Tusk sees opportunities for early Brexit contract | ZEIT ONLINE

EU Council President Donald Tusk sees a chance to sign a treaty on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union by the end of the year. This contract is designed to minimize Brexit's losses on both sides, Tusk said. At the EU summit in mid-October, Britain and the EU would try to end their debates, or at least bring their positions closer. If necessary, there could be a special summit in November.
            EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also said that the potential for rapprochement has improved. "But it can not be foreseen whether we will come to an end in October," said Juncker in a conversation with the Austrian newspapers Standard and Kurier and the weekly magazine Falter. "If not, we'll do it in November, we need to break away from this no-deal scenario."
            Previously, media reports said that both sides had converged on the particularly controversial issue of the border between the Republic of Ireland, which continues to be an EU member, and Northern Ireland.
            EU does not want "cherry picking" British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to give companies in her country as many access points as possible to the EU single market after Brexit, and she is prepared to adopt a large number of EU rules. It goes too far for critics in their Conservative Party. The EU, in turn, rejects May's negotiation course as raisin picking. Originally, a Brexit treaty should still be in October so that member states have enough time to ratify by Brexit at the end of March 2019.
            Britain will then leave the EU, but talks on the withdrawal agreement between London and Brussels are stagnant. EU Council President Tusk had asked May to "get down to business" in negotiations with Brussels. London should make new proposals by the time of the EU summit in mid-October.

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