News: Process around collapse of Cologne city archive ends with acquittals and a suspended sentence

The most important news in a nutshell: Three acquittals and a suspended sentence in the process of collapse of Cologne city archive (10.16 clock) hundreds of tons
          Microplastic from cosmetics and cleaning agents in the wastewater (4.03 clock) Skylark again "bird of the year" (2.04 clock) Number of attacks on asylum shelters apparently decreased sharply (1.24 clock) The news of the day in the
          star ticker: +++ 10.16 clock: collapse of Kölner City Archives: Three acquittals and a suspended sentence +++ In the criminal case for the collapse of the Cologne city archives, the district court has acquitted three defendants. A construction supervisor of the Cologne transport companies received a prison sentence of eight months on probation for negligent homicide. According to the accusation, mistakes in the construction work led to the accident with two dead in 2009. +++ 09.40 clock: Suspect in the murder Marinowa will be delivered to Bulgaria +++ The suspected of the murder of the Bulgarian TV host Viktorija Marinowa 20 years old Bulgarians will be delivered from Germany to their home country in the next ten days. The Higher Regional Court Celle ordered the formal extradition detention. The extradition could therefore be expected shortly, said the Attorney General Celle mit.Der man had confessed to his alleged offense in part. He admitted to beating the 30-year-old presenter in a park in the Bulgarian city of Ruse last Saturday and throwing it into a shrubbery. However, he denies a killing charge. He also testified that he had neither raped nor robbed the woman. A political background can not be accepted on the basis of this statement, said the prosecutor. The man was arrested on Tuesday in Stade. +++ 09:39 clock: More than 30 killed in landslide in Uganda +++ In a landslide in Uganda after heavy rains have killed at least 31 people in eastern Uganda. This was reported by a representative of the government of the East African country. Rescue helper were on site and got an overview. +++ 09.33 clock: astronauts after Soyuz emergency landing in spring 2019 back into space +++ After their emergency landing in the Kazakh steppe to the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and the US astronaut Nick Hague is expected to launch into space next spring. "We are planning their flight for the coming spring," said Dmitri Rogosin, head of the Russian space agency, in Twitter, "The guys are sure to fly," said Rogozin, releasing a photo of himself and the two smiling astronauts. In the meantime, Hague and Ovchinin have returned to the star city near Moscow. +++ 09:02: Part of the crashed Soyuz rocket found in Kazakhstan +++ After the false start of a Russian Soyuz rocket search teams have found a crashed piece of debris in the steppe of Kazakhstan , The crash did not hurt anyone, said a representative of the Kazakh civil defense in the capital Astana. The site is located 40 kilometers from the city of Dscheskasgan. Nearby, on Thursday, a manned capsule with spacemen Alexei Ovchinin and Nick Hague had landed safely. They had actually intended to fly to the International Space Station ISS. However, their missile developed problems shortly after take-off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and disassembled itself into its individual parts. A commission of the Russian space agency Roskosmos searches for the cause of the first such accident since 1975. Manned starts with the Soyuz launcher were suspended for the time being. The planned launch of a space freighter with the Soyuz was postponed from the end of October to mid-December. +++ 08.30: Ethics Council for the payment of prenatal blood tests by the health insurance +++ The Chairman of the German Ethics Council, Peter Dabrock, has argued that the Blood testing for the Down syndrome will in future be paid by the statutory health insurance. It must be accepted that parents wanted to have clarity about the health of their child, said Dabrock the newspapers of the editorial network Germany. In the debate should not be the issue of reimbursement by the health insurance in the center. +++ 08.10 clock: inflation in Germany at its highest level since autumn 2011 +++ Inflation in Germany in September, mainly due to rising prices for fuel oil and fuel noticeably attracted. Consumer prices were 2.3 percent above the level of the same month last year, as calculated by the Federal Statistical Office. According to the statisticians, higher inflation was last in November 2011 at 2.4 percent. From August to September 2018, consumer prices increased by 0.4 percent. For the current year, September was the fifth month in a row, with a two-point increase in inflation.
