News from Germany: 19-year-old injured by Tiger

Köthen: 19-year-old injured by TigerA animal worker in Köthen in Saxony-Anhalt has been seriously injured by a tiger. The 19-year-old stayed at a fenced fence on Thursday afternoon in the area inaccessible to visitors when two tigers hit him through the bars, as the zoo told Twitter in the short message service. The man, who is an external employee, suffered moderate to severe injuries as a result. He came to a hospital. There is therefore no danger to life. Since March 2017, the zoo has been home to two circus tigers who are no longer able to travel because of a serious illness. The zoo works according to its own information with all competent authorities and eyewitnesses together to clarify the accident. Thistle: Five-year-old in stable stomped by horse to death After a tragic incident in a horse stable in Emsland a five-year-old girl died. As the police of Lower Saxony announced on Friday morning, the girl and his grandfather stayed in the area of ​​the horse boxes to pet a foal. Suddenly two larger horses had run through a connecting gate from the meadow into the stable and had thereby overrun the child. One of the horses had hit the five-year-old apparently with the hoof on the head, the police said. As a result, the girl was so badly injured that it died a few hours later in the hospital Meppen. How exactly it could come to the disaster in the private horse stable in Twist, was initially unclear. Montabaur: ICE car gets caught fire – A3 blocked
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          In the vicinity of Montabaur, an ICE was partially set on fire

A car of an ICE caught fire on Friday morning near Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate. The last part of the train had caught fire from previously unexplained cause, a police spokesman said. According to Deutsche Bahn, around 500 passengers were taken to safety and taken by bus to Montabaur. Nobody got hurt. The route between Siegburg in North Rhine-Westphalia and Montabaur has been blocked. Commuters between Cologne and Frankfurt have to expect train cancellations and delays of up to 90 minutes. Due to the smoke and extinguishing work, the A3 between Dierdorf and Ransbach-Baumbach also had to be closed in both directions.Neustrelitz: Room freshener triggers apartment fire An exploded air freshener spray can caused a fire in Neustrelitz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The fragrance-septic tank was located on an ethanol fireplace and exploded on Thursday evening because of the heat of the fireplace, the police said. The window glazing of the living room broke. In addition, the floor covering and a dog basket came on fire. The fire brigade arrived with 16 forces and was able to extinguish the fire, as the police headquarters Neubrandenburg announced. The residents of the apartment building had already left the building when the fire brigade arrived. A person suffered cutting injuries by falling glass fragments of the window and had to be treated on an outpatient basis in the hospital Neustrelitz. There was also a property damage in the amount of 5000 euros. News from Thursday, October 11Hockenheim: Several people severely injured in a crash with a coachIn the event of a collision between a coach and a semitrailer, several people were seriously injured on Thursday afternoon in Baden-Württemberg. As the police headquarters in Mannheim announced, the bus was advised for unknown reasons on a country road on the opposite lane. He had been traveling from Schwetzingen towards Speyer. According to current information, about 30 passengers – from the USA, Canada and Australia – are in the bus, according to the police. The vast majority of the passengers had been injured in the collision, of which, according to the current state, nine serious. The bus driver and the driver of the semitrailer were among the injured. According to police, five rescue helicopters and seven ambulances were in use. The fire brigades from Hockenheim, Schwetzingen and Brühl had been on site with around 40 helpers and 12 vehicles.
Due to the heavy traffic accident at Hockenheim, the L 722 will remain fully closed for several hours, it is said.
