USA: Woman calls police because black babysitter cares for white children

Even though it's hard to believe, this story actually happened in 2018 in the United States of America. Corey Lewis, an African-American US citizen, was with two white children whom he considered
          Babysitter cared to leave a sandwich restaurant when suddenly a woman was following him in a parking lot. That's how Lewis describes the situation on Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia. He sits in a car with the two children as he launches the first of a total of three Facebook live videos: "I do See you here, I have two kids sitting in the backseat We just came from Subway at Wal Mart and now this lady is following me. " In the video he shows himself, the children and the car in which the woman should sit. Then Lewis tells that the woman would chase him because he has two children in the back seat, who do not look like him.USA : Suspicious woman follows babysitter and the children up to the house. Shortly before that, the woman asked him if she could talk to one of the children. She wants to ask if the child knows who Lewis is. The babysitter refused. Therefore, the suspicious woman threatened to call the police. But the story is far from over. In a second live video that Lewis streamed out of the now-driving car, the visibly upset Lewis explains that the woman is still following him – meanwhile, as far as his house. Then he gets out and films the car of his pursuer. Again and again he says, "And all because I'm traveling with two kids who do not look like me. (…) That's crazy!" These are things he has to deal with as a black man in 2018. While Lewis takes the videos, the unsettled children continue to sit in the car. Lewis gets out and streams the situation alternately in selfie mode and with the front camera. After the chase: Woman calls the policeThe third and final live video shows a police car driving towards Lewis' car. A policeman gets out and asks, "What's up?". Lewis explains that he is being persecuted and harassed. The official does not seem to understand the emergency call of the woman really. He takes a quick look in the car and asks the children to get out of the car. Both assure that Corey Lewis is taking care of her and they are being followed by a woman in the car.
This lady from Walmart harassed, followed, & called the cops on me. ALL because I'm black and have 2 white kids with me. 💔💔 #Inspired By Lewis Posted by Corey Lewis on Sunday, October 7, 2018 "What the hell is wrong with this country?!" At the end of the last live video comes another African American. She shows her indignation about the situation quite openly: "What the hell is going on with this country?" For several minutes, the intimidated children stand in front of the police officer, who seems relaxed in the video. The three videos were viral and have been viewed over a million times and commented and shared a thousand times. The incident sparked a new debate in the US about "racial profiling," the targeted suspects of individuals based on their skin color or provenance. Several TV broadcasters have interviewed Corey Lewis, who works full time with children, on the incident. The mother of the two children also appeared shocked and told "Good Morning America" ​​that she could hardly believe them when she received a phone call Police got. A police officer told her to confirm that she knows Lewis. As the mother acknowledged, the police officer had been "embarrassed" by the call. He had "apologetic" effect. The incident from Atlanta shows how much racism is still anchored in US society today. Because of such incidents and police violence against blacks, the # BlackLivesMatter movement has had a large influx nationwide in recent years.

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