News from Germany: Fourth graders raped ten-year-olds

Berlin: Ten-year-old sexually abused by classmates Severe abuse case at a Berlin elementary school: A ten-year-old was raped by a classmate shortly before summer vacation on a school trip to the Uckermark. Like "B.Z." and report "Berliner Morgenpost", citing the police and the Education Senator, the boy was detained by two eleven year old, the accused disappeared from him. Two uninvolved students observed the incident, a friend of the victim is said to have entrusted after a social worker. The alleged perpetrator is a ten-year-old Afghan who according to the report was said to have previously been suspicious of behavior. The Elementary School of Boys is located in a social hotspot of the capital. The three alleged perpetrators were all removed from the school. According to a psychological report, it is assumed that the main culprit, who has not yet been convicted, can no longer attend a normal school. The victim also reportedly no longer wants to return to the old school. Hamburg: Walrus cub died near Hagenbeck Sad news from Hagenbeck Zoo: The walrus baby, born in mid-June, died in the night on Saturday. This was announced by the zoo on his homepage. Zookeepers found the walrus boy dead early in the morning. His mother was close to him and already had to say goodbye. In recent days, the small had decreased sharply and repeatedly had diarrhea. The vets suspected an incompatibility of the replacement milk. Because of inflammation, Mother Dyna could not give her own breast milk. "Unfortunately, in the field of walrus rearing extremely little experience," said veterinarian Adriane Prahl. The exact cause of death is now to be clarified by an autopsy.Essen: Police say because of Saxony-use show at NRW-day Abeinsatz statt Schau: Because North Rhine-Westphalia because of feared riots numerous police units to support the Saxon colleagues short-term to Chemnitz sends, said the Essenes Police on Friday some attractions at the weekend taking place NRW day in the Ruhr metropolis. "We are very sorry that in particular demonstrations of the Hundreds and the exhibition of some special vehicles on the Blue Light Mile in the center of Essen can not take place." The demonstrations of water cannon and clearing vehicles as well as a training course of the Essen Einsatzhundschaft must be canceled. Equipment and personnel are needed instead of at the show in action. Vohburg: Explosion on refinery site near Ingolstadt – eight injured
Eight people were injured in an explosion and a subsequent major fire on the grounds of the Bayernoil refinery in Vohburg on the Danube. Initially, according to police, 1,800 people from surrounding homes were forced to leave their homes because of the smoke. After about three hours, the cloud of smoke partially dissolved – and the people were able to return to their homes, as Hans-Peter Kammerer of the police headquarters Upper Bavaria Nord said.The district office Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm triggered according to police disaster alarm. This was a decision of the operations management, so that the forces can work together optimally, said Kammerer. How it came to the explosion and the fire, was initially still unclear. "The fire fighting is running at full speed," the spokesman continues. "The situation has only relaxed to the extent that the evacuation of local residents is no longer necessary." Furthermore, there were several fires on the site, the flames were not under control. Police, fire and rescue workers were on site with a large contingent of about 400 forces. The injured are according to police employees of the operation. On the grounds east of the city of Ingolstadt, there was an explosion, according to police early Saturday morning, then developed a major fire in the LPG and liquid gasoline gas turbine. News from Friday, August 31: Mörlenbach: Two dead children in southern Hesse – murdered the parents On Friday morning, firefighters found two dead children when used in a single-family home in Mörlenbach in southern Hesse. The police in Darmstadt reported on a 13-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister. The parents of the children were found living by the helpers in a car that stood in a closed garage with the engine running. Presumably they wanted to poison themselves by autogases. According to initial findings of the investigators, it was assumed that it was "a family drama because of massive financial problems of the family" acted. The family had to evict the house this Friday after a foreclosure sale. The 58-year-old father and the 46-year-old mother are strongly suspected of being responsible for the deaths of their two children, reported the police. Parents were treated according to the officials in a hospital, there was no mortal danger. The prosecution requested arrest warrants against them, the competent court is to decide on Saturday. In addition, the prosecutor ordered an autopsy of the two children to clarify the cause of death. Lübeck: Victims recognize alleged sex offenders during shopping again In Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, the police arrested on Tuesday evening, a man who is in urgent suspicion, since mid-May committed a total of four sexual offenses. On the track of the 29-year-olds, the officers brought a 31-year-old student, who had been attacked by the man in August and then barely escaped rape. According to the police, the victim recognized the suspect on Tuesday shopping and informed the officials, who provisionally arrested the 29-year-olds. A reconciliation of the DNA