News from Germany: Student deprived and sexually abused

Cologne: Student deprived and sexually abused In Cologne-Porz, a 28-year-old victim of a robbery and sexual assault has become. According to the police, a man dragged the student into the bush near a train stop during the night for Thursday, pushed her to the ground and touched her, among other things, in the pubic area. The woman struggled and shouted for help, making passers-by aware of her and rush to her aid. The offender, who had masked himself with a hood drawn deep in the face, could flee unrecognized with the handbag of his victim. Now the police are looking for possible witnesses of the incident, including the helpers of the woman. These can contact the officials at 0221 / 229-0 or by e-mail to Gütersloh: Father walks schoolgirl over her shoulder and flees "We understand that you are doing everything we can "To protect your children and to make it as easy as possible for them in life", begins a letter of fire, which the police Gütersloh published on Thursday and which is aimed at excessively worried about the welfare of their children parents, so-called helicopter parents. The letter continues: "However, we have no understanding if some of you protect your own child, but behave absolutely ruthless towards other children." The cause for the appeal was an incident at a primary school in the city. There, a father had brought his two children on Wednesday morning by car and then accompanied them to the entrance of the school. So far so good. Subsequently, the obviously time-rushed man had to move on quickly. So fast that when he drove off he drove over the foot of a nine-year-old who was walking with a friend on the sidewalk. Although the girl was slightly injured in the incident, the father fled without caring for the child. Meanwhile, the 33-year-old could be determined. The police, in turn, who was still looking for the man because of accident flight, took the incident as an opportunity to helicopter parents once to say. "Surely you have heard and have been warned by many that it is important for children to learn the right behavior in road traffic," the officials write. It also means that the children practice the safest way to school. "But your children do not learn that, if you drive them directly in front of the schoolyard and then bring them to the entrance," they complain. Instead, the children should be allowed to go to school on their own. "They experience their own self-determined environment, strengthen their sense of direction and can interact with other children," said the police as a positive side effect. Further tips for a safe way to school and a new recommendation to practice together. "Since you're seeing your children every day, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can have a particularly positive impact on road behavior," it says.Cochem: Wasp Sting Treated by Pupil – Fines for Two TeachersWe treated a student's wasp sting with a heated fork , two teachers have been sentenced by the district court Cochem for personal injury to fines. The insect had stung the student of a school in Rodgau near Offenbach in Hesse during a school trip in May 2017 in a youth hostel in Rhineland-Palatinate. The not yet final verdict was announced on Thursday, as a court spokeswoman announced on Friday. Previously, the media had reported on it. A teacher has to pay 90 daily sentences to 30 euros for a dangerous case of bodily injury in a less severe case – a total of 2700 euros. According to the verdict, he had pressed the then 14-year-old student the handle of a fork heated with a lighter on his wasp sting on the hand. A colleague cut open the resulting blister and applied a cream. The teacher was sentenced to 50 euros for alleged assault in a minor case, as well as intentional assault for paying 50 daily bills – a total of 2,500 euros. Media had reported, citing the student's lawyer, that he had a protective glove for a long time Kall: Girlfriend beaten with baseball batA 16-year-old was beaten with a baseball bat Thursday afternoon by her two-year-older friend. As the police reported, it came in the apartment of the 18-year-old in Kall in the district of Euskirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia initially to a verbal dispute. "In the course of this argument, the friend hit the 16-year-old with his fist several times," the police write. And further: "With bare feet, he kicked her several times against the body". The young woman fled to the bathroom and locked the door. However, her friend climbed into the bathroom via the open window from the outside. There he hit the teenager several times with a baseball bat. She could escape. A witness she met on the street dialed the emergency call. The teenage girl was taken to the hospital. According to their own information, there have been verbal arguments in the past as well as serious arguments between the two.Bremen: Baudock of the Lürssen shipyard in flamesBuilding dock at the Lürssen shipyard in the night of Friday was a blaze of fire. As reported by the "Kreiszeitung", the fire also spread to a luxury yacht. There is a risk of collapse. Residents are encouraged to keep doors and windows shut because of the smoke. The fire brigade has been in action since the night with a large contingent. News from Thursday, September 