Weather: At the weekend it will be up to 30 degrees again

According to the calendar, autumn has already begun. But when you look outside, there are almost spring feelings – and it looks more like late summer. This pleased many in Germany, from Frankfurt to Cologne: "So the mood is excellent, sitting outside, here at Wacker for example, here in Bornheim, super, best place and yes, enjoy the last few days, before the winter breaks. " "So what can I say, for me, the time is fine, and winter is coming." "I think that's good, so I'm glad. As long as it still rains in between and everything, yes, I think it's good." According to the German Weather Service (DWD) in the west, temperatures can even reach 30 degrees on the weekend. It is then probably called barbecue and swimming – at least sunbathing. And after the fall – with storm and rain – it does not look like it, said DWD press spokesman Andreas Friedrich: "We do not see any signs of winter, on the contrary, our season forecasts also say that autumn should be warmer than in the last But it will be colder in the middle of next week anyway .. I expect no more 20 degrees in Germany from Wednesday onwards, but we can only come up with normal October conditions, so there is nothing in sight with snow and ice. " Incidentally, Hoch's "Viktor" is responsible for the summery changes, which ensures that warm air flows from the southwest to the north.

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