Stavern and Klein Stavern with around 1100 inhabitants. For the afternoon (14.15 clock) is a statement planned by the Leyens. +++ 10:53 am: More than one hundred people die from typhoon in Philippines +++ The number of fatalities in the Philippines by typhoon "Mangkhut" has risen to at least 127 – and the number is still rising. Because at least 111 people are still missing, as the police said. "Mangkhut" had traveled over the north of the Southeast Asian country last weekend and caused landslides and accidents due to heavy rain.
83 deaths came from the Cordillera region in the north of the Philippines. There is also the province of Benguet, where a massive landslide buried in a former mining area near the city of Itogon several buildings. At least 59 people were killed in the accident, 42 are still missing. +++ 10.40 clock: Kramp-Karrenbauer: goes to Maaßen conversation also about coalition +++ In the discussions on the solution of the case Maassen is in the opinion of CDU Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer also to clarify the question, "whether all coalition parties can continue to gather behind the joint mission ". This is what Kramp-Karrenbauer wrote to the CDU members in a mail sent to the German Press Agency. Previously, among other things, "Spiegel Online" reported about it. According to the Mail, the CDU has been making every effort since the federal elections to live up to the mandate of voters in difficult and turbulent times and, together with the CSU and SPD, to form a stable federal government well prepared for the challenges of the future , "In the last few months, up to the last few days, even in the opinion of many members, we have not always lived up to this expectation as well as our own and my claim." She believed that expectations could be better met. +++ 10.25 clock: Ex-Minister of Health should lead Austria's Social Democrats +++ The former Austrian Minister of Health Pamela Rendi-Wagner should take over the party leadership of the Social Democrats. Officially, the board of the SPÖ wants to nominate the 47-year-old doctor only on Tuesday, but the party spoke out before a presidium meeting for them. Rendi-Wagner spoke before the meeting in Vienna of a "great honor". It was important after the turbulent last days to clarify the question of the party chairmanship quickly. She wanted to talk about her plans only after confirmation by the party executive. The SPÖ boss Christian Kern, 52, had announced last week, surprisingly, his resignation. He wants to compete as a leading candidate of the SPÖ in the European elections in May 2019. He was in office since May 2016 and remained until December 2017 head of government. After the electoral defeat, he became opposition leader, the conservative Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) became Chancellor +++ 9.53 clock: number of dead after ferry accident on Lake Victoria to more than 150 increased +++ Two days after the ferry accident on Lake Victoria in Tanzania the death toll has risen to more than 150 The search teams had recovered 151 bodies, reported the television station TBC. On Friday evening, there were still 131 dead, 40 people survived the disaster. After a break in the night, the search and recovery work continued in the morning. The ferry "MV Nyerere" capsized on Thursday in the southern part of the lake, only about 50 meters from the pier on the island of Ukara. The cause of the accident was initially unclear, but according to eyewitnesses, the ship had been hopelessly overloaded. As witnesses of the news agency AFP said, the passengers had also pushed to the prow when the ferry approached the jetty, and thus brought the ship out of balance. +++ 9.24 Clock: Festival area opens: thousands flock to the Oktoberfest +++ three hours Thousands of Oktoberfest visitors flocked to the festival grounds before the official start of the Munich Oktoberfest. Folders opened the entrances at 9 am and loudspeaker announcements announced in German, English and Bavarian: "Dear guests, welcome to the Oktoberfest, we are now opening the festival grounds." The numerous guests from home and abroad, however, had to wait in the tents for some time until they could quench their thirst: Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) will tap the first barrel at 12 o'clock and the first measure of Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus To hand over Söder (CSU). +++ 8.30 clock: killed in attack on military parade in Iran +++ In an attack on a military parade in southwestern Iran, there have been according to official figures killed and injured. As the Tasnim news agency further reported, strangers in the city of Ahwas shot from a park at a group of Revolutionary Guardsmen. Several people were said to have been killed and injured. The attackers fled, but they were persecuted by security forces. The agency spoke of a terrorist attack. +++ 7.44 Clock: Waiting for the Oktoberfest: Hundreds are waiting in front of the main entrance +++ Before the start of the Munich Oktoberfest queues have formed at the entrances. More than five hours before the official tapping, several hundred people were waiting for the inlet in autumn weather, many of them bringing snack food – some glowing with their beer brought. The first ones had arrived in the early morning in the dark. In the streets, numerous people in dirndls and lederhosen poured into the grounds. At 12.00 o'clock Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) tapped the first barrel of beer and opened thereby the largest public festival of the world. Around six million guests are expected by October 7. +++ 7:34 am: Many Germans are worried about the future – Younger people are more optimistic +++ Young people are more optimistic about the future than older people. For example, 14 percent of Germans older than 32 believe that our lives will be more liveable in 20 years. Among 11 to 17-year-olds, more than one in five thinks this way (21 percent), as a representative survey commissioned by the teleshopping platform QVC has revealed. People were interviewed at the age of 11 to 52 years. In general, however, the respondents are more pessimistic, according to the results: One-third believe that our lives will be worse in 2038 than they are today. In a fast-changing society, younger people see a greater challenge than older people. 