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          Baden-Württemberg, Hockenheim: After a collision, a coach and a semitrailer are on the state road 722 at Hockenheim

Mannheim: 15-year-old injured three people with knife – warrant Mannheim (Baden-Würrtemberg) is said to have a 15-year-old injured a companion three years older with a pocket knife lethal. According to police, the adolescent should also have attacked two passers-by who had become aware of the incident, also with stitches. The suspect had been arrested shortly after the crime on Monday evening, since Wednesday, the German is sitting for pre-trial detention in a penitentiary, it is said. The accusation: attempted manslaughter in coincidence with dangerous bodily injury. Accordingly, the 15-year-old is accused of having his companion in the course of a dispute with a penknife a "fierce stab in the abdomen". It was also damaged the stomach of the 18-year-olds. The victim had to be operated on during the night, there was danger to his life. The suspect also attacked after the incident, two passers-by who wanted to help the victim. When they did not want to leave the scene, contrary to the request of the 15-year-old, the teenager stabbed her. One of the men he had also injured in the abdominal area, the other suffered an injury to the thigh, reports the police. They too had to be treated in the hospital. The investigation continues.Kronach: school bus detects eight-year-olds and dragging him with An eight-year-old boy is recorded in Kronach in Upper Franconia by a school bus and dragged around 60 meters. A rescue helicopter flew him to the hospital with serious injuries to his legs, the police said. Danger did not exist. The driver had turned green on Thursday and had overlooked the child. The boy then fell under the vehicle. The bus was empty at the time of the accident. The exact incident should clarify an expert.Berlin: Partying students lame train traffic lahmIn Berlin more than 200 celebrating freshman students on Thursday evening, the Ringbahn traffic of the S -Bahn brought to a standstill. "The approximately 230 people went here at times by entering the tracks in mortal danger and also hampered the departures of waiting S-Bahn", reports the police. The police had issued a place referrals and vacated the platforms at two stations. A helicopter was also used. Since the route was temporarily closed, there were numerous delays.Lüneburg: Human bones found in the forest In a forest near Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, a human skull and other bones have been found. As the police announced on Thursday, there were also pieces of clothing in a thicket near the Elbe-Seiten-Kanal. At present, investigators are having their bones examined by experts and checking for links with missing persons or crimes. According to the officials, the skull was discovered in the forest two weeks ago. On Wednesday, policemen and detection dogs searched the area again thoroughly and found thereby further bones, which presumably originate from humans.NRW wants to introduce nationwide "Telenotärzte" North Rhine-Westphalia wants to introduce area-wide so-called Teleno doctors, which are switched by video into the ambulances at the place of use. "Not with every acute emergency an emergency doctor or an emergency doctor must be physically present," said NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann of the "Rheinische Post". According to the CDU politicians, teleno doctors could use video to evaluate all measured values ​​and the medical history of the patients. Laumann sees great potential especially for rural regions. The teleno doctors are to be used in addition to the previous system. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the so-called rendezvous system applies: For medical emergencies, an ambulance usually moves from the fire brigade, which is not staffed with doctors, but with emergency medical trained staff. In severe cases, an ambulance comes up. Laumann wants to introduce the Telenotarzt supplementary. With the Telenotarzt "medical decisions would be made available even if an ambulance is not or not yet on site." Accordingly, teleno doctors are already in use in Aachen and the surrounding area. Peter Gretenkort, chairman of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Notärzte in North Rhine-Westphalia, told the newspaper that the telenot doctor had a time advantage. He was "practically at the same time with the ambulance on site". Hagen: Driverless van covers 17-year-olds In Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, a 17-year-old was mortally wounded early Wednesday evening. Police report that the adolescent at Emily Square in the city center was hit by a driverless van. According to this, the vehicle would have made its own way out of previously unexplained cause and rolled down a sloping road. It captures the pedestrian and then crashed into a house wall. The young woman was critically injured. She was flown by helicopter to a clinic. "The van's owner and a witness suffered a shock and needed medical treatment," it says. Police have started investigating the cause of the accident.
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          Policemen secure the accident site, the van is in the background

Neu-Isenburg: police track car with 25 patrol cars and helicoptersA car chase between a driver and a total of 25 patrol cars has injured two police officers in Neu-Isenburg. The 36-year-old had ignored all stop signals of a traffic control on early Thursday morning and had fled, as a police spokesman reported. In a chase partly over highways were finally good two dozen stripes and a helicopter after the man ago. The "absolute reckless" escape eventually ended in a collision with two police cars, while a civil servant and a colleague were injured by her. At first, there was no information about the severity of the injuries. The driver was, as it turned out, drunk. According to the information, he is "sufficiently known to the police." The man was taken into custody. Whether the 36-year-old from Frankfurt / Main heard the car at all, was initially unclear. News from Wednesday, October 10Hamburg: Man shot at mall – culprit on the run
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          Firefighters and paramedics supply an injured man near the Quarree shopping center in Hamburg's Wandsbek district, who was shot in the leg

In Hamburg, a man was shot. In the district Wandsbek it was "to a firing by one or more unknown persons" come, whereby a person hurt "however responsibly" was. "We search for suspects," said police Hamburg via Twitter. Due to a major deployment, there are significant traffic obstructions. The incident took place in the street Hinterm Stern in the immediate vicinity of the Wandsbeker shopping center Quarree, writes the "Hamburger Abendblatt". The police were now looking for one or more perpetrators in Greater Wandsbek, according to the local newspaper. More details about the incident are not known yet.
