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Volkswagen boss
Herbert Diess faces the loss of tens of thousands
Jobs at, in his view, exaggerated new
CO2 limits warned. Should the European Parliament in the
Negotiations with the EU Commission and the EU governments
would prevail, the speed of the resulting change "hardly too
manage, "Diess told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
            Should the EU Parliament call for a reduction of the
 CO2 emissions for cars to enforce by 40 percent would have by 2030 already
 driving half of the vehicles purely electric, said Diess in an interview. Then in about ten years, "about a quarter
the jobs in our plants fall away ", a total of about 100,000
Put. That would not look much better with a 35 percent reduction.
            After long negotiations, the EU states had on
early Wednesday agreed on a common position, which under
the ideas of the Parliament, but those of the Commission
lies. Chancellor Angela Merkel does not count anymore
serious changes. "The result is good," she said. An industry could crash There is a very strict agreement between the
EU Commission and the EU states that one in the negotiations
would not deviate from it with the EU Parliament, said
Merkel. The EU member states, the EU Commission and the
EU Parliament are now in the so-called trilogue a common
Set line. The Council of Environment Ministers had with the
35 percent solution just between the position of commission (30
Percent) and parliament (40 percent).
            "Such an industry can crash faster than many
VW boss Diess said, "I really ask politicians to worry." Previously, the car industry had
the agreement criticized. It was a missed opportunity that
CO2 limits technically and economically realistic too
Shaping, said the president of the Association of Germans
Automotive Industry (VDA), Bernd Mattes. Council and Parliament
"with exaggerated demands in the upcoming
Trilogue negotiations. "Clearly that ultimately CO2 targets
agreed that there is nowhere else in the world. This
will weaken the industrial location Europe.
            Germany with its auto industry and production
All stronger motorized vehicles had behind the
Commission. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD)
defended this position on the Environment Council on pressure from the
Economic Affairs and the Chancellery, although previously for
had pleaded for more ambitious goals. Finally, she voted for
the compromise. "
            For many still insufficient environmental groups and the Greens expressed outraged.
One day after the UN IPCC again sounded the alarm
once again, Germany is acting as a brakeman,
criticized the WWF. The Greens evaluated the result of the
Council of Environment Ministers as completely inadequate. Also the government
but could not prevail with their position: "The
The result of the negotiations in the Council of Environment Ministers is the next one
Swatter for the federal government, "said faction leader Anton Hofreiter.The left evaluated the result as another
Bucking the government before the auto industry: "The lobby gift
However, the grand coalition is a disservice to Germany
and Europe, "said climate expert Lorenz Gösta Beutin.
                              In 2021, the new vehicle fleets after current
EU rules on average per car still 95 grams of CO2 per
Eject kilometers. On this basis then accesses the other
Reduction until 2030. An intermediate target of 15 is to be drafted
Percent in 2025. For electric cars can start at a certain
Amount of new registrations nor a CO2 bonus for the entire fleet
of a manufacturer. Will these cars be in
Countries with very few cars with low emissions
Sold, this is again more credited.

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