Oddo BHF has made the turnaround – manager magazin



Headquarters of BHF-Bank in Frankfurt am Main

The German-French private bank is back in the black.


imago / tagesspiegel

Philippe Oddo

  The German-French private bank Oddo BHF works again with profit. "We are growing again, and in the first half of this year we have earned nine million euros before taxes in Germany," said Philippe Oddo, head of the bank, manager magazin. "We're in the black every month this month, and the trend is up, and so has BHF." Last year, Oddo wrote an operating loss of 2.5 million euros.

  Oddo bought the traditional BHF bank more than two and a half years ago, which had experienced a number of ownership changes before. In a bidding war, the French banker had prevailed against Fosun from China.


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