News: China investigates missing Interpol boss for alleged "violations of law"

The most important news at a glance: China investigates missing Interpol chief (19:14 clock) Dog owners protest against the Brexit (18:18 clock) parents Forgot six-year-olds by appointment at City Hall (12:17 pm) Bundeswehr soldier died during exercise in Lithuania (7.22 am) accident with wedding limousine – Several dead (5.43 clock) The news of the day: +++ 20:03: Bulgarian TV journalist raped and murdered +++ In the Bulgarian Donaustadt Russe a moderator of the local TV station TVN has been raped and murdered. The police are investigating both professional and personal reasons for the murder, according to the Georgian Georgiev public prosecutor, according to a report by Bulgarian state television BNT. According to the TV report, the body of the 30-year-old was in a park on the Danube bank on Saturday discovered by Russian. The unknown perpetrators beat, raped and then strangled the woman, reported media in Sofia. Interior Minister Mladen Marinov confirmed the rape of the presenter. The best criminal investigators have been sent to Russia for clarification of the murder, assured Prime Minister Boiko Borisov. +++ 19:14: China investigates against Interpol chief for alleged "violations of law" +++ After days of guesswork, China has an explanation for the disappearance of Interpol -Chef Meng Hongwei delivered. The China Anti-Corruption Bureau said it had started investigations into Meng for "suspected breaches of the law." Previously, the French-based international police agency Interpol of China had demanded an explanation for the disappearance of its chief. Chinese Meng arrived on September 25th for a visit to his native China. His wife claims to have heard nothing from him since then. The French judiciary had publicly stated on Friday that it was investigating the whereabouts of the head of the authorities. Last week, the 64-year-old was deported by representatives of the National Disciplinary Commission on his arrival in Beijing, according to a report from the Hong Kong newspaper "South China Morning Post" last week. This authority has now announced the investigation against Meng. Among other things, she is responsible for the prosecution of corruption in the ranks of state employees. +++ 6:18 pm: Wooferendum: Dog owners demonstrate in London against Brexit +++ Hundreds of dog owners demonstrated with their animals in London against Brexit. Under the motto "Wooferendum" they called for a referendum on the final agreement on the EU exit. Many masters and mistresses had their animals EU flags tied behind their backs or blue dogcaps with yellow stars. With posters such as "Brexit" or "Brexit is bollocks" – "Brexit is crap" she moved from the noble St. James's quarter over the Trafalgar Square to the parliament. The humorous protest should, according to the organizers to penetrate to people who dry Topic EU exit already switched off. "Sometimes it's better to get a message with a sense of humor than to be too moralizing and serious," said attendee Kim Milward of the German Press Agency. The visually impaired 48-year-old had traveled with her guide dog Woody extra from Northampton. She hopes that a second Brexit referendum will be held with the option of leaving the EU. +++ 18:05: 20 people killed in traffic accident in the US +++ In a catastrophic traffic accident killed 20 people in the US Service. According to media reports, a so-called "stretch limo" – an extended luxury sedan – crashed into another car in the state of New York and then crashed into a group of passers-by in front of a shop. The accident occurred on Saturday in the district Schoharie near New York's capital Albany. The reports cited police reports that the limousine was apparently traveling at excessive speed. +++ 17:13: Dutch police are looking for owners of exposed lion cub +++ The Dutch police are looking for the owner of a lion cubs, in a cage in a field near Utrecht has been suspended. "Today we received a rather unusual message: 'A witness has found a mini-lion in a cage in a field,'" the local police wrote on their Facebook page on Sunday. On the spot, officials would then have collected the lion cub, which had apparently been exposed. According to Dutch media reports, a jogger had discovered the animal in the morning near the village Tienhoven. Accordingly, the approximately four-month-old animal was first examined by a veterinarian and then brought to an animal protection station in the north of the country. The police called on possible witnesses to report to the owner of the lion. +++ 16:45: Jews found controversial association in the AfD +++ Jewish members of the AfD have joined forces to form a federal union within their party. The chairman Vera Kosova said after the founding in Wiesbaden that the AfD distances itself from anti-Semitism in any form. Several Jewish organizations had responded with sharp criticism to the announcement to found this association. A prerequisite for admission to the Federal Association is in addition to the AFD membership an ethnic or