13Berlin: Cyclist robs woman and injures herIn Berlin, a 53-year-old woman has been seriously injured while attempting to rescue her property from a robber. Like the "B.Z." With reference to the police reports, the woman was on Tuesday just before midnight in Neukölln on the way when you met a cyclist. When he was at her height, he tried to tear her purse off his shoulder. The attempt failed, the cyclist fell – and then fled. The injured woman was able to hold on to her bag but suffered a fracture on the elbow and forearm as a result of the tearing. She was taken to the hospital and the police were detained.Wickede: A year old boy disappears unnoticedBarfuß and in pajamas a boy one and a half years old has been picked up on a street in Wickede in the district of Soest by passers-by. Until his family noticed his disappearance, it took police several hours and a search call in the media. The passers-by became aware of the child on Thursday morning. Because they could not tell them where it came from, they took it with them and contacted the police. The officers took the boy to a kindergarten, where he was initially taken care of. At noon, the family finally answered. She had heard the call on local radio – and was relieved, police said. How the boy could leave his home unnoticed and why this was noticed only after hours, now the youth welfare office will clarify with the family. Pegnitz: Man crosses A9 and is reported deadly In the district of Bayreuth on Wednesday morning a 53 year old man was fatally injured, when he tried to cross at the restaurant "Franconian Switzerland" at this six-lane A9. At around 3.45 am, the man on the right-hand lane had been hit by a couple's car before two more trucks rolled over him, police said. An ambulance doctor could later only determine the death of the Polish citizen. The occupants of the car were slightly injured in the accident. Hamm: Dead woman discovered in bushes
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          Forensics researchers investigate the location of a woman's body

After the discovery of a woman's body in Hamm (NRW), a 24-year-old suspect has been arrested. He was a resident in Hamm Syrian, said investigating the matter in Dortmund prosecutor on Wednesday evening. The dead woman was not identified yet. She was reportedly "after testimony in the personal environment" of the arrested on Wednesday afternoon in the district Heessen found. However, it is not certain that it is a homicidal offense act, but it is likely, said Giesenregen. The forensic examination of the corpse is not yet completed, until Thursday, she will be autopsied. The prosecutor initially did not confirm media information that the prostitute is dead. Kerpen: Police clears first blockade of seats in the Hambach Forest Police officers have dissolved a first sitting blockade of demonstrators at the Hambacher Forst lignite mining district. The activists who blocked a way to the tree houses were carried away by forces. They did not fight back. Previously, the police had set aside barricades built of logs removed. The authorities want to evacuate the symbolic tree houses of environmental activists today in the Hambach Forest. For the police has begun one of the largest missions in recent NRW history. Water cannons and heavy clearing equipment are in use. Biebesheim: Mother and daughter die in car accident In Hesse's Biebesheim on Tuesday evening, a mother and her five-year-old daughter died in a car accident. According to police, the two on the driveway of a campsite had strayed from the path and collided against a tree. Accordingly, a walker noticed the taillights of the car and alarmed rescue workers, but could only determine the death of the 31-year-olds and their child. At present, it can not be said exactly when the accident happened, because it was hidden behind a bush. News from Wednesday, September 12Hamburg: Police investigate youth apartments – weapons and ammunition discoveredThe police searched the apartments of two suspects on Wednesday morning and found a variety of weapons of all Coleur. The officials had come on the trail of the two, because they are on testimony suspected, last Friday evening, a 16-year-old at gunpoint trying to rob. The young man remained unharmed. Thereupon statements of witnesses arrived at the police, which gave the investigators indications of the identity of the suspects. Accordingly, it should be two 18 and 19-year-old German. In the subsequent search, the officers then found, among other things, five long and seven handguns in the apartment of the 19-year-olds. According to the first findings, these are airsoft and alarm weapons, the officials ensured. In the parents' home of the 18-year-olds, the investigators, including a Schreckschusswaffe, various knives, a brass knuckles, a machete, a telescopic bat and ammunition safe. However, they did not meet the 18-year-old there. Since there were no grounds for detention, the two suspects remained at large. A weapons law review is now carried out by the experts of forensics. The further investigation, also with regard to possible further offenses of the suspects, continues.
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          This is the official picture of the weapons the officials found in the homes of the two young German suspects.

