News: Two missing Germans in Mallorca, according to police probably dead

The most important news in a nutshell: Missing Germans in Mallorca probably dead (15:20 clock) Start of manned Russian spacecraft failed (11.05 clock) Two Germans missing in Majorca (9:46 am) Three corpses discovered at the border river Evros (6:37 am) Execution of a prisoner in the US stopped (6:07 am) The news of the day in the
          Star Ticker: +++ 17.02 clock: Authorities: Tanzania's richest man kidnapped +++ Tanzania's richest man, Mohammed Dewji, has been kidnapped according to authorities. Investigations are under way to find the 43-year-old billionaire, as government representative of the East African business metropolis of Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda, said in a televised press conference. The entrepreneur and former Member of Parliament was reportedly abducted in front of a hotel in Dar es Salaam where he went to a gym. For the motive for the abduction said the police chief of the city, Lazaro Mambosasa, initially nothing. He asked the public for clues that might help with the investigation. Dewji owns the company MeTL, founded by his father, which is active in textile manufacturing and the beverage industry. The company claims to have locations in twelve African countries. Dewji's fortune is estimated by the magazine "Forbes" at 1.5 billion dollars (about 1.3 billion euros). +++ 16.30 clock: "To Chotzä" – Swiss pilot is angry about delay +++ With a rant has a pilot before the start in Zurich made his anger over a delay air. "To Chotzä" – Swiss German for "puke" – he scolds, as can be heard in a sound recording of the conversation with the tower, which made the rounds in Swiss media. According to the timetable, the pilot was to take off shortly after 12 o'clock that day and was ready to leave the gate, but the tower assigned him a start window almost an hour later. Such delays have been happening throughout Europe in recent months. That's why the man's frustration: "I've got the hell out of this dirty place" (I'm fed up with that bastard place), he snapped. The airline pilot remained cool: "Very professional," was her comment. +++ 15:52: Syrian arrested under suspicion of terror in Saxony +++ A Syrian woman has been arrested in Saxony under suspicion of terrorism. The accused is said to have made propaganda for the jihadists militia Islamic State (IS) since their entry into Germany end of 2015 and have advertised in the social media for supporters of the IS, as the Attorney General Dresden and the State Office of Saxony reported. The 36-year-old was arrested on Wednesday for her arrest warrant. She is in custody. In addition, an apartment in Dresden has been searched. Further details were not known. The Prosecutor General's Office is investigating the woman on suspicion of supporting a terrorist group abroad, as well as of promoting members or supporters of this group. +++ 15:26: Trial in Turkey: Hüseyin M. from Brunswick released from custody ++ + Hüseyin M. from Braunschweig, accused of presidential insult in Turkey, is released from custody and allowed to travel to Germany. That decided a court in Ankara, according to M.'s lawyer Erdal Güngör. The process will be continued, said Güngör. The next appointment is scheduled for April 9, 2019. Among other things, the court released M. on grounds of his having no criminal record. The head of the legal and consular department of the German Embassy in Ankara also sat in the hall. The Federal Government has repeatedly emphasized that the release of German citizens in Turkish prisons is a key prerequisite for improving tense relations. Currently, according to official figures, five Germans are still in Turkish prisons for "political reasons." +++ 15:20: Police: Two missing Germans in Mallorca probably dead +++ The two missing Germans in Mallorca are probably dead according to the Spanish police. The two bodies had been discovered near the village of Arta, a police spokesman said. According to the emergency services, the bodies were found near the car of the two missing persons. Thus, the number of deaths from the devastating storm on Tuesday evening increased to a total of twelve. Heavy rain had surprised on Tuesday evening, the northeast of the Spanish holiday island. Within a few hours, about 220 liters of rain per square meter fell, a torrent overflowed the banks, cars were washed away. On Thursday, the rescue workers were still looking for a missing five-year-old boy. Among the dead are also a British couple and a Dutch woman. +++ 15:19: Acropolis closed – tourists upset +++ Almost all ancient sites and museums in Greece have been closed on Thursday due to a strike by the museum guard and employees of the Ministry of Culture. Hundreds of tourists who were not informed about the strike went back to their hotels angrily. "That can not be, I came all the way from Australia to visit the Acropolis and now I see nothing," said a tourist from Perth on Greek television (ERT). The Ministry of Culture criticized the strike. The employees had called for protest because many ancient sites were inscribed on a list of privatizations of the Greek state. The government said it was a mistake that has since been corrected. +++ 2:56 pm: Deutsche Post perpetuates "Dinner for One" as a stamp +++ "Dinner for One" fans no longer have to wait for New Year's Eve: Miss Sophie and Butler James from the TV classic is now also available as a special stamp. Together with the NDR, Deutsche Post presented the stamp on Thursday with a circulation of 4.7 million. You can see how the British comedian Freddie Frinton (Butler James) and May Warden (Miss Sophie) toast in their usual black and white. 