Prosecutor's Office Drops Charge Against Harvey Weinstein | ZEIT ONLINE

The ex-film producer accused of rape Harvey Weinstein has achieved a partial success in his upcoming criminal proceedings. The prosecution dropped one of the six charges against the 66-year-old. These are allegations of former actress Lucia Evans. The complaint based on the allegations of two other women but has persisted. "In short, we are going full speed ahead," prosecutor Joan Illuzzi said at the court hearing.
            Evans had accused Weinstein in a New Yorker's article a year ago to have forced her to oral sex in 2004 at a working meeting in his office. Now a written statement from Evans appeared, suggesting that the sex of the two took place amicably. According to the New York Post, Evans's former employer had found the document on a company computer and given it to the prosecutor.
            The lawsuit is thus on more wobbly feet than before. The move says nothing about Weinstein's guilt or innocence, Evans's lawyer Carrie Goldberg said. The prosecution accused her of handling the case badly. Weinstein's lawyer Ben Brafman demanded the suppression of the entire indictment. "If one of the main allegations in this indictment is based on a false statement, that's a very big and important development," Brafman told journalists. The case can no longer be sustained. He will table appropriate applications in November. Weinstein appeared in the court again in a dark suit. The 66-year-old is currently on bail at large. The next hearing is scheduled for the 20th of December. An appointment for a possible start of the process does not yet exist. Weinstein has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he may face a life sentence in the worst case.

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