News: Federal police to have shown Hitler salute

The most important reports at a glance: Federal police should have shown Hitler salute (12:36 clock) Bus accident in the USA: number of deaths rises – pregnant women injured (11.48 clock) passenger Jet makes break Landing in Sochi (4.15 clock) Seehofer against observation of the AfD by the constitution protection (3.03 clock) Two Germans crack Euro Jackpot (0.10 clock) The news of the day in the
          star ticker: +++ 13:52: Kubicki after allegations against Merkel: Have not said anything borderline +++ Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) has resisted criticism of his allegations against Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) because of the xenophobic attacks in Chemnitz , "I said nothing borderline," said the deputy FDP federal chairman of the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung". He did not have to apologize to the Chancellor. "I made an unfortunate choice of words, but I stick to it." Kubicki advised internal critics in the FDP to be more serene. Kubicki had said in light of the far-right riots in Chemnitz: "The roots of the riots lie in the 'we can do it' by Chancellor Angela Merkel." Merkel had said the sentence on August 31, 2015 against the background of the then hundreds of thousands of refugees coming to Germany. +++ 13:32: Balloon protest shows London Mayor Khan as a bikini model +++ With a giant balloon in the form of the London mayor Sadiq Khan in the yellow bikini demonstrated Labor politician's opponents against his policy. The balloon was raised in the morning above Parliament Square in the British capital. The organizer Yanny Bruere also substantiated the protest with a similar action that has missed the respect for US President Donald Trump. During Trump's visit to the UK in July, Khan admitted that for a short while a balloon in the form of a baby trump in diapers and a cell phone floated above the square in front of the parliament. Khan reacted calmly. "Yellow is not really my color," he told the Guardian. Nevertheless, people are "welcome" to look at the balloon. +++ 12:36 clock: Federal police should have shown Hitler salute +++ Two officers of the Federal Police and a member of the Rosenheim security guard to have shown in public the Hitler salute. Against them on the grounds of suspicion of sedition, the police headquarters informed Upper Bavaria south. According to a witness, the defendants said late Thursday in front of a Rosenheim local xenophobic sayings and slogans and showed the Hitler salute. In a press release, the police in Rosenheim described the statements as "table talks" that took place under the influence of alcohol. Which slogans were formulated exactly, one would not make public, because it is still looking for more witnesses of the incident, it said. Two of the suspects are said to belong to the federal police, one is to work at the security guard of the city. The 44 and 45-year-old male federal police officers are not involved in the Rosenheim inspection, said a police spokesman for the German Press Agency. The federal police were informed of the incident and the investigations. +++ 12:11: Myanmar Marine clarifies riddles about ghost ship +++ A ghost ship has provided for guesswork off the coast of Myanmar. As the navy of the Southeast Asian country announced on Friday on their Facebook page, fishermen had encountered the unmanned ship "Sam Rataulangi PB 1600", which drove about eleven kilometers before Yangon in the Gulf of Martaban. Meanwhile, the Navy assumes that the rusted ship was lost on the way to a scrapping yard in Bangladesh. Marine soldiers discovered that two ropes had been torn off. On radar images were also two ships to see who had been on Sunday and Monday last week together. In search of the second ship, the Navy finally came across the "Independence" with 13 Indonesians on board. A survey of the crew members revealed that the "Independence" had struck in mid-August with the rusted ship in tow in Jakarta. South of Yangon, the ship was then in a storm, in which the ropes were torn and the unmanned ship was driven off. In Chittagong in the southeast of Bangladesh are numerous shipyards, on which sea-going vessels are scrapped. +++ 11:48: Bus accident in USA: number of deaths rises – pregnant women injured +++ After a serious bus accident in the US state of New Mexico is the number the dead rose to eight. This was reported by CNN on Saturday night (local time). 