Zoo closes and leaves dolphin "Honey" alone in basin

A lonely dolphin makes his rounds – left behind by the owners of the zoo in Choshi, Japan, east of Tokyo. The zoo had to close because fewer and fewer spectators came from the tsunami and the 2011 Fukushima crisis. Honey, that's the name of the Delfindame, and the other zoo animals, like penguins, fish and reptiles, are left behind in the zoo. Now and then come ex-employees and feed the animals. It has not been until animal rights activists became aware of it that the public has noticed: Akiko Mitsunobu is worried about Honey: "I think the dolphin is just moving and swimming a little, it could indicate that he is mentally miserable." Especially tragic. Honey is said to have been captured in 2005 in the Japanese port of Taiji. The place came to dubious fame worldwide, as the Oscar-winning documentary "The Bay" reported on the brutal fishing techniques. During the hunt hundreds of animals were slaughtered, others sold to zoos. Animal rights activists and others are now campaigning for the animals to be given a new home.

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