of the man with the DNA traceable in the four sex offenses then provided a "clear match," the police said. The alleged perpetrators was on Wednesday fed a magistrate who ordered pre-trial detention due to the risk of absconding. The investigation is underway.Essen: Eight-year-old is said to have severely injured Sister with knife In a shopping mall in Essen, a 22-year-old was severely injured in a knife attack. As the WDR reported with reference to the police, the woman was apparently attacked by her eight-year-old brother. According to the report, the boy is said to have attacked his sister immediately when they were sitting in the catering area. That would have resulted in police questioning of witnesses and the injured. The motives for the attack remained unclear at first. The 22-year-old had to be operated on after the attack. The boy is not yet convicted, but the police investigate because of serious bodily injury. Wesel: Police lifts cannabis plantation In the barn on a farm in Wesel on the Lower Rhine, customs investigators have confiscated an indoor plantation with 1600 Canabis plants. It was run by a couple from the Netherlands, who lived in the yard, as the customs office in Essen announced on Friday. While the 32-year-old woman was arrested on Wednesday, her 35-year-old partner escaped. Shortly afterwards, he was tracked down by a customs dog at a nearby company site. According to an estimate by the customs authorities, the plants had produced a harvest of 80 kilograms of marijuana with a street sale value of 800,000 euros.Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Trains run over 61 SheepTwo trains caught a flock of sheep on the high-speed line between Berlin and Hamburg and killed 61 animals. The sheep grazed on a solar field near Melkhof in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and escaped on Thursday evening through a hole in the fence, as the police in Rostock announced on Friday. First an ICE raced on the way to Hamburg in the herd. Shortly thereafter, other animals were captured by a freight train in the direction of Berlin. The accident delayed a total of 56 trains. Because even more carcasses have to be salvaged, delays were also expected for Friday. Hanover: Hearse crashes into truck driver dead
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          The neutral painted van was not recognizable as a hearse at first sight. He was completely destroyed

The 49-year-old driver of a Dutch hearse died in an accident on Wednesday on the A2 near Hanover. As reported by the "Hannoversche Allgemeine", he got on a truck and was jammed. A helicopter infiltrated emergency doctor could only determine his death. Only when the vehicle was recovered did the rescue teams realize that it was a hearse, which also transported the body of a deceased in a coffin. News from Thursday, August 30: Hennef: Rabbit rolled over by marking machine
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          Whether the hare was already on the roadside or just passed in the worst possible moment, is not clear

Whether they knew about it knowingly or simply overlooked, can probably not be clarified. One thing is certain: in Hennef near Bonn, a hare has been hit by a machine for lane markings on Wednesday. A woman got the incident with and then made a picture of the animal. This shows the hare with stretched runs lying on the roadside, on his coat the white stripe of the road boundary is clearly visible. Now it is discussed, especially in social networks, why the animal had not been cleared before the work to the side. "The appropriate vehicle has moved at a pace and was equipped with two people, a removal of the animal would certainly have been possible," the witness said "Bonner General-Anzeiger". However, the responsible for the work Roads NRW suspects that the hare was probably immediately after cleaning the road by a sweeper ("so that the white color stops") got under the marking machine. Therefore, the employees could not react in time. In addition, they must always pay attention to the flowing traffic. A deliberate behavior, the spokeswoman said the report out.Berlin: Baby spit in the strollerAt Berlin-Lichtenberg station, a 51-year-old woman spit on a baby lying in a stroller. According to the police, the heavily drunk woman, who was assigned to the drinker milieu, approached the mother and the child and then suddenly spit into the car. The ten-month-old girl was hit on the bare leg. Employees of the security service of the Deutsche Bahn held the 51-year-old until the arrival of the Federal Police. The officials in turn initiated a preliminary investigation on suspicion of assault and for insulting them. After the police action, the woman was again released. The mother and the child went to the hospital for medical control auf.Spiesheim: Goalkeeper is hit in the game by lightning In the Rhineland-Palatinate Spiesheim near Mainz, a football goalkeeper was struck during a game of lightning and mortally wounded. As the SWR reports, the disaster happened on Wednesday evening. Ten minutes before the end of the game, the lightning would have hit and hit the 39-year-old. He suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed. After being reanimated, the player of the SG Nieder-Wiesen was taken to the university clinic in Mainz. There he is according to the report in the intensive care unit. The players of both teams would be in shock. The "Wormser Zeitung" quotes the coach of the opposing SG Spiesheim: "Everyone is moving into a big family and just want the man to feel better." At first nothing was known about