55 years ago, the short film produced by the NDR was sent for the first time – and repeated many times since. Alone at the turn of 2017/2018 saw about 17 million people one of the 20 broadcasts on television, as a spokesman for the NDR announced.Since 2016 perpetuates the Deutsche Post "German television legends". The New Year's Eve classic is the third special stamp of the series. In 2016, Deutsche Post honored the sci-fi series "Raumpatrouille Orion", last year the TV movie "Das Millionenenspiel". +++ 2:23 pm: Roskosmos publishes pictures of rescued astronauts +++ Following the false start of a launcher, the Russian space agency Roskosmos in the afternoon first pictures of the two rescued astronauts published. You can see Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and his US colleague Nick Hague sitting on a sofa. With them the blood pressure and the oxygen content of the blood are measured. In front of them are bowls of nuts and almonds. Hague smiled in a picture. Before that, the spacemen had been taken to the Kazakh city of Jeskasgan in Central Asia. +++ 13:43: Supermarket closed in the Czech Republic after snake sighting +++ Because of a snake, a supermarket in the Czech Republic was temporarily closed. On recordings of the video surveillance system, an unspecified, about 40 centimeters long, slim reptile has been spotted, said a spokeswoman for the retail chain Kaufland on dpa-request. So far it has not been found. "The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority and therefore the branch remains closed for the time being," said the spokeswoman. Work together in the search with snake experts and the fire department. The affected branch is located in the city of Orlova (Orlau) in the easternmost part of the Czech Republic. According to experts, the snake may have come to the supermarket with a banana box. It could also be a native species. +++ 13:35: Dane should have facilitated state treasury by 13 million euros +++ Denmark's police are looking worldwide for a 64-year-old employee of the social welfare agencies. It should have facilitated the Danish treasury by a hundredfold fraud by more than 13.4 million euros (more than 100 million Danish kroner). According to police reports, the 64-year-old is currently living abroad. Over a period from 2002 to 2018, according to a preliminary report from the Ministry of Child and Social Welfare, the executive transferred 274 public funds to their own accounts. It was money that was actually intended for projects for Denmark's socially weakest citizens, homeless or drug addicts. The suspects have cleverly disguised their tracks and invented about fictitious projects and Leistungsbezieher and subsequently changed information in the IT systems of the authority, so the allegations. The scams came to light only in an internal revision in September 2018. +++ 12:59: After Hamburg now the southwest: AfD starts teacher reporting platform +++ After the Hamburg AfD also the AfD in Baden-Württemberg has put a reporting platform online where students should report political statements from teachers. The AFD member of parliament Stefan Räpple unlocked the portal on which teachers can be named by name, who speak critically about the AfD in the classroom. Even students can report there professors. He was repeatedly "evidence of incitement against the AfD in class" leaked, although teachers would have to be neutral, reasoned Räpple the action. In the southwest one goes even further than in the north: In the Baden-Württemberg variant, the names actually be published by teachers or professors, according to Räpple. "These are public persons with sovereign tasks," said the deputy. However, it is not enough to blackmail a teacher anonymously. There should be evidence, such as teaching materials or examinations, where questions aimed to represent the AfD negative. +++ 12:48: Raumfahrer fetched after false start from Soyuz capsule +++ The two spacemen are after the false start of their missile from the landing capsule been brought. The Russian media reported citing NASA. The Soyuz capsule had landed in Kazakhstan. Then rescue teams rushed there. The two astronauts Alexey Ovchinin and Nick Hague are doing well, according to the Russian space agency Roskosmos. Doctors wanted to examine her. The two men had to fly to the International Space Station ISS. +++ 12:40: ISS crew informed about false start of the Soyuz +++ The crew of the International Space Station ISS – including the German Alexander Gerst – is, according to the US Space Agency Nasa on The emergency landing of their colleagues has been informed. The reported Nasa-TV after the failed launch of a Russian Soyuz launcher from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Spacemen Alexey Ovtschinin and Nick Hague should have been flying to the ISS, where Alexander Gerst is currently in command.