+++ 07.30 clock: China records new record surplus in trade with the US +++ Regardless of the US punitive tariffs, the Chinese trade surplus with the
          Reached a new record of 34.1 billion dollars (29.6 billion euros). In September, China's exports to the US rose to $ 46.7 billion, Chinese customs said. This was opposed by imports from the US in the amount of 12.6 billion US dollars. Only in August had
          China's trade surplus with the US reached a preliminary high of around $ 31 billion. The new numbers are likely to upset US President Donald Trump: He sees his country's trade deficit with China as an expression of an unfair trade relationship. +++ 5:00 am: At least seven people killed on site collapse in Mexico +++ At least seven people collapse Construction site in Mexico died. Ten more workers were initially missing after the accident on Thursday (local time) in Monterrey. According to the civil defense of the state of Nuevo León, 13 workers were rescued from the rubble of the collapsed shell of a shopping mall. Rescue workers searched for the victims until late in the evening. +++ 4:50 am: At least 12 people killed in landslides in Colombia +++ After heavy rainfall, at least 12 people were killed in a landslide in central Colombia. Among the dead in the village Marquetalia in the Department of Caldas are also four minors, said the Civil Protection of the South American country mit.Nach the heavy rains of recent days, a slope had slipped in the place and had seven houses spilled. Twenty-eight people were recovered from the mud masses alive, said Félix Giraldo, director of civil protection. Four of them had suffered minor injuries.
+++ 4:03 clock: Hundreds of tons of microplastic from cosmetics and cleaning agents in the wastewater +++ From cosmetics and detergents and cleaning agents alone, according to a study about 980 tons of microplastics reach the sewage each year. This estimate is based on a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology commissioned by the Naturschutzbund (Nabu). Smallest plastic particles entered rivers and seas, as sewage treatment plants did not completely restrain them; In addition, they would also come with sewage sludge on fields and thus in the environment. So far, the industry has concentrated on avoiding microplastic on solid friction body from products such as scrubs, which are intended for rinsing, said Nabu expert Katharina Istel. However, the study sees a use of microplastics in other functions, such as opacifiers. Other, hardly degradable ingredients are hardly recognizable for laymen, criticized the Nabu and called for a general EU ban on microplastics in cosmetics and detergents. So far, natural cosmetics are the better choice. +++ 2:04: Feldlerche is again "bird of the year" +++ The Skylark has been named "bird of the year" for the second time – because the number of animals continues to decline. The "alarming decline" of the stocks of this former "common bird" has continued since the first election 20 years ago, said the nature conservation federation Germany (Nabu) and the national federation for bird protection (LBV / Bavaria). Due to intensive farming, pesticides and lack of fallow land, the birds lacked habitats and food. +++ 1:58 am: At least six people killed by hurricane "Michael" in the US +++ The number of deaths from hurricane "Michael" in the US is rose to at least six. In the state of Florida, four people died, the police said. In neighboring Georgia, an eleven-year-old girl was killed when a carport whirling in the air landed on her home, according to local disaster relief. In North Carolina, North Carolina, a human died when a tree fell on a car, as Governor Roy Cooper told Twitter on Twitter. The hurricane of second-highest category 4 hit land on Wednesday in northwest Florida. Many buildings were destroyed, trees were uprooted and power lines were torn down. Later in the day, "Michael" was downgraded to tropical storm and moved on to Alabama and Georgia before setting course for South and North Carolina.
+++ 1:24 am: Number of attacks on asylum shelters seems to have fallen sharply +++ According to a media report, the number of attacks on asylum shelters has dropped significantly in the first nine months of the year compared to the same period of the previous year. Citing data from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) reported the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung", from January to the end of September, the authorities had 110 crimes counted, including property damage (38), graffiti and propaganda (36), and occasionally violent crime and sedition. This was less than half as many (44 percent) as in the same period last year. Almost all the deeds this year (108 out of 110) had a right-wing radical background. The number is still provisional according to the report, there are usually a number of late entries. +++ 00:18: Washington State abolishes the death penalty +++ The State of Washington abolishes the death penalty. The punishment was imposed "arbitrarily" and on grounds of racist prejudice, the Supreme Court ruled in the northwestern federal state. The judges criticized the inconsistent application of the death penalty, which often depended on the location of the crime, the place of residence of the perpetrator or his background. Therefore, she violated the Constitution. The court ordered that all death sentences be commuted to life imprisonment. According to the Information Center on the Death Penalty (DPIC), this affects eight convicts. The last execution in the state was enforced in 2010.

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