the current state of health. The DFB warns on its homepage against playing football matches during thunderstorms. The association provides a guideline for correct behavior for coaches and referees. This can be downloaded here. Hildesheim: City employees smashed 70,000 eurosViele small change a former employee of the yard in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, stole from parking machines – and has now been convicted. Due to misappropriation of nearly 70,000 euros, the man received a probation of one year and six months. The 49-year-old had admitted in the process before the district court Hildesheim, between January 2016 and April 2017 when draining the vending machines regularly branched off and emptied cassettes. Only an anonymous letter had started the investigation, before there had been no checks on the part of the city. The defendant was dismissed without notice after 27 years as a municipal employee.Wismar: Migrant with iron chain beaten hospital-ripe A 20-year-old immigrant was seriously injured in a beating attack in Wismar in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. As reported by the police, he was on his way home late Wednesday evening, when he was "stopped by three German-speaking suspects and xenophobic titled." Two of the rabble hit the young man's face then, the third hit him with an iron chain against his shoulder and ribs. As a result, the victim went to the ground. There it was kicked by the three attackers. Subsequently, the suspects fled. The victim was reported to have a nasal bone fracture, hematomas on the face and upper body. The police investigate and seek witnesses. The incident took place near a park in the area of ​​the Käthe-Kollwitz-Promenade, notes take the police under phone 03481 – 2030 entgegen.Ulm: floods after heavy storms with heavy rain in Ulm and the surrounding area were flooded on Wednesday after heavy hail and rains several roads and were partially impassable. Numerous cellars and Farbikhallen ran full. As reported by "", around 100 emergency calls were received by the fire department in the afternoon, just in the first hour after the beginning of the thunderstorm. After a regional railway collided with a fallen tree, the report was also a Zugstrecke blocked.Kleve: firefighters liberated to the neck in the mud sunken horses with excavators In a long rescue operation have firefighters and other helpers in North Rhine-Westphalia Kleve two up to his neck in the mud sunken horses saved. According to the fire department, the animals were caught in a paddock in a hollow that looked dry, but was actually filled with morass. They sank down to their necks and could not free themselves. The owner alerted the fire department and a veterinarian. With the help of a local contractor who provided several excavators, the two horses were released in a three and a half hour rescue operation. 18 firefighters were in action.
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          The horses were up in the morass

News from Wednesday, August 29: Hamburg: Autoposer wants to trick police For months, the Hamburg police with a special control group against so-called Autoposer. On the early Sunday morning, the officials were a particularly brash representative of its kind in the network. The 30-year-old was notable because he pulled down the Reeperbahn with his car at a clearly excessive speed and subsequently made risky lane changes there. A civilian team of the control group took up the pursuit and was able to measure the man below, inter alia, with 106 kilometers per hour, where actually only 50 are allowed. Then they stopped the 30-year-olds and quickly realized that the operation of the car had expired and an improper track broadening had been made. In addition, the officials perceived alcohol odor and carried out a corresponding test, which gave a value of 0.54 per thousand. Because the man also acted to have used drugs, the police also checked this. Knowing that this test would be positive, the 30-year-old tried to deceive the officials by filling toilet water into the urine cup. But that was noticeable and he had to do it again. Result: a positive cocaine finding. The man had to the blood test, he was also – since several times with criminal offenses become noticeable – Erkennungsdienstlich.Essen: "I kill you" – 13-year-old threatens federal police Because she did not want to be checked, a 13-year-old has in Essen federal police attacked and threatened with death. Accordingly, the officials wanted to check the girl at the main station. First, it gave no information, then called a false name. Further addressed to her personal details, the 13-year-old called the police, among other things as "asshole". The officers then asked her to come to the station, which in turn led her to beat the officials. But that was not all: When they arrived at the office, the girl threatened: "I'll kill you, I'll get a chainsaw and make you flat." Wuppertal / Solingen: Police looking for a missing man in hospital in the room Wuppertal / Solingen (NRW), the police are looking for a man missing since Tuesday, at a infectious disease and, moreover, relies on the intake of essential medicines. The 19-year-old had gone away from a hospital in Solingen, according to police, and has not returned since. He is described as follows: approx. 170 centimeters tall, slender Staturhinkt on the left leg with a gray sweater (V-neck) and flip-flops dressed white-pink bunny backpack Notes to the whereabouts of the police under the emergency number 110 or the line 0202/284 – 0 entgegen.Flensburg: Police shoot at Messermann