+++ 12:38: Seehofer wants to significantly expand the Federal Office for IT Security +++ Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to expand the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to an important pillar of German security architecture. The BSI should in future be seen in a context with the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Federal Police, said Seehofer in Berlin. These included extended powers, more staff and a high level of equipment for the BSI based in Bonn. As the national cybersecurity authority, the BSI should inform the state, business and citizens about dangers in the IT sector and ward off threats such as hacker attacks ++ 12:34: Celebrating students bring traffic to Berlin S-Bahn ring to a halt +++ A public student party at the beginning of the semester on two Berlin S-Bahn stations has brought the traffic on the important Ringbahn line on Wednesday evening to a standstill. About 230 students celebrating exuberantly had entered railroad facilities at times late in the evening and disabled the departures of several trains, the federal police said. The behavior of individual participants at the S-Bahn stations Landsberger Allee and Greifswalder Strasse had been life-threatening. With the help of the Berlin police federal police ended the station festival. While the platforms were cleared, the S-Bahn line was closed, causing many delays. Also a police helicopter rose to support the officers on the ground. +++ 12:29: Experts should investigate the cause of Soyuz false start +++ The cause of the false start of a Russian Soyuz capsule to the International Space Station ISS will be quickly cleared up. A state commission has already been set up, said Russian Space Agency Director Roskosmos Dmitri Rogosin on Twitter. Accordingly, the telemetry data of the rocket should be evaluated – this includes, for example, the information about the course of the flight. The capsule with a crew of two men had crashed on Thursday shortly after take-off about 25 kilometers from the city of Dscheskasgan. +++ 12:13: Rescuers reach emergency Soyuz capsule +++ Rescue teams have the emergency landed Russian Soyuz capsule in the steppe of Kazakhstan reached. This was reported by the Russian military after the false start of a launcher from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The capsule has gone down according to Russian information about 25 kilometers from the city of Dscheskasgan. The two spacemen Alexei Ovchinin and Mark Haigue, who were to fly to the International Space Station ISS, probably remained unhurt. The rescuers are equipped with cranes and other equipment. +++ 12:12: Malaysia kills capital punishment +++ The Malaysian government has paved the way for the abolition of the death penalty. The Cabinet in Kuala Lumpur voted for the abolition of the sentence. The move was welcomed by human rights groups. The death penalty has so far been in the Southeast Asian country, including murder, kidnapping, firearms possession and drug trafficking. It is done as a result of the British colonial era by hanging. +++ 12:06: Federal Government significantly lowers growth forecast for 2018 and 2019 +++ The Federal Government has significantly reduced its growth forecast for this and the coming year. For 2018 and 2019, a rise in gross domestic product (GDP) of 1.8 percent is expected, said the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin. In its spring forecast, the government was still expecting a growth of 2.3 percent in this year and 2.1 percent in the next year. +++ 12.03 clock: search for Tengelmann CEO Karl-Erivan Haub set +++ The search for the since April in the Swiss Alps missing Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub has been set. "Due to lack of success, the search is not continued," said a company spokeswoman. This was decided by the families together with Zermatt Mountain Rescue. Previously, "WAZ" and WDR had reported on it. The extreme athlete Tengelmann (58) had not returned from training for the toughest ski tour race in the Alps on 7 April. Rescuers were traveling in the icy ski area for days with helicopters, detection dogs and search parties. The last sign of life came from a video camera that Haub had recorded at 3820 meters at the mountain station of a cable car on the Klein Matterhorn. After the accident, there were several meters of fresh snow in the area. +++ 11.58 clock: NSU trial has probably cost about 37 million euros +++ The three months ago ended NSU trial is probably alone in court costs about 37 million euros caused. In a review of the mammoth procedure, the president of the Higher Regional Court of Munich, Peter Küspert, told journalists that so far 27.5 million euros in fees and expenses have flowed. As Küspert said, this sum is expected to rise by about a quarter and therefore almost seven million euros because of applications yet to be received. To this end, the court had to invest 2.7 to 2.8 million euros for the procedure in the technical equipment.
