News: Hurricane "Florence" crashes over North Carolina – first fatalities

Key messages of the day: Merkel does not see the government alliance at risk (15:05) Israel's oldest alcohol production facility discovered – 13,000 Years (12.43 clock) off for the successor of the legendary Beetle (11.31 clock) almost 70,000 centenarians in Japan (10.15 clock) Union falls in record ZDF "Politbarometer" (8.24 clock) The news of the day in the
          star ticker: +++ 22:08: "People": Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have married +++ That was quick: Just two months after the engagement pop star Justin Bieber has married the model Hailey Baldwin, according to a US media report. The marriage took place in public at a registry office in New York on Thursday, according to the US People magazine the day after, citing a "religious source". According to this, soon a church wedding and a celebration with family and friends will follow. +++ 21.03 Clock: Up to 3500 participants in right demonstration in Chemnitz +++ At a demonstration of the right-wing populist movement Pro Chemnitz in the Saxon city about 3500 people participated , Under the motto "We are more, we will be back!" They first gathered in front of the Karl Marx Monument and then, accompanied by a strong police force, they moved through the city center. According to the police, it remained trouble-free until the official end of the rally. The reason for the demonstration was the death of a German who was stabbed to death on 26 August in Chemnitz. Three asylum seekers are suspected. Since then, Pro Chemnitz has repeatedly reported demonstrations in which participants had shown, among other things, the Hitler salute. +++ 21.02 Clock: Woman and toddler die from hurricane "Florence" +++ Hurricane "Florence" has in the US city Wilmington (North Carolina) claimed the first fatalities. After the fall of a tree on a dwelling house a woman and her toddler died, as the police in Wilmington announced on Friday. The child's father was taken to hospital with significant injuries. The hurricane hit land in the morning near Wilmington and carries heavy amounts of water along with strong winds. +++ 7:45 pm: Tropical storm "Florence" sets North Carolina under water +++ A slow-moving cyclone with record-breaking masses of water: Hurricane "Florence" has hit the southeast coast of the USA with powerful gusts of wind, heavy rains and meter-high floods. Forces rescued hundreds of people from houses enclosed in water. The US state of North Carolina was particularly hard hit. Governor Roy Cooper spoke at a press conference about "devastation." In the coastal town of New Bern, North Carolina, parking lots were transformed into seascapes. "We'll come pick you up, you may need to go up to the second floor or the loft, but we'll come for you," the city administration said to its residents in the Twitter short message service.Cooper said there had been no deaths, "many hundreds "Rescue operations were done. "We are deeply concerned that entire communities could be erased," Cooper said. Half a million people in the state are without electricity. "The rescuers work in dangerous conditions that are only getting worse today," Cooper said. +++ 19:32: Three Palestinians die on the Gaza border +++ In disputes with Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border are according to Palestinian information three human shootings. A 14-year-old was hit in the head, said the Ministry of Health in Gaza on Friday. A further 248 Palestinians were injured, 80 of whom were shot. According to the Israeli army, some 13,000 Palestinians had gathered at various points on the border fence. They had burned tires and thrown stones and incendiary bombs at Israeli soldiers and two grenades at a military vehicle. The Israeli Air Force then attacked two Hamas bases. A soldier was slightly injured. +++ 18:54: Foreign Minister Maas fears humanitarian disaster in Syria +++ During his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) before a "major offensive" of the Syrian army on the rebel stronghold Warned Idlib in the northwest of the country. It was about preventing a "new humanitarian catastrophe," Maas said. Lavrov emphasized that no major offensive is planned on Idlib. Nevertheless, Moscow will do everything it can to protect civilians. Idlib province, the last rebel stronghold in Syria, threatened "catastrophic consequences for millions of people," Maas said. Although it was "of course" necessary to act against "terrorist groups", but the "innocent people in and around Idlib" would have to be protected. Lavrow said in Berlin, the Syrian troops and their Russian allies responded only to attacks by "terrorists" from Idlib , At the same time, Russia will do everything possible to prevent the suffering of the civilian population. So humanitarian corridors and ceasefire zones should be established. +++ 18:14: Two Palestinians killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip +++ Two Palestinians were shot in clashes between protesters and the Israeli army on the border with the Gaza Strip. First, the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported the death of a 14-year-old who was killed east of the Palestinian refugee settlement Jaabaliya in the north of the Gaza Strip. Shortly thereafter, the death of a man near the city of Chan Junis in the south of the enclave was announced. According to the ministry, at least twelve more people were injured. The demonstrations took place in several places along the border. Images showed dense dark smoke as demonstrators burned tires. Several of them were armed with Molotov cocktails or slingshots. The Israeli army estimated the number of people