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US President Donald Trump has rejected allegations that the White House is restricting the FBI investigation in the case of his controversial Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. The Federal Police should ask anyone who they consider necessary to question, Trump told reporters. "I think the FBI should do what it needs to do to get the answers," Trump said. He wanted, however, that this go fast. He later added, however, that the interviews should be in one
"reasonable framework". "We do not want to make a witch hunt." Kavanaugh was a good man and treated unfairly. Should the FBI still discover something, "I'll take that into account".
            The Senate Judiciary Committee had recommended Kavanaugh's appeal to the US Supreme Court on Friday by a single vote in spite of allegations of abuse. The US Senate is still this week final on the
Supreme Court contenders vote, said the Republican
Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell. He threw the opposition
Democrats, they wanted the vote with all their strength until after the
Congress election in November and said: "The time of the endless
Delay and blockage comes to an end. "

    USA – Trump orders FBI investigation to Brett Kavanaugh
        US President Donald Trump has approved an FBI investigation into allegations of sexual assault against his judicial candidate Brett Kavanaugh. He responded to a request from the Senate.
                © Photo: Gabriella Demczuk / Pool via Reuters
            In addition to the three women who accuse Kavanaugh of being sexually assaultive towards them in the early 1980s, a former fellow student accuses him of not telling the truth about his drinking in Unitagen during his hearing before the Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh had regularly and extensively consumed alcohol, said Charles Ludington in a statement. Often he was belligerent and aggressive when he had drunk alcohol. He wanted to talk to the FBI about the observations from college days.
            Trump attested to Kavanaugh having had "a little problem" with alcohol in the past. "I was surprised how loudly he expressed his opinion about the fact that he likes beer," said Trump in the White House with regard to Kavanaugh's hearing before the Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh had "talked about things that happened when he drank" at the hearing on a suspected sexual assault in his youth.
            In front of the committee, psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford described in detail how Kavanaugh tried to rape her drunk 36 years ago during a teenage party. Kavanaugh rejected the accusation as well as the accusation that he had an alcohol problem. However, he confirmed that he sometimes drank too much beer at parties in the 80s. "I like beer, I still like beer," he said.

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