+++ 11.40 clock: Transsexuals must wait years for new names – Italy convicted +++ An Italian transsexual who had to wait several years for the official change of their name, has prevailed in court against the Italian state. The disproportionately long waiting time had been suitable for inducing a sense of vulnerability and humiliation in the woman, the European Court of Human Rights ruled (complaint number 55216/08). According to the court, the applicant was registered as a male after birth, but has lived as a woman for many years and also wanted to adopt a female given name. In 2001, an Italian court gave her permission to re-operate. However, her request to change her male first name to a female one was rejected in the same year. The reason was that after the surgery, a court still had to confirm the new sex. Only two and a half years after her application, the woman was finally allowed to change her name. +++ 11.35 clock: Astronauts after Soyuz emergency landing in Kazakhstan unhurt +++ The US astronaut Nick Hague and his Russian colleague Alexei Ovchinin were unhurt, the contact with them was established, the Russian news Agency Ria Novosti said, citing a representative +++ 11:05: Start of manned Russian spaceship failed +++ The launch of a manned Russian space capsule to the International Space Station ISS failed and the rocket had to make an emergency landing. "The boosters of a second-stage launcher have been shut down," a Baikonur spaceport representative said from where the rocket had launched. "The crew lives and performs an emergency landing in Kazakhstan," it continues. A malfunction of an additional engine should have been the reason for the false start. The two people on board were the cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and the NASA astronaut Tyler "Nick" Hague. The third passenger space was reserved for freight. +++ 10.58 am: Human bones found in forest near Lüneburg in Lower Saxony +++ A human skull and other bones were found in a forest near Lüneburg in Lower Saxony. The police said there were also pieces of clothing in a thicket near the Elbe-Seiten canal. At present, investigators are having their bones examined by experts and checking for links with missing persons or crimes. According to the officials, the skull was discovered in the forest two weeks ago. On Wednesday, policemen and detection dogs searched the area thoroughly again, finding more bones supposedly human-derived. +++ 10:55 am: In about 19 hours from Singapore to New York +++ Singapore Airlines takes off for the longest long haul flight in the world From: The airline revived the Singapore marathon route to New York, which she had given up in 2013 as unprofitable. Passengers can enjoy a 19-hour flight over 16,700 kilometers. The Airbus 350 aircraft has 161 passengers – 67 of them in the business class and 94 in an upmarket economy class. 13 crew members take care of the inmates, who can pass the time with a so-called wellness menu and a selection of 1200 hours of digital film and music offerings. According to Singapore Airlines, the aircraft is specially designed for super long-haul flights: a higher cabin ceiling gives more space, larger windows offer exciting cloud observations, and special interior lighting is designed to reduce jet lag. Experts also recommend thrombosis stockings. The Singapore-New York flight, scheduled to last 18 hours and 45 minutes in good weather conditions, replaces the longest long-haul flight to date: Qatar Airways flies from Auckland, Australia, to Doha in 17 hours and 40 minutes. +++ 10.44 clock: knife attack on "Wildpinkler" – defendant is silent in the process +++ He should have so much annoyed about a juvenile "Wildpinkler" that he rammed a knife in the back – now stands the 30-year-old because tried manslaughter in Oldenburg in court. The defendant had accepted the death of the 17-year-old victim, said prosecutor Gesa White at the indictment before the district court. "His life could only be saved by several operations." The teenager had relieved in March with two friends at a hedge in downtown Oldenburg. After a verbal battle, the defendant allegedly attacked the youth closest to him. The 30-year-old