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          A policeman shot a man armed with two knives on Wednesday in Flensburg with the Dienstwaffe in the leg

On Wednesday morning, shortly before 7 clock caller reported the
          Police in Flensburg a man who had undressed at the level of a police station. The officers found the man above without, with a knife in each hand. Because the man was aggressive and was injuring himself, they used pepper spray against him. When that did not help, one of the officers fired a shot. This hit the man in the leg. After first aid by the police, the 44-year-old was subsequently taken to hospital. Police said he had to be emergency-operated for several hours. Meanwhile, his condition is stable. The police asks witnesses who can say something about the incident to come forward. Hanover: woman is attacked by own dog
          Hanover is a woman on Wednesday morning attacked by her own dog. The police said the 32-year-old had gone to a fenced yard at 9am with the Old English Bulldog male. There she was suddenly bitten by the animal in arms and legs. She ran into the house and alerted the rescue workers. However, because the dog was running aggressively in the garden, the paramedics and the ambulance had to climb through a window to take care of the woman. Then she was taken to a hospital. In the meantime, the husband of the seriously injured could catch the dog.Dortmund: mother makes smoker break – children continue in train aloneThe federal police in Dortmund has two four and seven year old on Tuesday
          Children were taken into their care after they were traveling without the mother in a train. As the officials reported, the mother had during a trip with the ICE to Dortmund in Frankfurt / M. made a cigarette break on the platform. But then the doors of the train closed and the ICE continued without them. Desperate, the mother immediately turned to the local police, which in turn informed the service in Dortmund about the children traveling alone. A patrol took the two boys right at the stop of the train in Dortmund in receipt. The mother arrived a little later with another train and was able to embrace her children safe again. Jena: Student admits killing of fellow students In Jena (Thuringia), a 23-year-old student confessed on Tuesday, killed at the weekend a three-year-old classmate and then sunk in the hall. He then led the police to the site of the body, the officials said. Diver of the riot police therefore looked for the mortal remains of the victim from 14 clock, they ultimately found two hours later and then transferred to the forensic medicine. The dead man is supposed to be a 26-year-old exchange student from China. After the find officials of the criminal police and the Thuringian state criminal investigation office examined the dwelling of the 23-year-old Vietnamese, which was arrested, according to tracks. According to information of the "Thuringian general" the 26-year-old after his killing must have been dismembered before the confessed suspect the Corpse parts near the east bath threw into the river. According to the police there are currently no findings. Germany: Fuel prices reach new high for the yearThe slight decline in the past week was followed by a new annual high: refueling is in
          Germany currently more expensive than before in 2018. Accordingly, the price for a liter of Super E10 climbed in comparison to the previous week, according to the automobile club ADAC by 1.5 cents to an average of 1.480 euros. Diesel fuel also increased by 1.5 cents and costs in the nationwide average of 1.311 euros. To this development has loud
          ADAC mainly contributed to the rise in crude oil prices. A barrel of the North Sea Brent price increased by about four dollars to over 76 dollars (65 euros). At the beginning of January, fuel prices were still around ten cents lower.Bayreuth: Murdered Sophia L. can be buriedThe student Sophia L., murdered about two and a half months ago, can now be buried. The Bayreuth public prosecutor's office had released the corpse on Wednesday for burial, said the authority. Only recently had the Spanish investigators had the body transferred to Germany. On Tuesday, another forensic examination was carried out there. Born in Amberg, Upper Palatinate, the 28-year-old wanted to hitchhike from Leipzig to Nuremberg in mid-June. It was taken to the investigation, according to the investigation of a 41-year-old truck driver at a gas station on the A9 in Saxony and killed in Upper Franconia.Frechen: carnival club "Negerköpp" changes nameThe carnival club "Frechen Negerköpp" near Cologne has changed its name after 40 years now. Reason are increasing hostility. The club is now called "Wild Frechener". Three of the approximately 20 permanent members had resigned, said the second chairman Günter Cöllen. The costumes change with the name: Instead of black make-up, the jecke now want to celebrate in animal costumes. Cöllen justified the change with increasing threats against the club. Last year, people even called on the Internet to throw stones at the group. During the move there had been police protection. "We never wanted to be political or discriminatory," Cöllen asserted. The "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" had first reported on it. News from Tuesday, August 28: Dusseldorf: men group beaten 23-year-olds and stands with broken bottle zuWie the "world" reports, a 23-year-old was killed in the night of Tuesday a violent male group in the city center of Düsseldorf. The young man was stabbed and seriously injured. A