Sigi Mauerer: ex-politician receives obscene news, publishes it – and is punished for it

In Austria, former Green Party politician Sigi Maurer has been convicted of libel. The report Austrian media in agreement. She had posted an obscene message that she had received on Facebook. "You walked by the shop with me today and looked at my cock as if you wanted to eat it," the averaging message sent from the official account of a craft beer pub said. After that, it has become even more offensive, among other things, the "courier" reported. But the shopkeeper, whom Maurer had suspected of having written the message, denied everything and sued her. A court in Vienna proved him right and told Mauerer guilty. "I am convinced that the plaintiff lies," the judge said in the verdict. "Either he wants to obscure his own act or he knows exactly who it was and does not want to ride it," the "courier" quotes him. But it was not possible to prove that he had really sent the sexually suggestive texts. The shopkeeper had claimed that an "older balding man", who was alone in his shop, had the
          News from the computer accessible there could send. Sigi Maurer wants to appeal In view of this possibility, the evidence is not sufficient to be sure that the shopkeeper has written the news itself, the judge justified the verdict. "They are offenders and not victims in this point," he said to Maurer. "What has been done to them, and that this is not punishable, is another story," he added. The 33-year-old, however, had with the publication of the news "exceeded a limit that is punishable." Maurer must now pay a fine of 3,000 euros, the beer shop owner 4,000 euros compensation and bear the costs of the procedure. But the ex-politician wants to challenge the not yet final verdict. "I will not back down, we will appeal and put the money in. It is absolutely clear that it must have been him."

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