involved in the "riots" at a total of 13,000. +++ 18:03: Schäuble calls for realignment of European refugee policy +++ Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has called for a realignment of refugee policy in Europe. It must go on the one hand to "save the people who are still on the life-threatening path over the Mediterranean," said Schäuble the Dusseldorf "Handelsblatt". However, one has to make it clear to them at the same time that this is not the way to Europe. "Those who realize that they no longer have the opportunity to enter Europe will no longer be willing to accept the risk of their own deaths "argued the Bundestag President. To reach this, the European states would have to stand together. +++ 16:44: Left and Green: Maassen has deceived parliament in the case Amri +++ Left and Greens are convinced after hearing a constitutionalist in the Amri Investigation Committee of the Bundestag that the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Hans-Georg Maaßen, the public has deceived. Left-wing President Martina Renner told the German Press Agency: "After the witness hearing, it is clear that Maaßen lied to Parliament in the aftermath of the attack, apparently with the intention of hiding the actual role of the BfV." The Green Mistress Irene Mihalic said: "Now we have to clarify why the Federal Government and BfV have told us so far the untruth." The Tunisian Islamist Anis Amri was raced on 19 December 2016 with a truck on the Berlin Breitscheidplatz in a Christmas market. He killed twelve people. The committee of inquiry is to examine possible authority errors before the attack. An employee of the Federal Office had said in the committee on Thursday, she had started in January 2016 to collect information about Amri in a "personal file". Maas had said in March 2017 about Amri: "We were dealing here with a pure police case, which was processed in the competent federal states. " Nine months later, he said, "The intelligence service was only marginally involved in the case, and Amri was a case in the hands of the police until recently." The spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Eleonore Petermann, said that at that time "not untruth had been said". The protection of the Constitution had only very low-level "preparatory measures" taken before the attack on Amri. According to information from the BfV employee, no further evidence had emerged from these measures. +++ 15:57: Police investigate because of xenophobic attack in Chemnitz +++ The police investigated for a suspected xenophobic attack on a Tunisian in Chemnitz. The 41-year-old had been beaten on Wednesday night lying on the ground by a group of unknown attackers. Witnesses have testified that the four perpetrators have been xenophobic, the police said. The police had already informed about the conflict the day before. Only in the course of further investigations, however, have the possible xenophobic background, said a spokesman. The state security had started investigations into dangerous bodily injury. It also examined exactly what had preceded the attack. In addition, a possible connection to an attack on a 20-year-old Afghani on 1 September will be examined. The man had been beaten and injured in the district Markersdorf by four hoodlums, as the police announced.In Chemnitz there were after the deadly knife attack on a 35-year-old German at the end of August in recent weeks repeatedly protests; it also came to xenophobic attacks. +++ 15:39: 1. FC Cologne supports fight against blood cancer +++ second division football 1. FC Cologne supports the fight against blood cancer. The Cologne professionals will wear at home game on Sunday (13.30 clock) against promoted SC Paderborn a special jersey with the words DKMS. This abbreviation stands for German Bone Marrow Donor File. The FC main sponsor (Rewe) waived in favor of the charitable action on his lettering. In addition, the FC offers on Sunday at the stadium for the first time registries for potential stem cell donors. +++ 15:05: Merkel sees government coalition because of Maassen not in danger +++ The dispute over the President of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen represents, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) No danger for the continued existence of the black-red government alliance. "As important as the position of the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is, it is also clear that the coalition will not break the question of a president of a subordinate authority," said the Chancellor in Vilnius.
The talks of the party leaders would continue on Tuesday, affirmed Merkel. A crisis meeting, to which the Chancellor had invited the SPD chairman Andrea Nahles and CSU leader Horst Seehofer on Thursday, had brought no solution. Leading SPD politicians continue to push for a replacement of Maassen, which was repeated by the Federal Interior Minister Seehofer despite controversial statements on xenophobic incidents in Chemnitz. +++ 14:59: Hurricane "Florence" hits with force on land +++ With force hurricane "Florence" hit the southeastern coast of the US. The center of the hurricane reached Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on Friday morning (local time) as the National Hurricane Center in Miami announced. The storm developed wind speeds of 150 kilometers per hour, but moved forward even at just nine kilometers per hour. However, it is considered a hurricane of the lowest level 1. Nevertheless, it has destructive power and caused heavy floods on the coast, for floods, violent gusts and extreme rains. The television station CNN reported that more than 400,000 people in North and South Carolina are without electricity.