Cottbus: Forest fire continues to spread north of Cottbus it continues to burn. According to the authorities, a forest fire inflamed on Monday has expanded to an area of ​​over 200 hectares on Wednesday. "Arson can not be ruled out," said the Brandenburg Forest Protection Officer Raimund Engel. On Monday, two fires broke out in the Lieberoser Heide within two hours at a distance of only one kilometer. Forces brought the fire under control that same day. On Tuesday, however, added a third fire, also flared in the night of Wednesday, the second fire on Monday and spread within hours on 200 hectares aus.Im currently 130 comrades are on site – we have in addition to the support of the Federal Police also The Bundeswehr requested that the Bundeswehr provide a helicopter and a tank that would be able to hit the edge of the passageway.As the ground was contaminated with toxic substances, no one was allowed to enter the former military training area.The time it took to extinguish the fire was unclear According to Engel, there were 450 forest fires in Brandenburg this year, including larger ones, which necessitated evacuations.Hamburg: 34-year-old hangs out on sleeping mechanic colleagues In Hamburg there is a 34-year-old suspected of attacking and seriously injuring a man one year younger while sleeping with a knife The suspect then turned on Tuesday to the police and admitted the act. He was sent to a magistrate who wants to decide this Wednesday on whether the 34-year-old in custody mus.After the current state of investigation, the injured had sunk late Sunday evening in his bed in a fitter's apartment. Later, a witness found him with a stab wound on his stomach in the hallway of the apartment. Alerted rescue workers took the injured person to a hospital where he had surgery. Danger to life, according to police, at no time. In the apartment, the homicide squad had secured several kitchen knives that could be considered as a possible murder weapon. The investigation continues.Extertal: Masked clown terrified motorist at full speedIn the district of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia, a disguised as a clown person has chased a motorist a tremendous shock. As the woman told the police, she drove on Monday evening around 21.30 by the community Extertal when a person jumped with a clown mask in front of the car. The driver was able to slow down the car in time. But when the stranger approached, she had driven off in the opposite direction. Since the woman informed the officials about similar cases that had happened in her circle of acquaintances, the police are now looking for a person who is about 170 cm tall and slim. Under certain circumstances, such an incident could be considered a "dangerous interference with road traffic" and could even end in imprisonment. Victims are asked to report similar experiences to the police. In October 2016, there were a number of cases in which so-called "killer clowns" frightened, tracked and even attacked passers-by. Moers: Group of men groped 14-year-old girlA 14-year-old was molested on Tuesday afternoon in Moers by several men. Near the station underpass, five to six men orbited the girl, three of whom touched her, reports the police. When she called for help via cell phone, the group disappeared. The officials are hoping under 0281-1070 now for evidence from witnesses who have observed the incident. According to the description of the girl, the men were 25- to 39-year-olds with dark skin and black hair. They are between 175 cm and 180 cm tall. A man wore a striking Afrofrisur.Wilnsdorf: truck drives in school bus – eleven children injured In the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Wilns a truck drove into a fully occupied school bus. According to the police eleven schoolchildren were slightly injured. The 48-year-old truck driver was also slightly injured in the accident. The children were transported by ambulance to surrounding hospitals. Luckau: One dead man and 24 injured in a bus accident A man died Tuesday in Luckau in the federal state of Brandenburg. Another 24 people were injured, two of them seriously, the police said late Tuesday evening. For unknown reasons, a 67-year-old man in the afternoon near the village of Luckau had pulled his car off the road and collided with the oncoming bus. Three cars behind were also involved in the accident. The 67-year-old died at the accident site, two passengers of the bus were seriously injured. Most of the injured had to be taken to surrounding hospitals.
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          The accident bus is in the ditch after the accident

Plettenberg: Fire fights against forest fireIn North Rhine-Westphalia Plettenberg, the fire department is fighting against a forest fire. The fire had spread on Tuesday evening, first with "rapid speed", said the fire department. There was also a big column of smoke. Residents of the district of Eschen had been advised to keep windows and doors closed. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries and had to be hospitalized. On the use against the flames several delete trains were involved; In addition, a police helicopter was in use. According to the fire department, the fire spread to an estimated 3,000 square meters late Tuesday evening. A further spread could therefore initially be prevented. The deployment is expected to continue into the wee hours. Problems caused the forces the darkness, the partly steep slope and a constantly refreshing wind. News from Tuesday, September 11Schwäbisch Gmünd: Dead behind home found in Baden-Württemberg Schwäbisch Gmünd the police found a dead on Monday evening. His older brother is suspected to have killed him, according to the officials. Accordingly, received several emergency calls on early Monday evening. Residents reported disputes and shots. The summoned police officers found a lifeless 40-year-old at the registered address behind an apartment building. Shortly thereafter, the officers met the eight-year-older brother of the dead, who had a pistol with them. The two lived accordingly in the house. After an emergency doctor could only determine the death of the younger, the 48-year-old is now under the strong suspicion of having shot his brother. An arrest warrant was applied for. The background of the deed remained unclear at first, the investigation is underway.
