USA: 17-year-old pilot masters emergency landing

Maggie Taraska will probably never forget her first solo flight. The 17-year-old student student got a real problem shortly after her start in the US state of Massachusetts. ORIGINAL RADIO: "Warrior 2496X, your right main gear has dropped off the plane, please tell us what you are up to." "I am a student pilot, this is my first solo flight!" "We'll get someone to help you." "Okay" JOHN SINGLETON: "If you feel calm, I'd like you to turn left, is that okay with you?" Her flight instructor John Singleton assisted the young woman. "You could hear how stressed she was," says her flight instructor. "We tried to calm her down and focus her on flying." Maggie's father Walter, also a pilot raced to the airport. "I saw her approach, I could not fly him that well, and I have a lot more flying lessons, she did a great job." Despite her shock experience, the 17-year-old wants to stay true to flying.

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