National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham said it was particularly dangerous for Florence to move so slowly, to stay over the coastal areas for a long time and carry enormous amounts of water there. The Chief of the Civil Protection Department FEMA, Brock Long, there have already been many emergency operations in the affected coastal region. +++ 14:41: Plagiarism in Spain: Sánchez published doctoral thesis +++ The Spanish Prime Minister accused of plagiarism Pedro Sánchez has published his complained doctoral thesis on the net , The socialist government said that the work had been checked on Friday with two plagiarism softwares and had passed the tests. Government spokeswoman Isabel Celaá said in Madrid that the affair was "an attempt to overthrow the government." +++ 14:33: No agreement in the dispute over grave of shorthair Minki +++ In the dispute over the correct design of a cat's grave in an animal cemetery has even a court date brought no agreement. The complaint of the cat owner against the cemetery operator was rejected at the district court Mönchengladbach – however, it is a so-called default judgment. The plaintiff has through the tactical maneuver time to file an appeal without explanation, as a court spokesman explained on Friday. "The point is, in the end, to gain time." The dispute is about the grave of a shorthair cat named Minki in Mönchengladbach. Minki's owner accuses the operator of the cemetery of having reduced the grave area so that his pet is now under the curbs. The operator holds against it: The size of the grave is at least as agreed and the cat lies in the bordered field. "We want to hope that there will not be an exhumation," said her lawyer. +++ 14:27: Pensioner goes shopping with D-Mark – and refunds counterfeit money +++ Because they do not buy their supermarket shopping with D-Mark could pay, a pensioner in the Allgäu has wanted to report. The police said the retiree wanted to pay on Thursday afternoon instead of a five-euro bill with an old five-mark bill. The cashier in Marktoberdorf (Kreis Ostallgäu) refused to accept the bill. As a result, the elderly woman went to the police because she had probably been accused of counterfeit money. As it turned out, the pensioner at home had a wallet with banknotes of the currency that had been replaced in 2002. When she went to the supermarket, the woman had simply taken the wrong purse. "Probably the very young cashier probably did not know this bill anymore," a police spokesman commented on the incident. +++ 14.17 hrs: Kremlin: Russian leadership has nothing to do with case script +++ The Kremlin dismisses any involvement in the attack ex-agent Sergei Skripal back in the UK, even after Britain has presented two Russians as perpetrators. "We consider it unacceptable to associate the Russian leadership or the Russian state with what happened in Salisbury," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in Moscow on Friday. +++ 13.14 hrs: VW Supervisory Board talks about Audi Chief Stadler +++ At its meeting on Monday, the Volkswagen supervisory board also wants to talk about the future of Audi boss Rupert Stadler, who has been imprisoned for three months. "It is not clear that it comes to a decision," the German press agency learned on Friday from informed circles. The "mirror" had previously reported that Stadler will probably have to clear his post according to the assessment of group connoisseurs final. Volkswagen and Audi did not want to comment on that. +++ 13:02: Swine fever cases in Belgium alarm Germany and other neighboring countries +++ After so far mainly Eastern European countries were affected by the African swine fever, two cases in Belgium have the alert of the authorities additionally increased in Germany and France. "I take the new situation very seriously," said Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) on Thursday evening. Her French colleague Stéphane Travert called for an action plan for the border regions to Belgium. As the Federal Ministry of Agriculture announced, two wild boar, which were found dead about 60 kilometers from the German border, were infected with African swine fever (ASP). There was no case in Germany yet. "Our preparations for the crisis run," said Klöckner. Until now, there is neither a vaccine nor a treatment method against the virus. +++ 12.57 h: Dead Owl in Bavaria – Has the West Nile