Victim suffers brain hemorrhage: 42-year-old after fatal dispute on Oktoberfest in custody

Arrest warrant for a 42-year-old has been issued after the deadly dispute at the Munich Oktoberfest. It was due to assault with fatal consequences, the police said. The accused had appeared on Saturday in the company of his lawyer at the police. He had admitted to the
          Involvement in the night to Saturday involved. The victim is, according to police, a 58-year-old German from the Munich area. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage, the result of the autopsy. The suspicious Munich made on advice of his lawyer no further information. The motive for the dispute was initially unclear. Maybe it was about the female accompaniment of the 42-year-old, as a spokesman for the
          Kriminalpolizei said. The two German men, who did not know each other's previous knowledge, had clashed in the outer area of ​​the Augustinian marquee. The 42-year-old stretched his opponent loudly
          Police with a "powerful blow to the head" down. The victim had then fallen to the ground, have rallied briefly again and then became unconscious. Two doctors who were privately at the Oktoberfest, immediately provided first aid and tried to reanimate the man. He died a little later in a hospital. Meanwhile, the perpetrator had disappeared in the crowd. A witness had reported a colleague of the security service of the incident. After a police call, the woman then reported to the officials on Saturday, as well as other witnesses. They would have described the event consistently, said the police spokesman. At the request of the prosecutor Munich I then issued an investigating judge on Sunday afternoon
          Arrest warrant for the 42-year-old. The deadly dispute on Friday evening is not the first death on the Volksfest. In 1989, a 45-year-old doctor collapsed dead after a five-fold loop. The police started from heart failure. In 1991, a 20-year-old man was killed in a stabbing. In 1995 a stall owner and an Oktoberfest visitor got into a fight. The seller shoved his opponent, who then fell and dropped his head on the pavement. The man died a little later in a clinic. A 62-year-old woman suffered a 1998 heart attack on the grounds. Despite immediate revival, the native of Munich died a little later. A day before, a 24-year-old had died of cardiovascular failure after leaving a driving business.2014 The death of a 26-year-old Australian caused dismay. He was caught in a taxi, dragged along for several meters, and died shortly afterward in the hospital.

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