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          A police car is in Schwäbisch Gmünd in the street "Am Kiesäcker". Here the police found a body.

Essen: Policewoman severely injured in control of hookah barIn food, a policewoman was attacked and severely injured in the course of controlling a hookah bar. Accordingly, the injured party and other colleagues had checked the premises on Friday night for compliance with the Youth Protection Act. After the controls had been completed, the officer was permanently tutored by a stranger, although he was repeatedly asked to refrain from doing so. When the man was identified, he fled. The policewoman had taken up the persecution and was kicked from behind in the legs, reports the police. The woman fell. When she had straightened up, suddenly a 17-year-old stood in front of her, pushed her away and subsequently hit her. Another officer hurried to help and managed to bring the man to the ground. However, when they wanted to tie him up, the police were attacked by four to five men with blows and kicks. Only by the use of pepper spray, the use of multi-purpose stick and physical violence, the officials could defend themselves, also rushed them employees of the animal rescue to help. The 17-year-old was arrested while the other attackers escaped, as more patrol cars arrived. Three of them went to the police as part of a search into the net and had to identity with the guard. Then they came free again. Shortly thereafter, the father and a brother of the arrested 17-year-old appeared on the guard to "loudly" demand his release. "They threatened to mobilize their families and wanted to intimidate the officials," says the police press release, which then sent the family members to the guard. The bat came into custody. The injured police officers could not continue their service because of their injuries suffered. The investigators of the Criminal Investigation, however, are looking for witnesses who have watched the events at the hookah bar and partly filmed with their cell phones. They are asked to report to the police and make their mobile movies available for evaluation. Hachenburg: Driving student cheat with hidden camera during theory test Studying hard has cheated on a learner driver with a camera hidden in his belt during his theoretical driver's license. The 21-year-old submitted in Hachenburg in the Westerwald the questions to a for the time being unknown accomplices in the open air, as the police announced on Tuesday. "This was not a smartphone, but another technical device," said a spokeswoman. The accomplice sent back the right answers – until everything flew open. Afterwards, "the 21-year-old could no longer answer a question correctly," added the police. It investigates alleged forgery of documents against the failed candidate and his accomplices.Möhnesee: eleven-year-old after the fall of dam wall except mortal danger Six weeks after a life-threatening fall from the Möhnesee-Sperrmauer is an eleven year old on the way to recovery. She has left the intensive care unit, is approachable and will be treated in a children's hospital, said Thomas Schmelzer of the prosecutor Arnsberg. At the end of July, the girl's father had jumped from the 40-meter-high wall into the balancing basin of the dam. According to the investigators, he wanted to tear his daughter in his suicide death. The 43-year-old died, the daughter of the couple living in separation came to a clinic with serious injuries. That her condition has stabilized so very lucky, said the prosecutor. The "Soester Anzeiger" had reported about it. You have suicidal thoughts? Help provides the telephone pastoral. It can be reached anonymously, free of charge and around the clock at 0 800/111 0 111 and 0 800/111 0 222. Also a consultation over E-Mail is possible. A list of nationwide help agencies can be found on the page of the German Society for Suicide Prevention. For children and adolescents, the number against grief is also available from Monday to Saturday from 2 to 8 pm – the number is 116 11.Fröndenberg: 84-year-old driving with car in SchülergruppeIn the North Rhine-Westphalian Fröndenberg is a senior with her car raced into a group of students. Police reported that the 84-year-old had left the lane in a left-hand bend on Monday afternoon at around 1 pm on Monday afternoon and hit the fourteen-year-olds. Two students became light, the other two seriously injured. Danger did not exist. The adolescents were taken to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the accident vehicle also had to be taken to hospital with a shock. The investigation into the cause of the accident is continuing.Messages of Monday, September 10Schmölln: Man attacks teenagers with ax In Schmölln (Thuringia) is on Friday night, a 35-year-old and masked man armed with an ax on three young people who started with their mopeds a parking lot of a supermarket. In the attack, a 16-year-old was slightly injured in the forearm before the three young men were able to escape, reports the police. The attacker then hit one of the mopeds and damaged it. He then went to a nearby home where alarmed officials arrested him. In the man's apartment later the ax and a mask were found. Why the 35-year-old started the trio is still unclear. He has soon to answer for dangerous bodily injury, threat and property damage. Kassel: 17-year-old breaks into a snack and prepares food zuHessischen Kassel is a 17-year-old after drinking in the evening, apparently so overridden by cravings that he unceremoniously in a closed Snack broke in and prepared itself there food. A passer-by noticed a