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When everything comes slowly to its end, when all the posters are glued and
      all beer tent stages are mounted, but things still do not want to run better, then
      help only higher powers. So are Prime Minister and party leader, the two
      Men who barely talk to each other on a Wednesday in October
      Since 'at the grave of Franz Josef Strauss. The over-father, who died 30 years ago and whose
      Legacy today weighs on the shoulders of his heirs. The unity of land,
      People and party, the seemingly eternally valid hegemony – with ostrich began the eerie
      Success story of the CSU. It could end on Sunday with Markus Söder and Horst Seehofer.
      With only 33 percent, the party is in the current Bayern trend.
            If one travels through the Free State these days before the election, then one can experience them everywhere: the rashes of the Vorqubens.
            There is the party strategist, who has racked up more than half of his life for the CSU and now frankly admits at lunch that one can only choose the Greens.
            There is the MP sitting in his campaign headquarters, surrounded by placards with his own face, and in the middle of a conversation, hugging his district chairmen: "Only 200 registrations for the Söder event, that's ridiculous! Call your people, do it to me Hall full. "
            And there is the minister, whose thoughts are already long in the coalition negotiations. Coalition negotiations! A term for which there is really no place in the CSU vocabulary.
        This article is from TIME no. 42/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.
A party is getting ready for the shock. How big the electoral defeat will be, what will make it all jumble – no one knows, but everyone is worried.
            On Friday, nine days before the state election, a worried Edmund Stoiber is sitting in Trachtenjanker in his office in Munich. "France, Holland, Italy!" He shouts, and with every land his hand is pounding on the table, making the coffee cups clink. "The conservative parties, the people's parties, everywhere they are almost gone!" Stoiber tells how he once sat together with the party leaders in European elections in Brussels. "Since the bars went up, CSU 64 percent, they were all astonished, we were always the prime inter parent."

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