Space Tourist: SpaceX by Elon Musk Introduces First Lunar Tourist


Package travel into space
SpaceX introduces Moon-tourists – but only for a sightseeing flight



AFP / SpaceX

A Tesla with the astronaut doll "Starman" is already circling through space. Soon Space X wants to send space tourists into space with its "Falcon Rocket"

  The US rocket company SpaceX by Tesla boss Elon Musk will announce on Monday the name of her first commercial space passenger for a round trip around the moon. That announced the company on the night of Friday on Twitter.

  The flight with the spaceship "Big Falcon Rocket" is an "important step to enable normal people, who dream of a journey into space, access". SpaceX had already announced in 2017 to send two people on a journey around the moon. Since transportation and food are included in the flight around the moon, it is also possible to talk about the first package holiday to the moon.


Musk had presented "Big Falcon Rocket" last year with the goal of populating Mars. In 2022, the company wanted to send two cargo ships to the Red Planet. Two years later, for the first time, musk could land people there.
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