German did not want to comment on the allegations on the first day of the trial. +++ 10:43 am: Melania Trump Demands Victims of Sexual Harassment from Victims +++ US First Lady Melania Trump supports the #Metoo movement, calling for victims sexual violence but evidence of allegations. "You really need strong evidence," said Trump in a Wednesday (local) partly pre-published interview with the station ABC News, this led during her trip to Africa. The women and men would have to be heard, Trump said. But: "You can not just say, 'I was sexually molested' or 'you did that to me', because sometimes the media go too far, and how they portray some things is not correct." The full interview with Melania Trump to be broadcast on Friday. +++ 10.35 clock: 15 border police killed in Taliban raid +++ In a raid of radical Islamic Taliban on an outpost of the border police in the northern province of Kunduz at least 15 border police have been killed. At least another 13 were wounded, said Provincial Council Said Asadullah Sadat. The commander of the base had also been killed in the Tuesday night attack. Taliban fighters had attacked the base in Kalah-e Sal district at two o'clock in the morning. The base had caught fire and the extremists had taken all the equipment with them, Sadat said. +++ 10:23 am: Man Wanted to Blow Up on US Election Day at the Congress +++ The US police have detained a man who was arrested wanted to blow up at the congress. The 56-year-old had with the action on the day of the congressional elections on 6 November, the public attention to a specific election mode want to direct: The determination of people's representatives by lot, the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Manhattan on Wednesday. The man had only wanted to kill himself and nobody else wanted to suffer, it said. However, it could have easily come to further victims and major damage, according to the Federal FBI. Now threatening the man for the production of explosives and its transport between states up to ten years imprisonment. During a search of his house in northern New York, the investigators discovered an explosive device with about 90 kilograms of explosives. In the interrogations, the suspect had admitted that he wanted to blow up on the famous National Mall between Lincoln Memorial and Capitol Hill in Washington on election day. +++ 10.10 clock: Reason for incident at Munich Airport: Passenger opened door +++ After the interim check-in stop at Terminal 2 of Munich Airport, the Federal Police has announced further details on the incident. A passenger got lost after arriving from Barcelona on Wednesday evening on the way to the exit and opened in the rush an alarm-protected door, said a spokesman. The man pressed an emergency button on the door so that the alarm was triggered. The passage is only allowed employees of Germany's second largest airport, so the federal police. The passenger was temporarily detained. According to the spokesman, no danger had emanated from him. The officials had stopped the handling at terminal 2 because of the incident for about 30 minutes. +++ 9:59: Cars in the south of France flushed into the sea – a missing person +++ After heavy rainfall in the south of France several cars have been flushed into the Mediterranean, a human is missing. In the town of Sainte-Maxime on the Côte d'Azur, five cars were swept away by a overflowed small river, said the local prefect Jean-Luc Videlaine the station BFMTV. In at least one vehicle someone had sat, the headlights were turned on. The search in the sea have so far revealed nothing. According to a message from the prefecture of Toulon, the incident occurred late Wednesday night. Sainte-Maxime is located near Saint-Tropez and Fréjus. +++ 9:46: Two Germans are missing in Mallorca +++ After the heavy storm in Mallorca with at least ten dead and two Germans are missing. Rescue workers also continued to search for a five-year-old boy who had been missing since Tuesday's torrential rain, as the Mallorcan emergency service reported on Twitter Thursday morning. The Spanish television reported that the Germans were a married couple who had been reported missing on Wednesday evening.