Virus been widespread? +++ After a case of West Nile fever in a bearded owl in Bavaria, mosquitoes in the zoo are targeted. In addition, mosquito larvae are to be fought, as the veterinarian of the Wildpark Poing, Sandra Klimm, announced on Friday. Found dead wild birds are therefore examined in the future on the virus. Nationwide, there are now three evidences of West Nile fever in birds, two of them in Saxony-Anhalt. Experts are worried that mosquito-borne pathogens transmitted to humans have not yet been native to Germany. +++ 12:43 pm: Oldest Alcohol Production Site Discovered in Israel – 13,000 Years +++ Archaeologists have evidence near the Israeli coastal city of Haifa found an approximately 13,000-year-old alcohol production facility. Thus, it is the earliest evidence of alcohol production. "They brewed something that contained a fair amount of alcohol," said one of the responsible archaeologists, Dani Nadel of Haifa University, on Friday. "We're talking about fermenting grain, which is a base of beer, which is the earliest evidence we know of for producing alcohol." However, only small amounts were produced at the site in the Rakefet Carmel Cave Service. In depressions in the soil, the researchers found, among other things traces of fermented grain. What exactly was produced there, but unclear. "It could also have been a fermented porridge with some alcohol in it," said Nadel. +++ 12:27: Coalition promises turnaround to more care +++ Union and SPD promise a turnaround against the care needs in Germany. In the hospitals will be financed from the coming year, unlike today, any additional foster home fully, said Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in the budget discussions in the Bundestag. In a next step, care from 2020 will be completely removed from the competition between the hospitals, said SPD Group vice Karl Lauterbach. Nursing should in future be financed independently of the lump sums for treatment cases. Left and Greens demanded relief against too low hospital investment in the countries. +++ 12:26: Höxter trial: defendant sees himself as a victim +++ In the murder trial for the so-called Horrorhaus Höxter have co-plaintiffs in protest against the detailed last word of the accused Angelika W. left the hall. As already at the trial kick-off almost two years ago, Angelika W. described herself as a victim of her partner Wilfried W., who sits with her in the dock. After about 90 minutes left the three lawyers of the co-plaintiff and the mother of a woman who had died in Höxter the trial. "Nothing new," said Mother as she walked out of the hall. An apology or a word of regret towards the victim representatives Angelika W. did not say in the first hours of her last word. For years, the two Germans are said to have lured several women into the house in Höxter, East Westphalia, where they had been severely abused. Two women from Lower Saxony died as a result of mental and physical torture. The charge is for murder by omission. +++ 12:02: Judgment in appeal against submarine farmer Madsen adjourned +++ In the appeal process against the convicted of murder Danish submarine farmer Peter Madsen is the verdict because of the fainting of a Adjudicators have been adjourned. The actual planned sentencing had to be canceled after a lay judge collapsed during the prosecutor's plea in the courtroom. The jury was treated by paramedics and then taken to the hospital. When the sentence was to be announced, it was initially unclear. Madsen had appealed against the amount of the sentence imposed on him, but not against his conviction for murder in itself. The 47-year-old was found guilty in April of killing 30-year-old Swedish journalist Kim Wall in August 2017 and dismembering her body. In court, Madsen had portrayed the death of the journalist as an accident. +++ 12:01: "Hitler salute" at a demonstration in Chemnitz – imprisonment for 34-year-olds +++ In Chemnitz within 24 hours a second participant in a right-wing demonstration was convicted in a summary trial because he had shown the "Hitler salute". The district court Chemnitz imposed a prison sentence of five months against a 34-year-olds without parole. The several times previously convicted Chemnitzer had on conviction of the chamber at a rally of the right-wing populist movement Pro Chemnitz on August 27 at the Chemnitz Falkeplatz several times the "Hitler salute" shown.