religious affiliation with Judaism, said the Deputy Chairman Wolfgang Fuhl. According to previous plans, the federal association wants to give itself the name JAfD, as the committee member Leon Hakobian said. +++ 16:15: Berlin threatens dispute with Rome for collective removals of migrants +++ Between Germany and Italy, a dispute is about Collective deportations of migrants. "If someone – in Berlin or Brussels – plans to dump dozens of migrants on unauthorized charter flights, he should know that no airport is and will be available – we close the airports as we have already closed the ports," he said right interior minister Matteo Salvini. The German Press Agency had learned from employees at Munich Airport that the Bavarian authorities are preparing for the coming days a first collective deportation to Italy on their own initiative. According to the statements, Bavarian policemen are to accompany a charter flight with migrants, for whose asylum applications under the Dublin rules of the EU Italy is responsible. The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior did not want to confirm or deny the information. +++ 3:43 pm: Kramp-Karrenbauer questions double passport for German Turks +++ General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has challenged dual citizenship for people of Turkish origin. Kramp-Karrenbauer accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of influencing the Turkish population in Germany. Erdogan does not want "that people with Turkish roots find their place in this society," said the CDU politician on the Germany Day of the Young Union (JU) in Kiel. "He takes her in hostage for his own policy in Turkey, he drives them into loyalty conflicts, he separates them from this community and we must not allow," added Kramp-Karrenbauer. If there is no concession on the part of the Turkish side on this point, "then the issue of a double pass, especially with regard to people of Turkish origin", must be on the agenda. "We can not tolerate illegality in the long term." +++ 3.10 pm: Environmental activists return to Hambacher Forst +++ After the clearing stop in Hambacher Forst and the big demonstration on Saturday, environmental activists have returned to the forest area. A police spokesman reported barricades on the paths and "tent-like structures" on the ground, which were installed with boards. There was also a form of small settlements. However, according to the police, the newly built dwellings are not comparable to the tree houses which had previously been cleared by the police in Hambacher Forst. The campaign Unterholz had announced a "new occupation" of the forest area at the weekend. Also, the action alliance "End of Terrain" stated that they want to stay until a coal exit. +++ 14.15: Bus driver lets monkeys drive on steering wheel and is suspended +++ An Indian bus driver has let a monkey drive on his steering wheel and with the video landed an Internet hit, but caused trouble with his employer. The video shows how the monkey squats on the wheel and seems to control the bus, while the 36-year-old driver changes gears with his left hand and occasionally ices the monkey. However, the driver always has his right hand behind the wheel. The bus driver was suspended after the publication of the video, he should not endanger the safety of passengers, said a spokeswoman for the public transport on Sunday. The recording was made last Monday in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Complaints about the incident on the part of 30 passengers did not exist. +++ 13.45 Clock: Forest fire in Portugal – large-scale operation in the Natural Park of Sintra +++ Near Lisbon, the fire brigade fought for hours with a large-scale operation against a severe forest fire. Affected was the natural park of Sintra-Cascais, just outside the gates of the Portuguese capital. Nine people were slightly injured, including eight firefighters, reported the newspaper "Público". According to the information, the fire broke out on Saturday evening at 11 pm for unknown reasons. The task forces were working with around 700 men from the ground as well as with several fire-fighting planes, according to the civil defense. Strong winds would have rekindled the flames, but they have been largely under control since noon. Two houses and a vehicle had been damaged, almost 350 people had to be brought to safety. Also a campsite was evacuated. +++ 13:27: Two dead in a fire in Swiss restaurant +++ In a restaurant fire in Switzerland, two people have died. As reported by the canton police of St. Gallen, two people were also injured. The restaurant burned out loud notice on the night of Sunday. The two dead were found in the morning. The building and the fire debris were searched further. The police are also trying to find out if there were possibly more people in the house when the fire broke out. Property damage is estimated at hundreds of thousands of francs. The cause of the fire was not known at first. +++ 12:50: Activists build new tree houses in the Hambach Forest +++ Climate activists have started building new