"Part of the soul of our nation has been lost" | TIME ONLINE

Confirmation of the arch-conservative lawyer Brett Kavanaugh as judge at
Supreme Court of the US made for violent
Reactions. While the US president made the decision, disappointment prevailed, especially among the Democrats. Kavanauch was released shortly after confirmation at the Supreme Court
sworn in. While in front of the building dozens
Kavanaugh took the oath of office. Kavanaugh
already take place on Tuesday in the judge's bench, if that
Court next time.
            Donald Trump congratulated the Senate, in which 51
Republicans and 49 Democrats are sitting, for confirmation
Kavanaughs. He is honored that Kavanaugh
"this terrible, terrible attack of the democrats"
Trump said aboard the presidential plane. He congratulated Kavanaugh and prophesied that he would be a great judge in the Supreme Court for many years. Saturday is "a great day for America". Kavanaugh's opponent called Trump a professional demonstrator. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised
Kavanaugh as one of the best in the country. He deserves it
undoubtedly, to be confirmed. Even from the ranks of the Republicans, however, there was criticism of the decision. "America may like a new one
Member of the Supreme Court, but during the
poisoned process is a part of the soul of our nation lost
gone, "said John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio and
former presidential candidates.
            minority leader
Charles Schumer of the Democrats spoke of "one of the
saddest moments in the history of the country. "Kavanaugh be
Extremely biased and has his testimony before the
Judiciary Committee of the Senate disqualified itself. The Democratic
Senator Elizabeth Warren commented on Kavanaugh's affirmation: "This offends every survivor of sexual violence."
            The Democrats are not only stumbling over the allegations against Kavanaugh and his occasional uncontrolled appearance on the Senate Judiciary Committee. She and other critics also fear that the Supreme Court will judge with Kavanaugh in the future much more conservative than before, especially since its members are appointed for life. The vote was preceded by a week-long dispute over Kavanaugh's nomination, which three women accused of sexual assault in the 1980s. At the center of the allegations is psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of attempting to rape a party. Kavanaugh vehemently denies this.
            "Sit down and be quiet" Several Democrats tried to use the Senate vote defeat to mobilize voters for the November congressional elections. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said that sexually traumatized women were fed up with the fact that only men were believed but not theirs. Her colleague Patty Murray complained that in the eyes of the Republicans, the voices of women did not matter. "Your experiences, your trauma, your pain, your grief, your anger – none of that matter," she said. "Her message is," We do not have to listen. We do not have to worry. Sit down and be quiet. "Charles Schumer also said that change must begin at the ballot box and called the
Citizens to exercise their right to vote in November.
                In the beginning of November, the congressional elections take place in the US, which is an important mood test two years after Trump's election as president. The Democratic Senator Ed Markey had already announced before the vote that his party would give the Republicans in the election a bitter defeat. "We will turn this nomination into a referendum on whether to trust Donald Trump to appoint federal judges or to continue to control an absolute monopoly on the establishment of public order in the US," he told journalists.

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