It was the second accelerated trial after right-wing demonstrations in the city. On the previous day, the district court had sentenced a 33-year-old to eight months probation for using unauthorized organizations and assaulting law enforcement officials and attempted bodily harm. +++ 11:47: German Ilhami A. sentenced to prison in Turkey ++ + The German Ilhami A. has been sentenced to three years and one and a half months in prison for terrorist propaganda in Turkey. This confirmed his lawyer Ercan Yildirim the German Press Agency. First, the NDR, WDR and the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported. Yildirim appealed. His client would not have to go to prison until a decision of the Court of Cassation, but should not leave Turkey, said the lawyer. He was imposed an exit ban. The court has found it proven that Ilhami A. spread Facebook propaganda for terrorist organizations, as NDR, WDR and SZ reported. Ilhami A. is German and lives in Hamburg. The 46-year-old was arrested a month ago in the eastern Turkish province of Elazig. According to the radio station NDR, he visited his sick mother there. +++ 11:31: Off for the successor of the legendary beetle +++ Off for the successor of the legendary beetle: Volkswagen stops production of the Beetle. The last vehicle to run in July 2019 in Puebla, Mexico, from the tape, as the car maker announced on Thursday. A small backdoor for fans around the world was left open by the head of Volkswagen North America, Hinrich Woebcken. Although there are no plans for a new Beetle. But: "Never say never". +++ 10:41: Heil wants to introduce basic pension for low-income earners in the coming year +++ Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to introduce the planned by the grand coalition basic pension for low-income earners in the coming year. Anyone who has paid long into the pension insurance should get more in old age than if he had not done that, said Heil on Friday in the budget debate of the Bundestag. "This is a question of respect for the life achievement." +++ 10:30 clock: Central Council of Muslims calls nationwide dual training of imams +++ The Central Council of Muslims in Germany nationwide has called for dual training of imams. As a possible model, the chairman of the Central Council Aiman ​​Mazyek in the "New Osnabrücker Zeitung" from Friday referred to a proposal by Lower Saxony's Minister of Science Björn Thümler (CDU). He suggested that students of Islamic theology at the University of Osnabrück would be further qualified as imams in the future and each half of them could be used in mosque communities and as teachers in schools in Lower Saxony. +++ 10:15 am: Nearly 70,000 centenarians in Japan +++ Japan's "Club of the Centenarians" is growing and growing: a total of 69,785 people over the age of 100 or more is now the third largest economy in the world – a record. This is more than in the previous year in 2014, as the Ministry of Health in Tokyo announced on Friday. Women made up the majority of super-seniors with 88.1 percent. On Monday, Japan commemorates the Day of Honor of the Ancients.
+++ 9.42 clock: Court talks to drugstore entrepreneur Müller damages from bank to +++ In the dispute over 45 million euros in damages for incorrect investment advice, the Ulm drugstore entrepreneur Erwin Müller has again prevailed against the Swiss Bank Sarasin. The higher regional court (OLG) Stuttgart rejected on Friday the appeal of the bank against a verdict of the regional court Ulm, which had already decided in the past year in favor of miller. Now, the OLG found that the drugstore entrepreneur is entitled to the 45 million euros. The bank, which has its registered office in Basel, has violated its obligations and failed to sufficiently inform Müller when he bought shares in a Luxembourg fund, the judges found. Revision is still possible against the verdict. +++ 9:20 am: US wants to bring millions of millions to Mexico for deportation of migrants +++ The US has offered millions of dollars to Mexico to send migrants from Central America back to their home countries. The Mexican government is reviewing the proposal, the Foreign and Home Office said in Mexico City. According to media reports, the administration of US President Donald Trump wants to loosen around $ 20 million so Mexico can send thousands of migrants from Central American countries like El Salvador, Guatemala or Nicaragua to their homelands. +++ 9.15 am: Motorists in France are heading for + to crowd ++ A motorist in the southern French town of Nîmes was headed for a crowd in front of a bar, but was stopped by a security barrier. According to eye-witness reports, the man drove his vehicle in the night of Friday to a group of around 50 people standing outside a bar. The trip ended at a security barrier, which was built there because of the Friday held Féria de Nîmes. Two people were easily injured. According to witnesses, the man called "Allahu Akbar" (God is great). +++ 8.36 am: NRW Minister of the Interior Reul defends eviction actions in the Hambach Forest +++ The North Rhine-Westphalian Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) has defended the eviction actions in the Hambacher Forst against criticism. "The state must prevail," said Reul on Friday on Deutschlandfunk. Courts would have decided, and now it would be up to the state to apply law and order. There is no alternative. The authorities just now proceed against the years of tolerated tree houses in the forest threatened by clearing, justified Reul with "danger in delay". There were more and more criminals from abroad and they found weapons. The Minister of the Interior called on peaceful demonstrators to distance themselves more strongly from violent activists. The police have since Thursday with a large contingent against environmentalists who oppose the clearing of the forest. +++ 8.24 clock: Survey: Union falls in record ZDF "Politbarometer" +++ After the debates on the events in Chemnitz and Köthen and the statements of the President of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen, the