42 percent of 11- to 17-year-olds would like to be better able to keep up with the pace of their environment, while only 28 percent of 33- to 52-year-olds do. The survey also looks at recruitment to the sharing economy, for example sharing cars. Thus, two-thirds of respondents can not imagine sharing a car with other people. In the generation of those who are not yet allowed to use their own car (11 to 17 years), at least 46 percent can imagine operating a car-sharing system when the desired vehicle automatically drives to their doorstep. +++ 7:04 : Less dangerous laser attacks at German airports +++ Dangerous laser attacks on pilots have declined somewhat at the major German airports. In the first half of 2018 there were 113 glares around the larger airports, as the German air traffic control (DFS) on request of the German Press Agency announced. That was a total of 16 laser attacks less than in the same period of the previous year. The planes are often targeted for takeoff or landing according to DFS. But there are also glare from great heights, said a company spokeswoman. Headquartered in Langen, Hesse, DFS is responsible for air traffic control in Germany and oversees 16 international airports throughout Germany. At some airports, the number of registered cases dropped significantly, according to DFS figures. Munich, for example, recorded a decline from 13 to 5. Hannover, Hamburg and Stuttgart also reported fewer attacks. At Frankfurt Airport, however, the incidents doubled from 11 to 22. In Bremen, there were three more laser attacks than in the first half of 2017. The pilot association Cockpit justified the decline with successful educational work and possible prison sentences of up to ten years. +++ Six o'clock: Four deaths in burning house in Nevada +++ In a burning house in Henderson in the US state Nevada the police discovered four bodies with bullet wounds. The local media reported that one man had shot and killed a woman and two children on Friday before setting the house on fire. Then the man killed himself. The police gave no information about a possible kinship of the dead. Also to the motive there was no information. Henderson is located 25 kilometers southeast of Las Vegas. +++ 5:32 am: Report: Beijing Resolves Trade Discussions with US after New Customs Duty +++ The Chinese government has announced the trade talks scheduled for next week, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal canceled the US. The reason is the latest round of punitive tariffs imposed by both sides this week. Originally, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He wanted to travel to Washington next week at the invitation of Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin to talk about a de-escalation of the current trade war between China and the US. At the beginning of this week, US President Donald Trump decided to impose special tariffs on half of all imported goods from China. The $ 50 billion ($ 42.5 billion) in goods taxes already introduced will be followed by tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion on 24 September. Beijing immediately announced retaliation. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, US imports worth $ 60 billion should be covered with extra duties. +++ 4:49 am: Kretschmer: Chemnitz events are a test for Saxony +++ Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer describes the events in Chemnitz as Test for the Free State. "It must succeed, instead of insults and hostility to come back into a reasonable discussion," said the CDU politician four weeks after the violent death of a chemist of the German Press Agency in Dresden. It needs the reaction from politics, but also in society. And he will not let Chemnitz "come into disrepute, because it sells well, if you put whole cities in the pillory and it goes back to the East".
The violent death of a 35-year-old German on 26 August had led to a series of xenophobic protests and rioting of right-wing groups in Chemnitz. Two Iraqis and one Syrian are suspected. +++ 4.06 am: Journalist shot dead on his doorstep in Mexico +++ In Mexico, a journalist has been killed. Mario Gómez was shot dead on leaving his home in the southern state of Chiapas, his employer, the newspaper El Heraldo de Chiapas, told Friday (local time). Gómez was shot dead in the municipality of Yajalón, some 125 kilometers from the tourist town of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. He was attacked by two gunmen. Gómez is the eleventh media artist to be killed in Mexico this year. With 13 murders last year, Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for this profession. The Latin American country suffers from a wave of violence, more than 29,000 people died violently last year. +++ 3.05 am: Bouffier: AfD could be a test case for constitutional protection in Hesse +++ The Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) holds it possible that the AfD in its federal state will be monitored by the constitutional protection in the future. "The Hessian intelligence service looks very carefully because the AfD can become a test case," said the deputy CDU chairman of the newspapers of the spark media group. However, a decision had not yet been made. The decision as to who is being monitored by the Office of the Protection of the Constitution must be based on objective facts, emphasized Bouffier. "It may well be that certain parts or persons of the AfD become an observation case." This assessment could vary from state to state.
+++ 1.42 clock: Morocco delivers because of child abuse wanted priest to USA +++ Morocco has delivered a Catholic priest to the United States, which had been sought since 1992 for the sexual abuse of a minor. Arthur J. Perrault is accused of having repeatedly sexually abused a child he was entrusted with in 1991 and 1992, "New Mexico State Attorney John Anderson told journalists Friday, saying that Perrault was a military chaplain on a US back then The US Priest disappeared in 1992 shortly before a lawyer filed a complaint against the archdiocese of Santa Fe accusing Perrault of sexually abusing seven children in his community, according to investigators Canada and then on to Morocco, where the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) tracked him down last year. +++ 1 am: "SZ": Putin wants to fully finance Nord Stream 2 in case of US sanctions +++ Russian President Vladimir Putin In the case of US sanctions against the operating consortium, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project apparently wants to completely finance it with Russian funds German newspaper "reported in its weekend edition, Putin informed the Federal Government during its visit in Meseberg on 18 August about appropriate plans. Putin had made it clear that he wanted to enforce the gas pipeline against resistance from the US government. Nord Stream 2 is currently being financed by an international operator consortium, 50 percent of which is operated by the Russian natural gas producer Gazprom. Shares hold, inter alia, the BASF subsidiary Wintershall, the Eon spin-off Uniper and Shell. According to the report, the reason for the Russian financing offer is repeated threats by the US Congress and the US government to impose sanctions on Russia's energy business as a result of the 2016 election manipulation. +++ 0.27 Clock: injured in shooting in Zagreb +++ Several people were injured in shots on the street in the center of the Croatian capital Zagreb on Friday evening. At least one person was arrested, local media reported. The shots were for the occupants of a car, as it was called. Newspapers speculated that this was yet another chapter in a feud between two Romany families in Zagreb, which had been going on for weeks, and which had been delivered to a primary school only ten days earlier in broad daylight. The police did not want to comment, but secured the residential buildings of the two families on Friday evening with strong forces.

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