+++ 9.13 Clock: Mobile analysis rarely reveals wrong information from asylum seekers +++ The analysis of the mobile data of asylum seekers, according to a report, according to a report rarely false information from those affected. From January to July 2018, only two percent of the evaluations had been struck with deceptions, according to a reply from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a left-wing request, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. According to this data of almost 7,000 refugees were read, in 2,000 cases an evaluation was carried out and 41 asylum seekers were in disagreement. On the other hand, every third analysis confirmed the information provided by the refugees, the newspaper reported. In almost two-thirds of all cases, no findings could have been won. As an advantage of the controversial data analysis, the Ministry of Interior says the report says that asylum procedures "could be completed faster", if confirmed by the mobile phone, the information of the refugees. This argument was "a bad joke," said the left-domestic politician Ulla Jelpke the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". "That does not outweigh the high cost of the measure and the deep interference in the informational right of self-determination of those seeking protection."
+++ 9:02: China and Russia for "easing time" of North Korea sanctions China and Russia have signaled their willingness to relax the sanctions against North Korea at "reasonable time". At talks between the deputy foreign ministers of the three countries in Moscow, the three parties agreed that it was "necessary for the UN Security Council to adjust the sanctions against the DPRK at an appropriate time," Beijing's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. China is North Korea's main diplomatic ally. Because of North Korea's nuclear and missile program, last year alone, the UN Security Council passed sanctions on the internationally isolated country three times. Washington intends to maintain sanctions until Pyongyang has completed its denuclearization completely and fully auditable. Despite a rapprochement, the US has recently pledged the international community to continue on a tough course against the North Korean government. +++ 7:48 am: Mass evacuation in India due to cyclone "Titli" +++ In eastern India, the tropical storm "Titli" hit land , The cyclone reached the coast near the city of Gopalpur with wind speeds of more than 125 kilometers per hour and heavy rainfall, according to the press agency Press Trust of India (PTI). According to the Odisha authorities, more than 300,000 people from five coastal areas were taken to safety on Wednesday. The authorities announced that, given the "very violent cyclone" over the Bay of Bengal, other inhabitants of the area could be moved to other places. Schools and kindergartens were therefore closed on instructions from the authorities, fishermen should not go to sea. At first, there were no reports of deaths. However, according to PTI, the cyclone uprooted trees and destroyed high voltage pylons. +++ 6.37 Clock: Three women killed at the border river Evros discovered +++ Mysterious murder at the Greek-Turkish border: On the Greek side of the
          Border River Evros has discovered a resident the bodies of three women and alerted the police. First, the authorities assumed that the women had drowned while trying to flee from Turkey to Greece, reported the state radio. According to current data from forensic doctors, the three women were stabbed but "The women were not older than 25 years," said a policeman from the border town of Didimoticho the
          German press agency. From which country the women came, remained unclear at first. Even those who might be behind this act, was not clear in the evening, as it was called from police circles. In recent weeks, according to authorities, an unusually large number of migrants crossed the river Evros from Turkey to Greece. While over 5,500 migrants arrived in 2017, 12,000 crossed the border river to Greece in the first nine months of the current year. +++ 6.24 am: Booming trade in VIP numbers on the Internet +++ On the Internet, a trade is flourishing mobile numbers. Several thousand euros require dealers on the sales platform
          Ebay for so-called VIP numbers. But this is prohibited from the perspective of some mobile operators. "Anyone who buys a VIP number on expensive Ebay for expensive money, must expect that his money is gone – without that he can get the phone number or keep permanently," said a Vodafone spokesman on request. The law, the award of phone numbers, but leaves room for interpretation. According to the Federal Network Agency, several administrative proceedings are currently pending in the matter, with open questions to be resolved. +++ 6.07 am: Execution of a prisoner in the US stopped +++ In the
