Oregon: Man Should Lose Property and Lay Deadly Traps

After all, he had a warning sign attached. After the 67-year-old Gregory Lee R. prepared his property in the US state of Oregon with all kinds of highly dangerous traps – as the police at least accuse him – he stuck the warning "Protected by improvised devices" in his front yard. The reports of the "Oregonian" citing court documents. Previously, a court R. had therefore taken away the plot, because he was sentenced in 2016 to a million-euro payment. He allegedly attacked his now 90-year-old mother and her legal guardian at their home. According to another media report, R. was arrested by the police in April 2017 after he had entrenched himself in his car with a gun. He has since been imprisoned in the State of Arizona. Oregon: Man uses clearance for falling In mid-August this year, he was released for two weeks to settle some matters and prepare to sell his home. On this occasion he should have attached the numerous traps. On August 29, the lawyer selling the property found the warning sign and alerted the authorities. Ten days later, an FBI agent and several explosives experts entered the property. Directly at the garden gate, the first trap was waiting for the officials: a round wooden bathtub lying on its side, triggered by a string, rolling down the slope onto the one, who opens the gate. "It was pretty much like the scene from the movie 'Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark', in which Harrison Ford has to flee from a huge stone ball," the "Oregonian" quoted from the court documents. FBI official wheelchair-trapped Garden should have lain everywhere animal traps, the garage door was connected by wire with a loaded rifle that would have fired at the door opening. According to the report, all these cases were detected early and could be avoided. However, in the corridor of the house they apparently overlooked a trap: the 67-year-old owner is said to have rebuilt a wheelchair so that it fired a load of shotgun in light contact. According to "Oregonian", the police accidentally triggered the mechanism, the FBI agent was injured by a load of shotgun leg. A bullet below his knee had been removed from him in the hospital. After all, the authorities did not have to search for the alleged perpetrator for long, he is sitting in Arizona already in custody. According to the report, he now has to answer for the "attack on a federal official" in addition to the offenses already accused him anyway.

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