Right-wing terrorism: terrorists arrested in Chemnitz



Federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe: investigations against Chemnitz citizenry

  The federal prosecutor's office arrested six men on Monday in Saxony and Bavaria on suspicion of forming a right-wing terrorist organization. As the authority in Karlsruhe announced, also several apartments as well as further premises in Saxonia are searched. More than 100 officials from the Saxon police are involved in the operation.

  Among other things, the six arrested Germans are strongly suspected of having founded, together with 31-year-old Christian K., a right-wing terrorist organization called "Revolution Chemnitz". Christian K. had already been arrested on 14 September by the public prosecutor's office in Chemnitz because of a particularly violent breach of the peace and since then has been in custody.


According to previous findings, the accused belong to the hooligan, skinhead and neo-Nazi scene in the Chemnitz area and should have understood themselves as leading figures in the right-wing extremist scene in Saxony.
la / dpa

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