Weinheim: Apparently again sexual offense in ErlebnisbadIn an adventure bath in Weinheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg) it has obviously come again to a sexual offense. According to police, a 17-year-old teenager is said to have taken a five-year younger girl on a waterslide of the "Miramar" bath in the crotch and touched it in the genital area. According to the twelve-year-old confided after the attack of her mother, who informed the bathing supervision. The suspect was detained until the arrival of the officials and after completion of the police measures in the care of his caregiver, it says. The water park stood recently nationwide because of similar incidents in the headlines. So it should come alone there between January 2017 and today to a total of 27 acts with a sexually motivated background, reports the portal "". The line had responded and among other things increased the security staff and trained their own employees separately.Hanover: cyclists beat pedestrians – danger to lifeIn a dispute between a cyclist and a pedestrian in Hanover, a 40-year-old has been mortally wounded. According to the police, the injured wanted to cross a street on Monday afternoon and apparently overlooked two cyclists driving there, which then had to dodge – including the 28-year-old perpetrator. Between this and the pedestrian there had come after the incident to a short run, the but initially dissolved again. A little later, however, the two opponents met again, after which the cyclist struck several times on the 40-year-olds. This fell to the ground by the blows and sustained life-threatening injuries. An alarmed policewoman and a passer-by made the man first aid until the arrival of rescue workers. He then came under an emergency medical escort to a clinic, where his condition still remained critical, report the officials. The cyclist was arrested on the spot, was allowed to leave the guard after completing the police action due to lack of grounds for detention, however again. He is now being investigated for dangerous bodily harm. Böblingen: workers discover skeletonized corpse next to railroad trackGrausiger Fund in Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg: During gardening, a heavily decayed corpse was found in the space between a parking garage and a screen wall on a railway line. The police say it could be a woman's skeleton. After first examination by a forensic scientist it could act according to the investigators to a Vermisstenfall. Further information on the identity and the background of the death of the person were initially not available. The site was extensively investigated by forensic scientists.
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          Forensic scientists examined the locality for traces

Düren: Brothers tow the car backwards and ram police car In the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Düren, a towing operation has failed completely. As the police reported, the officials wanted to turn left, so they arranged themselves in the intersection on the left turn lane there and let the oncoming traffic pass first. Suddenly the patrol car came to a car, which obviously towed a smart. However, the rope was attached to the smart on the rear bumper. In the driver's seat sat a young man, who was therefore unable to "anticipate the oncoming vehicle traffic, let alone adequately steer or brake," said the police. When the vehicle combination passed the intersection, it came promptly to collision with the patrol car waiting there. The 29-year-old driver of the towing car had to brake, as expected his brother in the rear car was not successful. The smart crashed into the policeman's vehicle, the tow rope and the bumper were torn off. The two men explained that the Smart had been left with an engine failure and they just wanted to transport it to the side of the road. The two men are now awaiting a complaint about driving at risk of gross negligence and reckless driving.Lotte: Truck driver simply drinks at traffic controlOne truck driver has during a traffic check on the A1 near the motorway junction Lotte on the border between NRW and Lower Saxony shown little insight. As the "NWZ" reported with reference to the police, the man had been checked on Monday because he was traveling in serpentine lines on the highway. The officers brought him to a halt after a few efforts on the shoulder. An alcohol test would have given a value of about 2.2 per thousand. Not only did the man carry several beer cans with him – he simply continued to drink while checking. The officers pulled his driver's license.Detmold: nine-year-old is hit by car and diesIn Detmold, a nine-year-old died on Tuesday in a traffic accident. The child had been hit by the car of an 85-year-old woman, as they wanted to wrap up after a failed overtaking maneuver in the right lane, the police said. The victim had been traveling in the city in Ostwestfalen-Lippe with his parents and his six-year-old brother on a bicycle. According to police, the family drove in a column on the right side of the road. From an unexplained cause, the 85-year-old female driver frowned too early on the right lane. The child died according to police after accident. The elderly and the sibling were slightly injured, the 45-year-old father and the 42-year-old mother were unhurt. The street was closed for several hours, according to the police. Erkrath: Stein flies through the bus window and meets Mrs. Schon Several times in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Erkrath, buses were stoned by strangers. Now there was a first injured. As reported by the police, a bus was on Tuesday evening around 21 clock on the Sandheider road when he was hit about 100 meters in front of the stop Immermannstraße by a stone. The stone broke through a side window and hit a 51-year-old woman on the head, who sat as a passenger immediately behind the destroyed disc and was slightly injured. She was taken to hospital with an ambulance. An initiated immediate investigation did not lead to the seizure of the perpetrator or a suspect person. News from Tuesday, October 9Karlsbad: With leaflets called for killing of dogsAn unidentified in Baden-Württemberg Karlsbad called with leaflets to kill a dog. He also offered for the elimination of the animal of a family living in the place a reward of 1000 euros, as the police in