News: Diesel summit is on the verge of ending

The news at a glance: Another suspected right-wing terrorist arrested (19:37) Saxon police establishes Task Force v. Rechts (4:41 pm) Charles Aznavour dies at 94 Years (14:04 clock) Turkey calls for extradition of 136 people (11:38 clock) Nobel Prize in medicine to Americans and Japanese (11:36 clock) Germany exported for 254 million euros arms to Saudi Arabia (5:35 clock) The
          News of the day in the star ticker: +++ 23.21 clock: diesel summit continues – no end foreseeable +++ A "round-the-carefree package," so much had Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) said before, will it can not give. The coalition committee for the settlement of the diesel crisis met in the evening for hours in the chancellery. At the end of the evening there was no end in sight. One goal is to avert driving bans in large cities. On the issue of hardware retrofits, Scheuer reiterated that in this case, there should be no additional costs for consumers. +++ 22:27: Union Berlin wins Monday match the 2nd Bundesliga +++ Alexander Nouri has experienced in his home debut as coach of FC Ingolstadt a bitter evening against Union Berlin. The top team from the capital won in the evening at the end of the 8th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga earned 2: 1 (1: 0). Penalties Sebastian Andersson (43 minutes) and Akaki Gogia (73) hit for the undefeated Berlin. Stefan Kutschke could only shorten by penalty kick (80.). For Nouri it was after the unfortunate false start at 1: 2 in Cologne the second defeat. With five points the Upper Bavarians are still on the penultimate place in the table. Union is second behind 1. FC Köln +++ 21.14 Clock: Two injured in attack on "Christians of the EU" in Somalia +++ In a suicide attack on an EU military convoy in Somalia's capital Mogadishu two civilians have been injured. The assassin had steered a vehicle loaded with explosives into the EU convoy, the Somali police said. Two civilians were injured. A military transporter was "badly damaged". The Islamist Shebab militia confessed to the attack. The act was directed against "Christians of the European Union", it was said on a Shebab-related website overlooking the Italian soldiers in the convoy. +++ 20:25: Adam Mosseri new Instagram boss +++ Facebook's photo platform Instagram gets after the departure of the two founders a new boss from the leader of the online network. Adam Mosseri was responsible for the news feed for a long time – the heart of Facebook, where users see the new posts every day. He had gone to Instagram a few months ago as Product Director and is now in charge of the service, according to the photo sharing platform. Instagram had been bought by Facebook in 2012 for about a billion dollars, but could move on largely independently with the two founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger at the top. A week ago, however, Systrom and Krieger announced their withdrawal. According to media reports, there were differences with the Facebook leadership over the strategy. In addition, the two were also dissatisfied with the fact that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted more and more involved in Instagram. +++ 20:15: Icelandic Primera Air stops flight +++ The Icelandic airline Primera Air is from this Tuesday to their flight operations on. As the airline announced on their website, they will file for bankruptcy on the same day. "We did not succeed in finding a temporary solution with our bank," it said in a statement on Facebook. According to their own statements, the airline transported more than one million passengers a year. +++ 19:37: Another suspected right-wing terrorist arrested in Saxony +++ The Federal Prosecutor's Office has arrested another man in Saxony later this day on suspicion of forming a right-wing terrorist group , He too is accused of membership in the group "Revolution Chemnitz". It concerns a man named Maximilian V., said a spokeswoman of the Federal Prosecutor's Office. At first she could say nothing about her age. Previously, six Germans had already been arrested in Saxony and Bavaria. According to the statements, among other things, they are strongly suspected of having founded the "Revolution Chemnitz" association together with 31-year-old Christian K. Christian K. had already been arrested on 14 September for a particularly serious breach of the peace. +++ 16:56: Two tons of mashed potatoes spread on the highway in North Rhine-Westphalia +++ Two tons of mashed potatoes have made a highway in North Rhine-Westphalia a slide for cars. The highway 57 near Cologne was littered on Sunday evening on a length of 300 meters with the tubers, which had lost a truck from its open tailgate, as the Cologne police announced on Monday. After several vehicles had passed through the motorway section near the junction Köln-Chorweiler, the potatoes soon became a slippery mass. +++ 16:41: Right-wing extremist group from Chemnitz planned attacks on journalists +++ The far-right group "Revolution Chemnitz" wanted loud spreading more terror to a media report than the National Socialist Underground (NSU). As the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported, the seven-member group planned, among other things, violent attacks on journalists. The Attorney General had reported that "armed attacks on foreigners and politically dissident thinkers" were planned, including "representatives of the political party spectrum and members of the social establishment". The NSU had killed nine tradesmen of Turkish and Greek descent and murdered a policewoman. The fact that the extremists wanted to take action on 3 October, the day of German unification, according to information from the newspaper out of the intercepted