          USA has been briefly subjected to the execution of a detainee who wants to be killed by the electric chair instead of lethal injection. An appeals court stopped Wednesday's execution scheduled for the following day in Nashville, Tennessee. The lawyers of 63-year-old Edmund Zagorski have appealed against the execution. They demand a review of his 1984 conviction and argue that their client did not have proper legal counsel at the beginning of his defense. Zagorski is alleged to have murdered two men whom he had previously promised to sell to them. His lawyers have filed several legal appeals. In one, they demand that their client be executed with the electric chair and not by lethal injection as planned. With the lethal injection Zagorski would suffer terribly "the last ten to 18 minutes of his life". For the electric chair he would therefore only "between 15 and 30 seconds an unbearable pain". In Tennessee, inmates sentenced to death before 1999 have the right to choose between the electric chair and lethal injection. Since 2000, only 14 out of 900 executions have used electric chairs throughout the US +++ 5.53 am: Letter from Einstein to Fan auctioned in the US +++ A letter from the German-American physicist Albert Einstein (1879- 1955) to a fan is auctioned in the USA. In the one-sided typed letter on a typewriter Einstein answered in 1952 a question from a San Francisco doctor about his theories, as the auction house Heritage announced in Dallas, Texas. The letter could bring up to 35,000 dollars (about 30,000 euros) at the auction scheduled for October 25th. About six weeks later, another Einstein letter is auctioned in New York. The two-page long 1954 handwritten letter to the philosopher Eric Gutkind could, according to estimates of the auction house Christie's even up to $ 1.5 million. Einstein describes his thoughts on religion, his Jewish identity and his search for the meaning of life. +++ 5:25 am: More expensive than silver: Experts hope for falling vanilla prices +++ Shortly before the arrival of the new vanilla harvest from Madagascar According to experts, the prospect of slightly falling prices. The pods are also expected to be of better quality, said the German vanilla importer Berend Hachmann and the head of the Association of export companies in Madagascar, Georges Geeraerts. Recently there had been complaints about delivery problems and a lower quality of the coveted spice. Madagascar, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa, is the world's largest producer of vanilla. Vanilla prices have recently risen to between $ 500 and $ 600 (€ 431 to $ 518) per kilogram – just over a kilogram of silver currently would cost around $ 460. This year's harvest may only be sold from 15 October. Forecasts now assumed that the price level could settle between $ 450 and $ 475, reported Hachmann. +++ 5.03 Clock: Curious short-writing: Numerous enigmatic radio flashes recorded +++ On the trail of mysterious radio flashes from the cosmos Australian astronomers have 20 observed these previously unexplained events. This nearly doubled the number of flashes recorded since the phenomenon was discovered, explained the ICRAR International Center for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth. The researchers were unable to detect the source of the flashes – but they see a new way to study matter between galaxies. The phenomenon of short radio bursts (FRB) was first discovered in 2007. The outbreaks in the wavelength range of the radio radiation are only a few thousandths of a second short and come from all directions. The only thing that is clear so far is that they come from the depths of the universe, beyond our own galaxy, the Milky Way. +++ 4.53 am: Hope for Bayer: Will the glyphosate judgment be overturned against Monsanto? +++ Important partial success for Bayer AG: In the first US trial for alleged cancer risks of weed killers of the subsidiary Monsanto with the controversial drug glyphosate, a turnaround is beginning. The responsible judge, Suzanne Ramos Bolanos, has provisionally filed an application in San Francisco to reopen the case substantially. She made the Bayer Group hope for a significantly lower sentence in a hearing. The case is hugely important to the agribusiness giants – it's about a $ 289 million (€ 251m) verdict that sends a signal for thousands of other lawsuits. +++ 4:13 am: BMW takes over majority of factory in China for 3, 6 billion euros +++ BMW takes over in China for 3.6 billion euros, the