26 people had to be treated in hospitals, including a woman pregnant with twins. A few hours after the accident, the woman had given birth to the twins. They are in critical condition. How the mother is, is initially unclear. The accident happened on Thursday when a coach collided with a semi-trailer on Highway 40 near Thoreau in northwestern New Mexico. According to CNN, five children are among the injured. +++ 11:20: Petry zu Chemnitz: Legitimate need to address brutal acts +++ The former AfD Federal President Frauke Petry has relativized the xenophobic riots in Chemnitz. "Nobody can approve if people, foreigners or not, are persecuted or attacked," Petry told the "Thüringer Allgemeine" and other newspapers of the spark media group. "But there is also the legitimate need to address such a brutal act in an assembly." She was referring to the violent death of a German in Chemnitz last Sunday. As suspects sit an Iraqi and a Syrian in custody. Later, there were xenophobic attacks in the city as well as clashes between rights and counter-demonstrators. About their former party, Petry said: "The AfD is barricading itself and associating with any such extremist statement." After her AfD retreat Petry initiated the small party The Blues. +++ 10.20 clock: Second fatality in attack on separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine +++ The deadly attack on the Donetsk separatist leader Alexander Sachartschenko in eastern Ukraine, it has, according to official information, a second fatality given. Six people were taken to hospitals, said the civil defense of the unrecognized People's Republic of Donetsk. Five injured were treated on an outpatient basis, the agency Interfax reported according to this information. There were no independent reports. The night before, a bomb had exploded in the "Separ" (separatist) cafe in Donetsk, killing 42-year-old Zakharchenko. +++ 8:43 am: Foreign Minister Maas: Determined to Democracy +++ On the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War and before renewed demonstrations in
          Chemnitz, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called for a determined commitment to democracy. "World War II began 79 years ago, and Germany brought unimaginable suffering over Europe," the SPD politician wrote on Twitter on Saturday. "When people with Nazi salute roam the streets again today, our history remains a warning and a mandate to stand up for democracy. #Chemnitz #herzstatthetze # C0109" Thousands of people are expected to take part in demonstrations in Chemnitz this Saturday. An alliance of around 70 clubs, organizations and parties called for demonstrations from the morning under the motto "heart instead of hate speech". In the afternoon are rallies of the right-wing populist citizen movement Pro Chemnitz and the
          +++ 8:05: Quiet night before demonstrations in Chemnitz +++ Before the announced for Saturday demonstrations in Chemnitz, it has remained quiet in the Saxon city at night. That informed the situation center of the police. Thousands of people are expected in Chemnitz. A broad coalition of some 70 clubs, organizations and parties called for demonstrations from the morning under the motto "heart instead of hate speech". In the afternoon, rallies of the right-wing populist civic movement Pro Chemnitz and the AfD and the alien and Islam-hostile alliance Pegida are planned.
After a deadly knife attack on a 35-year-old German, there had been riots with injured people on several days in Chemnitz. As suspects, an Iraqi and a Syrian are in custody. +++ 6:03: To Genoa: shifting heavy rail traffic costs billions +++ After the highway crash in
          Genoa is making demands to shift more heavy traffic to rail. Although it is not yet known if heavy traffic contributed to the collapse of the bridge, but after the accident it became known that many roads and bridges have to withstand many times the traffic for which they were once designed. Switzerland is moving heavy goods traffic by rail, with high road user charges and the expansion of the rail and loading network. Traffic researcher Gernot Liedtke sees this as a role model. "The less heavy traffic on the roads, the better it is for the road surfaces and thus for the bridges," said the professor at the Institute for Transport Research of the German Aerospace Center in Berlin the German Press Agency. That would need billions of dollars. According to him, 18 billion euros investment is needed so that 50 percent of freight transport, which covers more than 300 kilometers, can be moved to rail. "In addition, there are additional track expansion measures in metropolitan areas, where there are often capacity bottlenecks." In addition, about five billion euros would be needed to build the necessary handling facilities. +++ 5.19 clock: Röttgen: death McCain setback in the transatlantic relationship +++ The CDU foreign expert Norbert Röttgen sees in the death of US Senator John McCain another setback for the already tense transatlantic relationship. "With John McCain a last Mohicans has left us," said the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag on Friday (local time) in front of German correspondents in Washington. Röttgen participates on Saturday in the US capital at the funeral service for McCain. Also Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) is expected. McCain was an in-party antagonist of US President Donald Trump.