internal communication of the group. Batons but no firearms were found when they searched their homes. +++ 16:34: Bolivia is not entitled to access to the sea +++ The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has Bolivia's demand for its own access to the sea through Chilean territory rejected and thus made a decision in the decades-long dispute between the two South American countries. Chile does not have to negotiate with Bolivia, the court in The Hague said. Bolivia had lost its previous access to the Pacific after a war with Chile in 1883. +++ 16:14: Saxon police establishes Task Force against terror and law +++ In response to extreme right-wing violence in Saxony, the police has set up a rapid reaction force. The task force violent offenses should take up its work in the police terrorism and defense center, communicated Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) with. It will support the police directorates even faster in the fight against right-wing extremist and terrorist violent crimes and prepare a timely takeover of the procedures. "The task force will be operational around the clock," said Wöller. +++ 3:37 pm: School grades should become compulsory again in Austria's elementary schools +++ The right-wing conservative government in Austria wants to ensure that all students from the second grade onwards are assessed again with grades. In addition, a pedagogy package presented by Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann in Vienna stipulates that children can stay seated again from the second grade onwards. Up to now this was possible in Austria at the earliest at the end of the fourth grade. Since the school year 2016/2017, schools can themselves decide within the framework of school autonomy whether they want to award grades or alternatively want to evaluate the pupils. According to the ministry, 42 percent of second-graders currently do not get grades. +++ 14:44: Indonesia calls on 769 prisoners to return +++ Hundreds of fugitive inmates are to face the authorities after the earthquake on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The government has given them an ultimatum of one week, said Minister Wiranto, who is responsible for security. Looking for the 769 inmates has no priority because the authorities are busy with the rescue work following the earthquake and tsunami on Friday. The quake of magnitude 7.4 had also caused the walls and fences of two prisons in the especially hard-hit city of Palu and neighboring Donggala district to collapse. 769 inmates used the opportunity to escape. +++ 14:04: Chansonnier Charles Aznavour died +++ The old master of the French chanson, Charles Aznavour, is dead. He died at 94 years in his house in Provence, as his spokeswoman announced. The singer with Armenian roots became famous with songs like "La Bohème", which he also sang in German. He also inspired German fans with titles like "You let yourself go" and "La Mamma". As an actor he has appeared in numerous films, including "Die Blechtrommel" by Volker Schlöndorff from 1979. After a fall Aznavour had to cancel concerts in Regensburg and Cologne and in other European cities in the summer. The singer suffered from the consequences of a broken upper arm and avoided the public ever since. +++ 13:59: Protest with more than 20,000 people planned at the Hambach Forest +++ To a protest against the clearing plans at Hambacher forest near Cologne, the organizers expect more on Saturday than 20,000 people. The popularity is immense, said the applicant Uwe Hiksch of the environmental organization Friends of Nature Germany in Cologne. He spoke of what is probably the largest demonstration the region has ever seen. In the fields near the tree line, the band Revolverheld should occur. Several organizations, including Greenpeace and the environmental association BUND, want to exert pressure on the energy company RWE to renounce the planned clearing. The energy company wants to dig for lignite under the forest. However, RWE sees no room for a compromise with environmentalists and lignite miners. +++ 13.40: Slovak journalist murder was paid commission +++ The Slovak investigators are convinced seven months after the murder of an investigative journalist and his fiancé, the four To have caught the perpetrators. "The evidence is very strong," said Prosecutor General Jaromir Ciznar on Monday in front of journalists in Bratislava. Among other things, the detainees confiscated ammunition that coincided with that of the murder, said police chief Milan Lucansky. Journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé Martina Kusnirova were shot dead on February 21 in their home in the western Slovak village of Velka Maca. Kuciak had previously researched about the entanglement of politics and profiteering. His unfinished report on possible links between Italian mafia clans and Slovak government officials was released after his death. It triggered mass demonstrations against corruption. As a result, the government and the police chief resigned. The three men arrested on Thursday are the alleged murderer and two accomplices. The Italian translator Alena Z., arrested on Friday, personally granted the murder order and paid 70,000 euros as a reward, said the special prosecutor responsible for the case. +++ 12:41: East Germany loses around two million inhabitants since reunification +++ The East Germany has lost around two million inhabitants since reunification. The population decreased in the eastern German states and Berlin from 1990 to 2017 by eleven percent to about 16.2 million, as the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden announced the day of German unity. In the West, it increased by 8.2 per cent, or five million, to 66.6 million over the same