tree houses in the Hambach Forest. A good 100 lignite opponents would have stayed there in tents and are now busy with building and sawing, reported a dpa reporter. They also carried tree trunks. On a banner read: "Climate Justice Now! #Hambibleibt". +++ 12.24 clock: Turkey assumes the murder of Saudi journalist in Istanbul +++ After the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Turkish police assume that the government critic was murdered in the consulate of his country in Istanbul. According to initial findings, a Saudi Arabian commando had traveled to Turkey specifically for this purpose, which had departed on the same day, the AFP news agency learned from Turkish government circles. Saudi Arabia rejected the allegations immediately. +++ 12:17: Parents forget six-year-olds by appointment in the city hall +++ A six-year-old girl has been forgotten in the Ludwigshafen Town Hall Center by his parents. This was not noticed until employees of the city administration discovered the child on Friday after work and informed his parents. They picked the child up unharmed 20 minutes later, the police reported. The girl had become bored during the meeting of his parents in the city council in the afternoon. The parents had therefore allowed their offspring to play in the hallway. However, when they left, they forgot their daughter. How many hours the child was alone in the Town Hall Center, was initially not fixed. The police did not say what the meeting was about. +++ 11.40 am: Mother of an Exposed Baby Reports to the Police in Cologne +++ Six days after the discovery of an abandoned baby in Cologne, her mother has reported to the police. The 32-year-old appeared on Friday at a police station and revealed, as the police said. The Cologne woman was interrogated and examined by a doctor. Nothing was known about the motives of the crime. A resident had found the newborn boy in Cologne-Porz more than a week ago. The baby lay wrapped in a blanket on a path. According to the attending physicians, the baby is doing well according to the circumstances. The Criminal Investigation investigates on suspicion of suspension. +++ 11:26: Survey: Every seventh is called "permanent smoker" +++ About one in seven in Germany (14 percent) describes themselves according to a survey as a "permanent smoker". Another 7 percent call themselves "occasional smokers", as determined by the opinion research institute Forsa for the broadcaster RTL. Four out of five respondents (79 percent) claim to be non-smokers. According to the survey, most non-smokers are in the age group 14- to 29-year-olds (83 percent). Of the respondents who say that they currently smoke at least occasionally, two-thirds (65 percent) say they have tried to quit smoking before. This is reported by women at 71 percent more often than men (58). 38 percent of non-smokers say they used to smoke. +++ 11:21 AM: US Secretary of State Pompeo Meets North Korea's Rulers +++ Four months after the sensational US-North Korea Summit, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korean Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo Ruler Kim Jong Un got together. He made a good trip to Pyongyang to meet Kim, tweeted Pompeo on Sunday. "We continue to make progress on the Singapore Summit Agreements." Kim reaffirmed his commitment to nuclear disarmament in his meeting with US President Donald Trump in June. +++ 10:44 am: Interpol calls on China to explain the disappearance of Interpol chief Meng +++ Following the disappearance of Interpol chief Meng Hongwei China's international police organization has demanded a statement. Interpol has asked the authorities in Beijing "official channels" for information on Mengs whereabouts, said Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock. The Chinese Meng has disappeared since a China trip in late September. According to a Hong Kong newspaper "South China Morning Post," the 64-year-old boy was arrested by members of the National Disciplinary Commission on his arrival in Beijing. China has so far not commented on Meng's disappearance. +++ 10.20 am: Divers haul dead oarsmen from the Main +++ The body of a missing 83-year-old oarsman has been salvaged in Main near Offenbach. Divers of the Frankfurt fire brigade found the dead under water, as the police in Offenbach reported. The man had been missing since Friday night. The exact cause of death was initially unknown. The police assume a disaster. Members of a rowing club had found the oarsman on Friday on the river. Of the man who was a member of an Offenbach Rowing Club, initially lacked any trace. His car found the police near his club. +++ 10.14 clock: 5000 missing after earthquake and tsunami disaster in Indonesia +++ More than a week after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Indonesia in the hardest hit coastal city of Palu still around 5000 people are missing. As a spokesman for the civil protection authority announced, the missing persons came from the two largely destroyed neighborhoods Petobo and Balaroa. On the island of Sulawesi on Friday last week a severe