passerby had the man from Karlsruhe between the Königsallee and Steinstraße found and the emergency call, said a spokesman for the fire department. According to witness statements, he probably got into an argument with the group, after which they beat, kicked and stabbed him. What the dispute was about is unclear. The perpetrators have fled after the attack in an unknown direction, informs the police. The victim had to be operated on due to his severe injuries that could have come from a broken bottle. He was subsequently addressed again. A murder commission took up the investigation.Gelsenkirchen: Man forced into car and then mistreatedIn Gelsenkirchen (NRW), several men are said to have forced a 39-year-old to get into a car before they left behind in battering and injured. Now the police are looking for possible witnesses to the incident, which took place last Monday, as the officials announced today. Accordingly, the later victim was traveling with his car when it stopped because of a technical defect. The man then proceeded on foot, but returned again because he had forgotten something in the vehicle. Once there, the 39-year-old, according to police, found that his Fiat Punto had been damaged and in some places contaminated with a black pen. Nevertheless, the man then continued his walk. Not so long behind him then suddenly held two vehicles from which six to seven unknown men (all about 30-40 years old, 180 centimeters tall, short brown hair) had dropped out and him in forced the consequence under threat of force, in one of the two vehicles – including a striking green Dodge Ram pickup – enter. After a short drive, the men then told the 39-year-old to leave the vehicle near the cemetery Resse. Then they forced him to climb over a fence and go over a pasture to the nearby Holzbach. The men followed him accordingly before they physically abused him and eventually left him behind. The police are now looking for possible witnesses to the incident – especially after the driver of a red Mercedes, who is said to have been in the crime scene near the cemetery. Hints are on the phone numbers 0209 / 365-7112 (Kriminalkommissariat 11) or – 8240 (Kriminalwache) solicited. Feet: woman turns on A7 and drives as a ghost driver through RettungsgasseViel brazen it hardly goes: Because they are by a traffic jam on the A7 at Füssen ( Bayern) was slowed down, but she did not want to wait, a 22-year-old has turned her car without further ado. The woman damaged another car, which did not prevent her from fleeing the direction of travel through the previously formed escape route. However, her impatience is likely to cost her dearly. According to several testimonies, the police were able to identify the driver. She is now awaiting criminal proceedings, she is also threatened with driving license withdrawal and a fine.Berlin: motorists in court, because he disabled rescue workers In Berlin, a 23-year-old was sentenced on Tuesday, because he should have obstructed rescue workers who were reviving a small boy. The man is alleged to have become angry, because his car had been blocked by the use in November 2017 in Berlin-Moabit. He had requested to drive away the ambulance to allow him to park. When the helpers did not respond, he had damaged a side mirror of the emergency vehicle. Several newspapers had reported back then that the man had told the alarmed police that he did not care who was being revived. Now he was sentenced by the district court of Berlin to a fine of 1,800 euros. Out of selfishness, he had demanded by firefighters to drive away the ambulance and then beaten against a side mirror, justified the district court Tiergarten on Tuesday its verdict. The defendant had previously confessed. He does not recognize himself in his former behavior, explained the 23-year-old. On the spot he had "not perceived what it's about" and left his anger on the emergency vehicle. He was glad that the little boy could be saved. The defense attorney said that his client had already paid 2000 euros to the child's parents in the run-up to the trial.Hamburg: Angry Hells-Angels boss out of danger to his lifeThe man who crashed in the night of Monday in Hamburg-St. Pauli shot Hells Angels boss is out of danger to his life. The 38-year-old has not yet been heard, said a police spokeswoman on Tuesday. The perpetrators are still on the run. The 38-year-old had stopped shortly before midnight with his white Bentley at a red light in front of the Millerntorplatz on the Reeperbahn, as was shot from another vehicle out on him. He had been hit by several shots, the police said. The rocker had sat alone in his car. An emergency manhunt for the perpetrators had remained inconclusive. Kevelaer: 80-year-old spilled in flower casting An 80-year-old in Kevelaer (Kleve) had an unusual accident in his own garden on Monday: As reported by "RP Online", he wanted to The paved area of ​​his property was just pouring flowers when suddenly the earth opened and the man rushed into the opened pit. According to the fire department, the hole was a good two meters deep, the paper writes. The man was with his head about ten inches below the top and found his feet in the sand. So that he could not slip further, the rescuers tied him to the aerial ladder. Then they began to carefully excavate it – first by hand, later with an excavator. Derweil wurde der Abgestürzte durchgehend ärztlich versorgt, bekam unter anderem einen Tropf verabreicht. Nach seiner Bergung kam der Mann in ein Krankenhaus. Zu seinen Verletzungen wurde zunächst nichts bekannt, auch die genaue Unglücksursache blieb unklar.