broken window on the front door on Saturday night and informed the police. When the officials arrived, the young man was still in the building, according to police – and prepared at the time several doner kebab. However, he could no longer consume, instead, the police-recognized youth was arrested. Because a breath alcohol test gave a value of more than 1.8 per thousand, the 17-year-old came into custody. The investigation is underway. Munich: 33-year-old admits killing of girlfriend A 33-year-old has been confessed to the district court Munich I, his girlfriend killed and her body burned at a lake. "I can not believe what happened even a year later," he read on Monday from a prepared statement. "I detest myself." He wishes to undo the act. The prosecution accuses him of murder, the defendant denied that he wanted to kill his girlfriend. It was "no intention", but "a terrible misfortune". According to the indictment, the man was first stabbed at his girlfriend in the dispute over an affair and finally strangled her with a plastic bag. He denied in court, having used a weapon. And he first pulled the bag over her head when she was already dead. The couple had argued in a dispute that he had the 35-year-old in a headlock. Together they fell over. "After the fall, she lay motionless on me." He also gave the attempt to cover up the act. After the crime a year ago, the man had gone out with his lover, the next day drove them to the castle Neuschwanstein.Landsberg: Man beaten train driver who wanted to help In Landsberg in Saxony-Anhalt was attacked on Saturday by a 21-year-old driver which he had previously freed from an emergency. As the police reports, the incident occurred around 23.35 clock. Previously, the 54-year-old platoon commuter with a S-Bahn in the station Landsberg had retraced, had kept according to plan and set the train after getting in and out of passengers again in motion. As the train approached, the engine driver noticed a man walking across the tracks unauthorized and right in front of his train. Then he started an emergency stop, yet he caught the 21-year-old man. This was clamped between the front bogie of the train and the platform edge, according to police. The driver climbed out, freed him from the predicament and helped him onto the platform. However, the young man then cursed him, punched him in the face and stepped on him several times. "Afterwards he left the platform, but could be found a short time later by a summoned rescue service and medically first served," said the officials. He was largely frightened, with only minor injuries and skin abrasions. After being taken to the hospital, a breath alcohol value of 2.8 per mill was found. The engine driver was unhurt, but had to be replaced after the experience. His attacker is now facing charges of dangerous interference in the rail traffic, insult and bodily injury. Rosenheim: Eight-year-old girl crashes in the Bavarian Alps to death In the Ettaler Mandl in the Bavarian Alps, an eight-year-old girl fell to her death. As the police in Rosenheim announced on Monday, the child from the Munich area was on Sunday afternoon along with a parent on the descent from the summit of the mountain near Oberammergau when it crashed over the via ferrata. The girl fell about 50 meters and was seriously injured. Several people provided first aid until the arrival of a rescue doctor dispatched by a rescue helicopter. The child was recovered and flown to the accident hospital in Murnau. There he succumbed to his injuries on Monday night. Berlin: 36-year-old clan member shot dead
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          Many people gathered in the evening in front of the hospital, where the 36-year-old succumbed to his injuries

          Berlin has been shot dead in Neukölln. As the police reported, the shots fell on Sunday evening at 17.40 clock on the Oder road. Subsequently, several people fled with a car from the scene. Witnesses alerted police and rescue workers. The initially life-threatening injured man was taken to a hospital on early Sunday evening, where he later died. Contrary to first information, there was no arrest until the evening. The police had previously tweeted that a suspect had been arrested. However, officials were on hand with a large contingent in front of the Benjamin Franklin Hospital to guard the building. According to police reports, around 150 people had gathered in front of the hospital after the 36-year-old had been admitted. According to unconfirmed information from several media, the victim is supposed to be a member of a large Arab family known to the police. The police did not want to comment on the person, but stated that the man was from Lebanon.
  The victim has succumbed to his serious injuries. Our 6th #Moko has taken over the investigation and works with great care and diligence on the case. #Please do not come to the hospital, no one is allowed to visit him tonight. # Thank you. Police Berlin (@polizeiberlin) September 9, 2018

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          Policemen are at the scene in Berlin-Neukölln on Tempelhofer Feld

Rudolstadt: Man drives a car in a residential building In Rudolstadt, Thuringia, a man drove his car into the entrance of a residential building. As the
          Police reported, came the 57-year-old after first testimony with his Opel against shortly before 16 o'clock at a bottleneck from the road and crashed into the house. The driver and his 13-year-old son, who was sitting with him, suffered no significant injuries. Read this here
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