period. Last year, about 80 percent of people in Germany lived in the west and just under 20 percent in the east. Overall, the population increased according to the statistics by three million to 82.2 million since the reunification. +++ 12:26: Wrongfully imprisoned Syrian dies after fire in his cell +++ A probably unjustly imprisoned Syrian is after a fire in his prison cell died. This was announced by a spokesman for the public prosecutor's office in Niederrhein Kleve of the German Press Agency on request. The man is alleged to have been in prison for more than two months, until a fire broke out in the cell in mid-September, which he presumably had laid himself. The prosecutor Kleve has initiated investigations against several police officers on suspicion of deprivation of liberty. Last Friday, it became known that the 26-year-old may have been the victim of a name confusion: a man wanted by warrant in Hamburg should have used the personal details of the Syrian as an alias. +++ 12.00: According to the Federal Government more than 10,000 terrorists in the Syrian Idlib +++ In the last Syrian rebel stronghold Idlib more than ten thousand fighters of terror groups are in use according to realizations of the federal government. The strongest armed group there is the militia Haiat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which is close to the Al Qaeda terrorist network, as evidenced by internal information of the Federal Government available to the German Press Agency. She has reportedly about 8000 fighters. The Islamic Turkistan Party counts therefore about 1500 fighters, the organization Hurras al-Din ("guardian of the religion") about 1000. To the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) there are no reliable data, it is said. The number should not exceed 300 fighters. +++ 11.55 clock: One of the alleged right-wing terrorists in Bavaria caught +++ One of the six arrested suspected right-wing terrorists has taken the police in Bavaria. According to information from the German Press Agency from security circles, the suspect was on an assembly road in Bavaria, but he comes from Saxony. Where exactly the access was made initially remained secret. The other men had been arrested in Saxony. +++ 11.38 clock: Turkey calls for delivery of 136 people from Germany +++ After his visit to Germany, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now demands the extradition of 136 people from the German authorities. His government had sent Germany a list with the names of 136 wanted, said Erdogan on Saturday on the flight home from his visit to Germany in front of Turkish journalists, as the newspaper "Hurriyet Daily News" reported. He does not know all the names, but the list contains 136 people. At the same time as his visit to Berlin, it was announced Friday that Erdogan had previously handed over a list of the names of 69 people, including alleged participants in the July 2016 coup and the Turkish journalist Can Dündar. This had caused indignation in Germany. Erdogan again stressed that Dündar had been sentenced in Turkey and therefore must be extradited.
+++ 11:36: Nobel Prize in Medicine to James Allison and Tasuku Honjo +++ The Nobel Prize for Medicine goes this year to the US American James Allison and the Japanese Tasuku Honjo for the development of special cancer therapies. This was announced by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The highest honor for physicians this year is endowed with the equivalent of 870,000 euros (9 million Swedish kroner). The researchers had a milestone in the fight against cancer succeeded, it was said by the Nobel jury. The discovery of the two physicians use the ability of the immune system to fight cancer cells by releasing the brakes of the immune cells. +++ 11.31 Clock: unemployment in the euro zone at a new record low +++ In the euro area, the unemployment rate in August has fallen to the lowest level in nearly ten years. The rate had fallen by 0.1 points to 8.1 percent, as the statistics office Eurostat reported in Luxembourg. This is the lowest rate since November 2008 in the euro area. Economists had expected the positive development. A year earlier, the unemployment rate was still significantly higher at 9.0 percent. Since the heyday of the euro debt crisis, the situation on the labor market has noticeably improved in the common currency area. As a result of the euro crisis, the unemployment rate had temporarily reached values ​​above 12 percent. +++ 11.32 clock: Arabs in Israel hold general strike +++ Israeli Arabs on Monday were the death of 13 Arab protesters in a riot in 2000 commemorated in a general strike. They also protested against the controversial Israeli nationality law and US policy towards the Palestinians. In solidarity, shops, banks and schools were closed on Monday in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. The bloody October riots in northern Israel erupted on September 29, 2000, a few days after the start of the Intifada Palestinian uprising. They were beaten down by the police with unusual severity. Policemen fired among other things with live ammunition on Arab demonstrators, 13 humans were killed at that time. A State Commission of Inquiry later criticized police behavior. +++ 11:09: Two years imprisonment in rape scandal Swedish Academy +++ The Frenchman Jean-Claude Arnault, trigger for the conflict in the Swedish Academy, has to jail for rape. A court in Stockholm sentenced the 72-year-old to two years in prison. Arnault is married to the former member of the Swedish Academy Katarina Frostenson. Every year, the Academy awards the Nobel Prize for Literature. This year, the ceremony was canceled because the members are completely divided. There were different views on how to deal