earthquake and a tsunami caused devastating destruction, so far more than 1760 bodies were recovered. +++ 9.59 Clock: Every second new job in Germany with foreigners occupied +++ Every second newly created Job was last occupied in Germany with foreign workers. Above all, workers from Poland and Romania took on new jobs, as reported by the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (FAS), citing figures from the Federal Employment Agency. Overall, the number of employees subject to social insurance contributions in Germany increased by around 700,000 compared with the previous year according to the latest information from July – around 330,000 of them were Germans. By contrast, the number of foreigners occupying new jobs rose by 370,000 over the same period. +++ 9.39 clock: Beet harvester crashes against electricity pylon – power fails, man is stuck +++ A man drove with a beet truck against a power pole and has caused in the district of Hannover a several hours of power failure. The power pole tipped on the beet harvester, as the police announced. Since it was initially unclear whether there was still electricity, the man had to wait almost two hours in the harvesting vehicle. He kept in touch with the forces by telephone. +++ 8:52 am: Two Israelis killed in attack in the West Bank +++ Two Israelis were killed in an attack in the northern West Bank. According to Israeli media reports, a Palestinian opened fire on three employees in a factory in the industrial area near the Israeli settlement of Barkan. Rescue service Zaka said that two Israelis died of their serious injuries. Another woman suffered severe injuries, according to medical personnel. The Israeli army said that the exact circumstances were under investigation. Army and
          Police searched the area for the perpetrator. +++ 8:05: The Walking Dead "actor Scott Wilson died +++ US actor Scott Wilson, known among others from the zombie series" The Walking Dead ", is old died of 76 years
          Wilson had previously had complications after a leukemia disease, reported the online magazine "TMZ", citing his spokesman. "Calm in paradise, Scott, we love you!", It said on the official Twitter account of "The Walking Dead". In the series Wilson appeared as a farmer and family leader Hershel Greene. +++ 7.22 am: Bundeswehr soldier died during exercise in Lithuania +++ A
          Bundeswehr soldier died during an exercise in Lithuania. As the Bundeswehr announced, the driver of an armored recovery vehicle collided with his vehicle in the afternoon on the Pabrade training ground with a tree. The man had been seriously injured by falling branches of the head. Despite first aid and immediately initiated rescue chain, the death of the soldier by a German military doctor was discovered shortly thereafter. The incident is currently being investigated by German military and Lithuanian authorities. +++ 6.05: Green Mamba escaped in Prague captured after three days +++ Only after three days have zoologists and police in
          Found and captured a green mamba escaped from its terrarium. The highly venomous animal had seriously injured his owner on Tuesday by a bite and was released. The news portal reported that the snake reappeared Friday in a neighboring garden in Prague's Hlubocepy district. The Internet portal published a police video showing the capture of the apparently intact poisonous snake. The 30-year-old woman, who according to the authorities had illegally possessed the reptile, was still in mortal danger at the weekend. +++ 5:43 am: Wedding limousine accident – several deaths +++ At the collision of a car with a fully occupied wedding Limousines have killed several people at Schoharie in the US state of New York. According to the police, the two were
          Vehicles collided at an intersection. Several seriously injured were flown with the rescue helicopter in surrounding hospitals. At first, the police did not provide information on the exact number of victims and on the precise course of the accident. +++ 5.30 am: At least four people died after the earthquake in Haiti +++ According to initial media reports in the north of the country, a severe earthquake in the Caribbean state of Haiti means at least four people died. According to the Internet portal Loop Haiti, three people died in Port-de-Paix in the rubble of their homes, another dead was reported from Gros Morne. The center of the magnitude 5.9 quake was located 20 kilometers northwest of Port-de-Paix, according to the US earthquake observatory USGS. According to initial media reports collapsed in the north of the country in several places buildings or were badly damaged. The façade of the Catholic Church collapsed in Plaisance du Nord. +++ 4.54 am: fewer and fewer Volksbank and Raiffeisen banks +++ In the country, banks are becoming scarce. The reason is a fusion trend that has been ongoing for decades and has accelerated in recent years due to rising cost pressure and regulatory burdens. The industry expects that there will continue to be mergers in the coming years, albeit at a slower pace. In