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          Zahlreiche Rettungskräfte waren an dem Bergungseinsatz beteiligt

Arnsdorf: 74-Jähriger fährt 77-Jährigen wegen Streits einfach umBei einem Streit zwischen zwei Männern, wer bei einer Kelterei zuerst sein Obst abgeben darf, ist ein 77-Jähriger in Arnsdorf bei Dresden mit einem Auto tödlich verletzt worden. Wie die Polizei mitteilte, wollte sich am Montag ein 74-Jähriger an der Zufahrt zur Obstabgabe vordrängeln und geriet deshalb mit einer Frau in Streit. Ein 77-Jähriger kam der Frau zu Hilfe und diskutierte mit. Der Drängler blieb aber uneinsichtig. Als sich der 77-Jährige vor das Auto des Mannes stellte, stieg der 74-Jährige ein und gab einfach Gas. Der Mann fiel hin und starb kurz danach im Krankenhaus an seinen Kopfverletzungen. Die Kriminalpolizei nahm Ermittlungen zum Verdacht einer Körperverletzung mit Todesfolge auf.Weil am Rhein: 13-Jähriger will mit Mamas Auto nachts über die GrenzeMit Mamas Auto und zwei Freunden im Wagen ist ein 13-Jähriger aus Baden-Württemberg in der Nacht zum Montag auf der Autobahn 5 an der Schweizer Grenze gestoppt worden. Der Wagen mit dem Jungen am Steuer sei dem deutschen Zoll am Grenzübergang Weil am Rhein aufgefallen, weil er auf der Busspur unterwegs gewesen sei, teilte die Freiburger Polizei mit. Auf ein Haltezeichen hin sei er mit angezogener Handbremse durch die Grenzkontrollstelle gefahren."Letztlich blieb der Pkw in Höhe des dortigen Schnellrestaurants stehen – und die hinterherrennenden Zollbeamten staunten nicht schlecht, als sie bemerkten, dass sich im Pkw nur Kinder befanden", erklärte die Polizei. Der 13-Jährige hatte demnach die Schlüssel des mütterlichen Autos unbemerkt an sich genommen und war mit den beiden Freunden zu der nächtlichen Spritztour aufgebrochen. Sämtliche Eltern mussten die Kinder am Grenzübergang abholen. Nachrichten von Montag, 27. August: Gerolzhofen: Vierjähriger bei Unfall auf Hüpfburg lebensgefährlich verletztBei einem Unfall an einer Hüpfburg ist am Montag ein vierjähriger Junge in Bayern lebensgefährlich verletzt worden. Nach Polizeiangaben waren mehrere Jugendliche im unterfränkischen Gerolzhofen gleichzeitig auf das Gerät in einem Indoor-Spielplatz gesprungen. Ihr Gewicht bewirkte, dass der Vierjährige regelrecht aus der Hüpfburg katapultiert wurde. Er fiel dann aus mehreren Metern Höhe auf den Boden und zog sich schwerste Kopfverletzungen zu. Ein Rettungshubschrauber brachte den Kleinen in eine Klinik. Für seine Eltern wurde eine Betreuung organisiert. Für genauere Untersuchungen zum Unfallhergang wurde ein Sachverständiger herbeigezogenKöln: Mann beim Ausschachten bis zum Hals verschüttetEr wollte seinen Keller erweitern – und wurde dabei verschüttet: Bis zum Hals steckte ein Kölner Hauseigentümer am Sonntag in seinem Garten fest, als die Feuerwehr bei ihm eintraf. Wie sich herausstellte, hatte der Mann eigenhändig eine tiefe Grube ausgehoben, um seinen Keller zu vergrößern. Dabei sei dann plötzlich jede Menge Erde nachgerutscht, sagte am Montag ein Sprecher der Kölner Feuerwehr. Insgesamt 40 Feuerwehr- und Rettungskräfte waren beteiligt, um den Verschütteten zu befreien – dennoch dauerte die Aktion eineinhalb Stunden. Kommentar des Feuerwehrsprechers: "Man sollte Facharbeit nicht als Laie ausführen."Bestwig: Frau bei Unfall auf Sommerrodelbahn schwer verletztEine Frau ist bei einem Unfall auf einer Sommerrodelbahn in Nordrhein-Westfalen schwer verletzt worden. Die 