with the allegations against Arnault. According to a report in the newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet", a total of 18 women have accused the French of sexual assault. He was convicted on Friday for rape of a woman. A corruption case was previously dropped for lack of evidence. When the allegations against Arnault became known in November, the majority of the Academy decided that Frostenson could remain in office despite the allegations made against her husband. As a result, several jury members quit their work in protest. In May, the Academy announced that no Nobel Prize for Literature will be awarded in 2018. +++ 10.25: Seehofer rejects "lane change" for all rejected asylum seekers +++ Before the coalition summit, CSU leader Horst Seehofer is in his own words with Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) agree that there should be no "lane change" for all rejected asylum seekers in the labor market. He had worked with salvation "a basis" for the meeting on Monday evening, and because the "lane change" in this sense is not included, said Seehofer before a CSU board meeting in Munich. However, Seehofer wants to deal differently with foreigners who are obliged to leave, but are tolerated – for example, because torture is practiced in their country of origin. "Then people say, before they sit around, let them work, and by the way, that's also been my position for a long, long time." +++ 9.54 Clock: Terrorist investigations against self-proclaimed Chemnitz "vigilantes" +++ The federal prosecutor's office has arrested six men in Saxony and Bavaria on suspicion of forming a right-wing terrorist group. As the authority in Karlsruhe announced, also several apartments as well as further premises in Saxonia are searched. More than 100 officials of the Saxon police are involved in the operation altogether. The six arrested Germans are urgently suspected, among other things, to have founded together with 31-year-old Christian K. a right-wing terrorist organization called "Revolution Chemnitz". Christian K. was already arrested on 14 September by the public prosecutor's office Chemnitz because of particularly serious breach of the peace and has since been in custody.According to previous findings, the accused belong to the hooligan, skinhead and neo-Nazi scene in the Chemnitz area and should +++ 8:28 am: Greens replace SPD in poll as the second strongest party on federal end +++ The Greens have one
          According to poll, the SPD replaced as the second largest party at the federal level. In the trend barometer of the television station RTL and n-tv, the Greens came to 17 percent, while the SPD reached 16 percent. It is the first time since the reactor disaster in Fukushima, Japan in 2011, that the Greens ranked in front of the SPD in the trend barometer. The Union of CDU and CSU came in the survey of the Institute Forsa on 28 percent, the AfD 15 percent and the left reached 10 percent. The FDP recorded nine percent. 31 percent of the German voters are undecided or would not vote. +++ 8.26 clock: Uber returns to Dusseldorf +++ The car service broker Uber is now back in Dusseldorf and thus in his third city in
          Germany on the way. Since today, all current Uber services are offered there, which currently exist in Berlin or Munich, as Germany's CEO Christoph Weigler told the "Rheinische Post". On the one hand Uber acts as an agent for ordinary taxis, on the other hand there is the service UberX, in which a rental car with chauffeur is called via App. Thirdly, UberGreen is also offered in Düsseldorf – the driver comes with an electric car. +++ 8.19 am: Python settles in Thai business +++ One of Thailand's many small grocery stores has a four-meter-long one
          Python made comfortable. The snake was discovered by customers in the corner of a "7-Eleven" store in the city of Chonburi this weekend. There she lay – reasonably peaceful – in front of a fridge with drinks. The python was then put into a bag by professional snake-catchers and released back into nature. A video showing the scene spread hundreds of thousands on the internet. +++ 7:06 am: Iranian Revolutionary Guards fire missiles on Syria +++ The Iranian Revolutionary Guards claim to have rockets
          Syria fired. The target was a "headquarters" of "terrorists" who were responsible for the attack in the Iranian city of Ahwas in September, declared the Revolutionary Guards. Numerous Sunni jihadists and those responsible for the attack were killed or injured. +++ 6.22 am: 6.22 am: Tsunami warning authority defends itself against criticism +++ Following the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, the authorities are refusing to criticize the warning system. The head of the competent agency for meteorology, climate and geophysics (BMKG) justified the decision to cancel the proclaimed tsunami warning on Friday evening after half an hour. At that moment, there were no more tidal waves, said authorities boss Dwirkorita Karnawati the newspaper "Jakarta Post". +++ 5.35 Clock: German arms for 254 million euros to Saudi Arabia +++ Despite the participation of Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war Since its swearing-in in March, the new federal government has approved arms exports to the kingdom for € 254 million. The other eight countries of the Saudi Arabia-led war coalition have spent the past half-year arming for 21.8 million euros. In total, between March 14 and September 23, 87 individual licenses were granted to members of the Alliance. This emerges from a response of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to a request of the Green Bundestag deputy Omid Nouripour out, which is the German Press Agency.

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