Bavaria alone – a traditional stronghold of cooperative small banks – there were 16 mergers in 2017, and this year the GVB estimates that it will be eight mergers in Munich, as GVB President Jürgen Gros says. The bare numbers: In 1970, there were still 7096 Volksbanks and Raiffeisen banks in West Germany, in the reunited Germany in 1794 in 1794 and 915 last year. Cooperatives by no means lack popularity: the number of members has risen to just under five decades rose from a good six to 18 million people. +++ 3.03 clock: earthquake shakes Hait +++ Haiti has been shaken by a major earthquake. The center of the magnitude 5.9 quake was located 20 kilometers northwest of Port-de-Paix, according to the US earthquake observatory USGS. There were no reports of damage or death at first. +++ 2.38 clock: Ferry evacuated for possible bomb +++ Due to a possible explosive device on board a ferry between Northern Ireland and England has been evacuated as a precaution before leaving for Liverpool. All passengers had to leave the ship in Belfast, reported the agency PA. Earlier, an indication of a hidden explosive device was received by the authorities. In a thorough search, nothing suspicious had been found, so the passengers could go back on board early Sunday morning. +++ 2.14 clock: Schäuble sees the arrival of AfD in the Bundestag not only negative +++ Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) sees the Entry of the AfD into the Bundestag not only negative. The majority of the grand coalition was "no longer as clear as in the last legislature, which makes the debates more exciting," Schäuble said the "Bild am Sonntag". With six factions the speaking times are shorter and the speeches different. Schäuble does not notice a dramatic change in the climate in the Bundestag after one year in office. "It needs to endure a parliamentary debate." The tone is "overall not so bad that you have to be upset about it". The problem is a different one: "Anyone who, like the AfD, exploits prejudices against minorities for political purposes, violates the fundamental democratic consensus. A coalition of the CDU with the right-wing populist AfD rejected Schäuble decided. "I'm very clear: Not with the AfD." +++ 0.59 clock: Seehofer gives alliance of CDU / CSU with AfD clear rejection +++ The CSU leader Horst Seehofer categorically excludes a coalition of the Union with the AfD. "Mr Gauland can say what he wants: there is no coalition between the Union and AfD No, no, no," said the Federal Minister of the Interior of the "Welt am Sonntag". At the same time, Seehofer reiterated his support for a renewed candidacy of Chancellor Angela Merkel for the CDU chairmanship. He thinks that's right. "It was only this week that I was able to see the Chancellor back on top in a difficult coalition committee, and she is doing her job with full energy and leaving no doubt that she has much plans." +++ 0.10am: Protests against Kavanaugh: 164 people arrested +++ During the protests surrounding the vote on the Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, police have arrested more than a hundred people. This was announced by a spokeswoman on Saturday. In the Capitol in Washington, several people had protested against the appointment of the controversial candidate, which several women accuse of sexual assault in the 80s. Individual protesters interrupted the vote themselves, turning from the stands to the Senators with furious shouts. In total, 164 people were arrested, police said. +++ 0.06 am: Military rescues 120 migrants out of distress before Malta +++ Malta's armed forces have recovered 120 migrants in distress from the waters off the coast of the Mediterranean island. The boat of the refugees had been discovered during a routine patrol, the military said in the evening. The rescued people should arrive on Sunday morning on the island. +++ 0.01 clock: Rechtsrockkonzert in Thuringia Apolda after violence against police dissolved +++ After violence against police a legal rock concert in the Thuringian Apolda was dissolved on Saturday night after a short time. As the police said in the short message service Twitter, participants threw bottles at police officers, even from rooftops. Eight civil servants were slightly injured, but they continued to serve. More than 700 rights had gathered in the city's marketplace. The police were in action with a large contingent, they received support from colleagues from Baden-Wuerttemberg. A local police spokesman told AFP that more than 700 rights had come to the marketplace event. There were songs and speeches. For the content of the songs – for example, whether prohibited texts were sung – the spokeswoman was unable to provide information. An estimated 700 counter-demonstrators participated in a "registered spontaneous assembly". The meeting, whose beginning was registered for 19 clock, has already ended at 20 clock. According to the police, the organizer declared the meeting to have ended on its own, while the police had also begun to dissolve the meeting.

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