39-Jährige fuhr mit ihrem Rodelschlitten im Ausstiegsbereich nahezu ungebremst auf den bereits stehenden Schlitten ihres Ehemannes auf. Grund sei wahrscheinlich ein Fahrfehler gewesen. Anzeichen für einen technischen Defekt seien nicht festgestellt worden, sagte ein Polizeisprecher.Die Frau wurde mit einem Rettungshubschrauber in eine Klinik gebracht. Der 37 Jahre alte Ehemann erlitt bei dem Unfall am Sonntag im Freizeitpark "Fort Fun" in Bestwig leichte Verletzungen, wie die Polizei berichtete.Bad Homburg: Jugendamt-Mitarbeiter mit Reizstoff verletzt Im Jugendamt von Bad Homburg sind mindestens 16 Mitarbeiter mit einem unbekannten Reizstoff leicht verletzt worden. Ein tatverdächtiger 17-Jähriger wurde vorläufig festgenommen, wie die Polizei in Wiesbaden mitteilte. Die Verletzten klagten über Atemwegsreizungen und mussten medizinisch versorgt werden. Sie wurden in Krankenhäuser gebracht, konnten aber bereits entlassen werden.Der Stoff, bei dem es sich um ein Reizgas oder auch Pfefferspray handeln könne, sei am Montagmorgen versprüht worden, sagte ein Polizeisprecher in Bad Homburg. Am Nachmittag war noch unklar, um welchen Stoff es sich genau handelte. Nachdem die Feuerwehr das Gebäude durchgelüftet hatte, konnte das Jugendamt noch am Vormittag seinen Betrieb wieder aufnehmen.Berlin: Fremder drückt Jungem Tüte mit Schlangen in die HandEine kuriose Geschichte postete die Polizei Berlin am Montag auf ihrem Facebook-Account. Demzufolge hat ein Unbekannter einem Jungen in einem Einkaufszentrum im Stadtteil Lichterfelde einen Jutebeutel in die Hand gedrückt und ist anschließend weggelaufen. Er soll ihm noch so etwas zugerufen haben wie "Viel Spaß mit den Pythen". "Um es kurz zu machen", schreiben die Beamten. "Am Ende geht auf der Wache unseres Abschnitts ein Beutel mit zwei Würgeschlangen über den Tresen." Die Tiere wurden einem Experten übergeben. Auch im hessischen Florstadt hatte eine Frau eine unliebsame Begegnung mit einer Schlange. Beim Zubettgehen entdeckte sie am Samstag um kurz vor Mitternacht das Reptil, das kurz danach unter ihr Bett flüchtete. Wie die Polizei berichtet, handelte es sich dabei um eine etwa ein Meter lange Königs-Python, eine harmlose Würgeschlange. Ein Experte holte das Tier ab. Wie es in die Wohnung gelangte, ist bislang unklar.Aachen: Riesige Rauchwolke nach Großbrand in RecyclingfirmaNach einem Brand in einer Recyclingfirma ist am Montag eine riesige Rauchwolke über die nordrhein-westfälische Stadt Aachen gezogen. Laut Stadtverwaltung stand eine mehrere tausend Quadratmeter große Lagerhalle für Elektroschrott in Flammen. Die Behörden riefen die Bewohner mehrerer Stadtteile dazu auf, Fenster und Türen zu schließen und drinnen zu bleiben.Den Brand selbst habe die Feuerwehr im Griff, teilte die Stadt weiter mit. Das Problem sei die Rauchentwicklung. Einige Häuser in unmittelbarer Umgebung des Feuers seien sicherheitshalber ganz geräumt worden. Über Verletzte war nichts bekannt.Hamburg: Schüsse auf Hells-Angels-Boss Schüsse im Hamburger Stadtteil St. Pauli. Wie die "Hamburger Morgenpost" berichtet, ist dort am Montag um kurz nach Mitternacht vermutlich ein Boss der Hells Angels angegriffen worden. Der Mann soll am Millerntorplatz in seinem Bentley gesessen haben, als die Schüsse fielen. Zeugen sollen demnach berichtet haben, der Rocker sei von bis zu fünf Kugeln getroffen worden. Als er ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert wurde, soll er jedoch noch ansprechbar