Karlsruhe announced. Whether it was a macabre joke was unclear. The alleged author named by name on the leaflets filed a criminal complaint with the police on Monday for defamation. In addition, a public offense is being investigated for a criminal offense. The leaflets were distributed in mailboxes at the weekend, stapled to vehicles or found in the street. The police are so far about 50 of these leaflets known. How many were in circulation is as unclear as their origin.Düsseldorf: man rescues two children from burning apartment A man has rescued two neighbor children in Dusseldorf from a burning apartment. He had brought the two boys at the age of two and seven years on Monday evening with the help of a garden manager from the first floor of the residential building in the district Gerresheim into the open, said the fire department of the state capital. The children did not have to be taken to hospital, but could still be handed over to the mother at the point of deployment. When the fire department arrived, the apartment was completely filled with biting and toxic smoke. 30 firefighters brought the fire under control after an hour. The apartment is uninhabitable. The reason for the fire that broke out in the kitchen was unknown.Wolgast: child died according to autopsy scalding – investigation against motherThe girl found dead in his bed in his parents' home in Wolgst (last Friday) is on died of severe scalding. This was suggested by the preliminary findings of Monday's autopsy of the corpse, police said. According to the latest findings, the 27-year-old mother had the child bathed in too hot water on Thursday evening, causing the girl "extensive scalding of the lower body". The mother found the three-year-old the next morning lifeless in her bed and informed the emergency call center. A hurrying ambulance had only been able to determine the death of the child. The prosecutor Stralsund has taken investigations against the mother, it is said.Hamm-Uentrop / Beckum: car fire filmed – police makes four GafferDie police Dortmund has identified four Gaffer on Saturday night on the A2 a car fire out of their vehicles out filmed and thus slowed down the subsequent traffic. Instead of rushing past the scene of the fire, the accused had slowed down, pulled out their cell phones and "without regard to the misfortune of the vehicle owner" on it, writes the police. With which the gazers obviously did not expect: The police photographed back. Thus, a total of four car owners managed to identify who now expect a fine and a point in Flensburg.
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          One of the caught gazers films the fire out of his car
The affected vehicle was first discovered to have caught fire due to a technical failure and ultimately burned out on the shoulder. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, according to the police. Forests: Wolves tear dozens of sheep wolves attacked a flock of sheep near the eastern Saxon village of Förstgen, probably killing several dozen animals. The exact extent was unclear on Tuesday morning, shepherds and officials were still looking for stray sheep, as an employee of the nature conservation station East Upper Lusatia said. According to a report by the Central German Broadcasting Corporation (MDR), around 40 moor swamps and several castle goats fell victim to the attack. The herd consisted of about 140 ewes, 80 animals were still missing.Herne: Deadly lintel of Baby – Police assume accident After the fatal fall of a five-month-old baby from the window of a refugee shelter in Herne, the circumstances are still unclear. "So far, we speak of an accident. At the present time there is no evidence of a crime," said a spokesman for the Bochum police on Monday. An autopsy was ordered. The girl had fallen out the window on the second floor about eight meters deep late Friday evening. How it came to the incident was not yet determined. The baby apparently was lying on a table near the window, the spokesman said. In the room were still two siblings who are still to be interviewed. Bad Hersfeld: Lego bricks spill over in the event of a truck accidentOn Lost Lego bricks lost a truck in an accident on the Autobahn 4 near Bad Hersfeld in Hesse. The toy spread over the entire lane on Monday afternoon, the police said. A tractor-trailer drove up to a jam-end, damaging two trucks in front of it. One vehicle was loaded with fertilizer, the other with Lego bricks. The accident cause was slightly injured. The damage was estimated by the police to be 200,000 euros. Ludwigslust: man beats with machete on wife In Ludwigslust, a man on Monday afternoon attacked a woman with a machete. The police said the 36-year-old and the 20-year-old were in the home of a mutual acquaintance when the fight broke out. The man reached in the process to the machete and hit it with the woman. She was able to ward off the blows with a blanket and miraculously remained uninjured. Only when the owner intervened did the 36-year-old leave her. The alcoholized culprit fled initially, but could later be provisionally arrested. Goar: Ship accident at the Loreley On Tuesday morning, a tanker ship loaded with 400 tons of nitric acid got stuck on the right bank. The police reported that the ship was on its way from Antwerp to Ludwigshafen. At present, the Rhine is completely closed in this section. During the morning an attempt is made to tow the motor ship under the supervision of the responsible waterways and shipping office. How it came to the accident, is still being determined. News from Monday, October 8 Unterhaching: Paramedics Drunk and Caught Without a Driver's LicenseMy job as a paramedic is likely to be a 43-year-old since last Sunday. The man had been noticed by a policeman during an event because of his alcohol smell and then voluntarily checked. Because a "noticeable alcoholization" was detected in the test, the paramedics had to go to the guard. There, an internal data comparison showed that the driver's license of the man had been withdrawn for a long time and the 43-year-old therefore took several years with a fake copy and this had also submitted to his employer. The paramedics now expect criminal proceedings for falsification of documents of official documents, for driving without a license and the participation in road traffic under the influence of alcohol, writes the police.