+++ 4.38 clock: judge majority against candidature of Brazil's ex-leader Lula +++ The Supreme Electoral Court of Brazil has a majority against a candidacy of detained former head of state
          Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva pronounced in the presidential election in October. Four of seven judges of the Supreme Electoral Court in Brasília voted on Friday (local time) against the 72-year-old nominated by the Workers' Party (PT). The polling leader Lula is imprisoned after being convicted of corruption. +++ 4:15 am: Passenger jet crashes on landing in Sochi +++ The crash landing of a passenger jet at the airport in the Russian resort of Sochi has shocked all 166 inmates. Only four occupants of the machine, including a child, were brought to the hospital with minor injuries, reported the agency Interfax. An airport employee died of heart failure while helping the passengers get over the escape slides when they left the plane. The plane slid over the runway as it landed, ramming a mound. The left wing broke off and caught fire. For the cause of the accident, there were initially no findings, experts began shortly after the incident with the investigations. The air traffic in Sochi was initially interrupted. +++ 3.03 clock: Seehofer against observation of the AfD by the constitution protection +++ Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) currently sees no reason for an observation of the right-wing populist AFD by the constitutional protection. "Of course you always have to look carefully, and that's what the protection of the Constitution, whether it is statements of party members or cooperation with specific groups to individual opinions or party-political line," said Seehofer the newspapers of the Funke media group. The conditions for an observation of the party "as a whole" are currently not available to him. The remarks of AfD parliamentary leader Alexander Gauland, who had called the xenophobic riots in Chemnitz after killing a German as "self-defense", said Seehofer.Eine majority of Germans is according to a survey, the AFD to be monitored by the Office of the Protection of the Constitution +++ 2:07: No agreement in the struggle for dealing with killer robots in Geneva +++ In the struggle for a minimum consensus in the dispute over controls and barriers for so-called killer robots disarmament experts in Geneva ended their meeting without an official closing paper. A majority of the participants voted in favor of negotiating new international legislation, but a small group of armaments would be against it, it was said at the end of the negotiations. An agreement should have been adopted by consensus in accordance with custom. The issue is whether the production and use of autonomous weapons must be regulated by an internationally binding treaty. The US and other major defense industries are against it. +++ 0:43 am: Trump commemorates World War II in Paris in November +++ US President Donald Trump attends the centenary of the ceasefire in the First World War in November. Trump will travel to Paris for the ceremony on November 11, the White House said Friday. Subsequently, the President will visit Ireland.
+++ 0.27 clock: Elffach mother Silvia Wollny wins "Celebrity Big Brother" +++ Silvia Wollny is the winner of the Sat.1 show "Celebrity Big Brother". The 53-year-old prevailed late on Friday evening against three other finalists and won 100,000 euros. The Elffach mother is the protagonist of the RTL II television series "The Wollnys – A Terrible Big Family". Viewers voted "Love Island" candidate Chethrin Schulze, 26, second, followed by Alphonso Williams, 56, last year's winner of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and "Bachelor" Daniel Völz, 33. +++ 0.10 am: Two Germans crack Euro Jackpot of more than 61 million euros +++ Two Germans have cracked the filled with more than 61 million euros Euro Jackpot. The draw on Friday night in Helsinki, Finland, brought two Lotto players from Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia each 30.9 million euros, as Westlotto announced. In recent weeks, the jackpot was not cracked five times in a row. The Euro jackpot, in which 18 European countries participate, is capped at 90 million. Since the launch of the lottery in 2012, the Eurojackpot has reached this maximum height five times. Play stakes that go beyond this amount will be added to the second prize class and form another jackpot there. +++ 0.08 clock: Briton drives on the left side – three injured +++ Because a Briton had traveled the wrong side of the road, are in the Eifel in an accident, three people were seriously injured. The Briton had "ignored the legal driving requirement" on the highway 94 between Brücktal and Boos in a curve, as the police Adenau in Rhineland-Palatinate announced on Friday evening. His car collided head-on with an oncoming car. Both drivers and the passenger of the British were injured and taken to hospitals.

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