gewesen sein. Die Hintergründe zur Tat seien noch unklar. Auch ist nicht sicher, ob es eine Verbindung zu einer Schlägerei in Kiel zwischen verfeindeten Rockerclubs vor wenigen Tagen gibt. Die Polizei ermittelt.Landau: Fußball-Puppe an Brückengeländer aufgeknüpftDer Polizei im rheinland-pfälzischen Landau wurde am Samstag eine leblose Person gemeldet, die von einer Autobahnbrücke der A65 baumelt. Als die Beamten am Einsatzort eintrafen, stellten sie fest, dass es sich bei der Person um eine Puppe handelt. Unbekannte hatten diese mit einer Schnur um den Hals an der Brücke aufgeknüpft, in den Farben rot-weiß gekleidet und auf die Brust ein großes KL geschrieben. Offenbar stand die Aktion in einem direkten Zusammenhang mit dem an diesen Tag stattfindenden Drittliga-Spiel des 1.FC Kaiserslautern gegen den Karlsruher SC. Die Polizei bitte Zeugen, die etwas zu dem Fall sagen können, sich zu melden. 
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          Dies Puppe baumelte von einer Autobahnbrücke der A65 bei Landau 

Bückeburg: Nackter fällt 34-Jährige anIm niedersächsichen Bückeburg hat am Sonntagmorgen ein Unbekannter eine 34.-Jährige angegriffen. Wie die Polizei berichtet, war die Frau gegen kurz vor 8 Uhr auf einem Gehweg unterwegs, als sie von hinten am Oberkörper gepackt wurde und ihr ein Mann mit beiden Händen an die Brüste griff. Die Frau stieß den Mann weg, sodass er zu Boden fiel. Als sie sich kurz umdrehte, sah sie, dass der Mann komplett nackt war. Die Frau ergriff schreiend die Flucht. Auch der Täter rannte weg. Eine Sofortfahndung führte nicht zur Ergreifung des Mannes. Die Polizei sucht jetzt nach Zeugen, die etwas zu dem Mann sagen können. Er soll schlank bis dürr sein, blonde mittellange Haare haben und ein großflächiges Tattoo auf dem linken Oberarm tragen.Hochstadt: Fünf Verletzte bei Draisinenunfall
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          Die verunfallte Draisine wurde von den Schienen gehoben

Zwischen Hochstadt und Offenbach im Kreis Südliche Weinstraße in Rheinland-Pfalz ereignete sich am Sonntag ein folgenschwerer Unfall: Drei Frauen und zwei Männer wollten mit einer Draisine auf den Schienen an einem Übergang eine Straße überqueren. Dabei wurden sie vom Kleinwagen eines 26-jährigen Fahrers erfasst. Wie die Polizei berichtet, wurde die Draisine durch die Wucht des Aufpralls mehrere Meter aus den Schienen gehoben. Die Insassen des Schienengefährts im Alter von 58 bis 63 Jahren wurden dabei schwer verletzt, waren aber nicht in Lebensgefahr. Sie wurden in Krankenhäuser gebracht. Der Autofahrer und sein Beifahrer wurden nicht verletzt.Duisburg: Internetdate ufert aus – Mann mit Messer verletztIn Duisburg hatte sich ein Mann im Internet über ein einschlägiges Dating-Portal mit einer Frau verabredet. Wie die Polizei berichtet, erschien die Dame in Begleitung einer weiteren jungen Frau. Da die Frauen für das Treffen die vereinbarte Summe in Höhe von 750 Euro im Voraus kassieren wollten, kam es zum Streit. Weil der Mann nicht zustimmte, zog eine der Frauen ein Messer und verletzte ihn. Der Mann aus Düsseldorf flüchtete mit seinem Auto nach Hause und alarmierte einen Rettungswagen, der ihn in ein Krankenhaus brachte. Nach ambulanter Behandlung konnte er die Klinik wieder verlassen. Die Polizei hat die Ermittlungen aufgenommen.Lesen Sie hier die Nachrichten aus Deutschland aus der Woche vom 20. bis 26. August:

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