Dusseldorf / Neuss: Six women attack 16-year-olds His request for more peace has become a 16-year-old on the S-Bahn journey to Mönchengladbach fatal. The adolescent was verbally and physically attacked by six women between the ages of 20 and 44 early Sunday morning, police said. The situation escalated as the young man escalated the rowdy and conflicting group of a hen party quieter behavior asked. So insulted him first "only" the future wife and her mother several times. When the 16-year-old countered the verbal attacks at some point, also attacked the other women, so that the victim was spit on and insulted by all six celebrants. When two women approached the 16-year-old then threatening and he wanted to flee, hit him the 44-year-old with a fist in the face. The young man defended himself and was then attacked by the entire group with blows and kicks. Only in the station Neuss succeeded Witnesses to separate both parties and to remove from the train. Meanwhile informed federal police took care of the matter. Thus, the 16-year-old was allowed to continue his journey, the women's group, however, was not allowed to continue. Instead, criminal proceedings were initiated against the accused for jointly committed dangerous assault and insults.
Herxheim: Drunk driver destroys the stadium In Herxheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, a spectacular accident happened on the night of Sunday. Accordingly, a 45-year-old broke through the fence of a sports area with his car and then "flew" over part of the grandstand in the interior of the sports field. There he crashed through two gangs and damaged not only the lawn but also various hedgerows and trees as well as several traffic signs, as reported by the police. Subsequently, the slightly injured drunk attempted to leave the site in vain, so that alerted officials could arrest him on site. A breath alcohol test gave a value of about 1.6 parts per thousand. The damage in and at the stadium amounts to the information according to at least € 15,000.Dortmund: Brothers should beat up 17-year-old sister At the main train station Dortmund a 17-year-old was beaten by her brothers and bumped his head against a disc – while their own
          Mother watched. Federal police took the young people in protective custody, as it says in a press release. According to the information, the young woman had appeared before the incident on a guard and had stated there, they need help. The officers found that the teen had been reported missing by her family and informed the girl's mother. This appeared a little later in the company of two sons to pick up the 17-year-old. After the quartet de guard had left together, the police were shortly thereafter because of a
          Physical injury called to a taxi rank, where they came across the family again. According to witnesses, the two 17 and 23-year-old brothers, the young woman, who was held by her mother, there have beaten several times in the face and pushed her head against the window of a bus stop. The 17-year-old came in protective custody, against her Family members were charged with criminal charges of dangerous bodily injury. In addition, the officials informed the youth welfare office. Bad Oldesloe: Policeman shoots homeless people – investigations are underwayAfter a young homeless man in Bad Oldesloe has been shot dead by a police officer, the investigation is under way. The officer who had fired the shot, according to the police on Sunday could not be heard. "The colleague is in shock," said a spokesman on Monday morning. Why exactly the police shot, should clarify the ongoing investigation. According to police, the 22-year-old homeless man had died on the scene. There, among other things, a knife with a blade length of 18 centimeters was found. Alzenau: Drunken 19-year-old wants to go home on A45During a visit to a wine festival heavily alcoholized, a 19-year-old on his way home in mortal danger. As reported, among other things, the portal "Main Echo", the young man chose the fastest way home just calculated the A45. In order to be better seen by the other road users, he had 19-year-old thus "equipped" with two reflective Leipfosten, which he had previously found lying on a protective barrier. At this time already informed police officers attacked the man later and brought him to his parents. According to the report, a breath alcohol test gave a value of more than 1.3 parts per thousand. Read here
          News from Germany from the week of October 1 to 7: Sources: Press Portal Police / "Main Echo" / Police Bavaria / Bavarian Red Cross / "NWZ" / ""

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