majority of 75 percent of the previous joint venture with the local carmaker Brilliance. An agreement was signed by both parties in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang. Over the next three years, more than three billion euros will be invested. With a new plant, the capacity will be doubled, said the Munich-based automotive group. For the 15th anniversary of the joint venture, the contract was extended prematurely by 22 years. The takeover of the majority still has to be approved by the authorities and the shareholders of Brilliance. +++ 3.48 am: FDP demands austerity for the soli at the end of 2019 +++ The FDP demands the abolishment of the solidarity surcharge at the end of 2019. "CDU and CSU Sell ​​the voters with their regret over the survival of the solos for stupid, "said the FDP faction vice Christian Dürr the German Press Agency. His group would therefore request this Thursday in the Bundestag an immediate roll call vote on the expiry of the Solis on 31 December 2019. Union and SPD had agreed in the coalition agreement that the soli surcharge should gradually disappear. For 2021, a relief of 10 billion euros is planned to free 90 percent of soli-payer. This partial abolition is unjust, complained Dürr. +++ 3.05 clock: Hurricane "Michael": Rescue teams comb Florida Florida +++ After hurricane "Michael" Florida has reached full force, the authorities have search and rescue teams in the particularly bad sent affected areas. That said the state governor, Rick Scott, at a press conference. According to a CNN report, the hurricane killed at least one person's life. A man had died near Greensboro when a tree fell on a house. "Michael" hit the coast on Wednesday afternoon (local time) northwest of the small town of Mexico Beach with winds of 250 kilometers per hour. The storm lacked only two kilometers per hour of wind speed to be classified in the highest category five. Video footage from Mexico Beach showed widespread destruction, debris and flooding.
+++ 2.27 Clock: Media report: by 2030 per year 32 000 new teachers needed +++ Germany is heading for a media report on a significant shortage of teachers. Nationwide is to be expected by 2030 with an average recruitment of just under 32 000 teachers per year, according to the editorial network Germany (RND) in a forecast of the Conference of Ministers of Education. However, this would not be enough applicants. Hundreds of teaching posts could be left vacant every year. The cultural ministers of the states will discuss the prognosis at their two-day conference in Berlin starting on Thursday. Currently, according to the report, more than 798 000 teachers in Germany. +++ 1.45 clock: Spahn wants to slightly reduce health insurance additional contribution +++ Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to slightly reduce the additional contribution to the statutory health insurance. "The economy is going well, which continues to lead to health insurance surpluses," Spahn told the Funke Media Group. "Therefore, we can reduce the average additional contribution rate by 0.1 points." Currently, the general contribution to the statutory health insurance is 14.6 percent of the gross salary. In addition there is the additional contribution of an average of 1.0 percent. According to Spahn's plans, this could fall to 0.9 percent in the future. +++ 1.08 am: Iran orders German ambassador +++ Iran has summoned the German ambassador to Tehran to protest against the extradition of an Iranian diplomat to Belgium. The head of the European Department ordered the ambassador to the Foreign Ministry, as Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi announced. In the conversation he said that the arrest and extradition of the diplomat was based on a "conspiracy of enemies of Iran" and its relations with Europe. Teheran demanded a speedy release of the diplomat. Germany had delivered the under suspected Iranian Assadollah Assadi on Tuesday to Belgium. After being questioned by an investigating judge in Antwerp, the man was remanded on Wednesday, as the Belgian prosecutor said. +++ 0.25am: Trump: The Fed has gone "crazy" +++ Following the heavy losses on the US stock market President Donald Trump again handed out to the Federal Reserve (Fed). "I think the Fed is making a mistake," Trump said when asked a journalist about the sharp fall in Wall Street prices. The central bank is taking monetary policy too tight course. "I think the Fed has gone crazy," added the US president. The New York stock market hit one of its worst days of the year on Wednesday in 2018. The Dow Jones Industrial index dropped 3.15 percent to 25,598.74 points.

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