Union has lost a vote according to a survey. If next Sunday really would be federal election, she would only get to 30 percent. This is a record low in the ZDF "Politbarometer" published on Friday, which is being prepared by the research group Wahlen für die Sender. In the polls of other polling institutes, the Union is between 28 and 31 percent. The SPD therefore put in comparison to the previous "Politbarometer" two points to 20 percent, the Greens also gained two points to 16 percent. According to the survey, the AfD lost two points to 15 percent, the FDP one point to 7 percent. The left remains unchanged at 8 percent. +++ 8.42 clock: Philippines prepare for super typhoon "Mangkhut" +++ In the Philippines is the highest alert: The typhoon "Mangkhut", the peak wind speeds of up to 255 kilometers per hour brings with it, approaching the coast. The weather agency of the Southeast Asian island nation expects the typhoon to land on Saturday morning in the northern provinces of Cagayan or Isabela on the main island of Luzon, making Mangkhut much stronger than Hurricane Florence, which threatens the US Southeast Coast , "Florence" lost in the night of Friday at wind speed. The National Hurricane Center in Miami reported wind speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour on Friday. +++ 8:20 am: Because the chancellor's quarrel over Maassen +++ Lower Saxony's prime minister Stephan Weil sees the dispute over the protection of the constitution, Hans Georg Maaßen now Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) on the train. "The SPD has a clear attitude in the cause Maaßen: We consider him intolerable," said the SPD politician of the "New Osnabrücker Zeitung" and the "Northwest newspaper". Now the ball is in the field of Merkel and Seehofer. When asked if the dispute over Maassen could destroy the grand coalition in Berlin, Weil said: "I do not want to hope for that. +++ 8.13 am: After a quiet night: Police continue eviction in the Hambach Forest +++ After a night without According to a police spokeswoman, several hundreds of police officers were already deployed on site in the early morning. The RWE energy company plans to cut down large parts of the forest in the autumn, Before the start of coal mining, the forest was 4,100 hectares, with 3,900 acres cleared for coal mining to date, according to opencast mining operator RWE Power. +++ 7:05 am Ex-series star Cynthia Nixon fails in primary code Governor's post +++
            Full Screen
          Cynthia Nixon speaks after her defeat at a Brooklyn event

The former "Sex and the City" actress
          Cynthia Nixon, 52, failed in the primary election for the governorship of the state of New York. Nixon was defeated in the Democratic primary election with about 34 percent on Thursday incumbent Andrew Cuomo, who got about 66 percent of the vote, as first counts showed. The incumbent had always been in the front in surveys, he is considered popular and has the support of large financiers and associations. Cuomo will now face Republican challenger Marc Molinaro in the governor's election on November 6. +++ 5.45am: North and South Korea open joint liaison office +++ North and South Korea opened a joint liaison office in Kaesong, North Korea on Friday. "This is a new chapter in history today," said South Korean Reunification Minister Cho Myoung Gyon at the opening ceremony, according to local journalists. The Liaison Office is "another sign of the peace created jointly by the North and the South." +++ 2.37 am: First offshoots of hurricane "Florence" reach the US East Coast +++ First offshoots of hurricane "Florence" hit the US East Coast reached. In the states of North and South Carolina, the dangerous storm on Thursday already brought wind and rain. According to new calculations of the authorities, the center of the storm is likely to hit the coast at the earliest on Friday afternoon (local time). The authorities initially expected the center of the storm to reach the coast on Thursday evening. With the speed of the hurricane slowing across the Atlantic Ocean, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) now expects the storm to hit land only on "Friday afternoon, Friday night or Saturday morning" in North and South Carolina. +++ 1: 59 clock: Large-scale use of the police against drug crime in Frankfurt am Main +++ The police in Frankfurt am Main on Thursday evening proceeded with a large contingent of emergency forces against drug and milieu crime. In the Frankfurt station district 450 officials were in use, as the police announced. +++ .32: Reports: Russian spies arrested in the Netherlands +++ Two Russian spies are reported to be heading to a Swiss chemical laboratory in the spring already in the spring
          The Netherlands was arrested and sent back to their homeland. The Swiss "Tages-Anzeiger" and the Dutch newspaper "NRC Handelsblad" reported on Thursday evening, citing anonymous sources, the two were suspected of wanting to explore the run by the Federal Laboratory Spiez. Particularly explosive: The facility is investigating allegedly not only alleged poison gas attacks in Syria, but also allegations against Moscow in the case of the Russian ex-double agent Sergej Skripal, who was poisoned at the beginning of March in England. ++ 0.05 am: About 31,000 refugees in training +++ tens of thousands
          According to the Federal Government, refugees are undergoing training in Germany. Their number had risen to more than 31,000, as of the deadline 30 September 2017, however, were only just over 27,000 trainees from the main eight countries asylum seekers subject to social insurance, reported the "Rheinische Post" citing a response from the Ministry of Economic Affairs to a small request from the Greens parliamentary Group. There are currently more than 11,000 skilled trades in industry, commerce and services, over 20,000 refugees. Just under five percent of the total of more than 1.5 million training place applicants were young refugees in 2017.

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